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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 348 – Battle between husband and wives “Sigh…” Donghuang Baizhi let out a deep sigh, then said, “Qing Ya, were we a bit too impulsive?” Qing Ya was currently very confused too. Before I left, I remember that I told Ye Hua that if he were to come and fetch me, I would definitely return home with him. But, so much time has already passed and he still hasn’t come and fetch me. “Let’s wait a bit more, Ye Hua probably just isn’t able to let go of his face, give him a bit more time.” 2 more hours passed, and right now, it was already midnight, and Donghuang Li has already fallen asleep in her mother’s embrace. Meanwhile, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were still foolishly waiting for Ye Hua. “Qing Ya, you understand Ye Hua a bit more than me, why hasn’t he come over and fetch us yet?” Donghuang Baizhi asked. Back then when Donghuang Baizhi found out that her subordinates were killed by Ye Hua's subordinate, she felt very angry, and furthermore, because Ye Hua wasn’t willing to apologize to her, she felt that it wasn’t fair. Right now, after thinking things through, in actuality, I was in the wrong too. Who told me to send those betrothal gifts while I was in a fit of rage? If those betrothal gifts really ended up being delivered, wouldn’t everything had been done for… Therefore, now that Ye Hua wasn’t coming over to fetch her back home, she was beginning to feel melancholy. If Ye Hua doesn’t come and fetch me, wouldn’t that mean that I am going to be put on the spot? And if I were to go back home by myself now, it would be so embarrassing… Qing Ya let out a light sigh, “Seems like Ye Hua is really angry this time.” “Ah! What do we do then?” Donghuang Baizhi cried out in surprise. “With my understanding of Ye Hua, he is definitely thinking up a plan to make us go back home by ourselves.” Qing Ya understood Ye Hua rather well, and she managed to guess correctly. Donghuang Baizhi pouted her mouth, “I am not going to go back home, unless he comes and fetches us back home.” “He is definitely sure that we wouldn’t take the initiative to go back home, and thus he is definitely currently thinking up a plan.” Qing Ya laughed bitterly. We are your wives, can’t you just give in and coax us for a bit? “What plan is he going to come up with?” Qing Ya said, “Do you know why Xiao Family suddenly withdrew from the aristocratic family election?” “Why?” “Ye Hua was the one who ordered Xiao Family to withdraw from the aristocratic family election.” Donghuang Baizhi was startled, “Does he have nothing better to do? Why would he interfere in Xiao Family’s matters?” “I’m also unsure just what he is thinking of in his mind.” Qing Ya let out a breath, then stood up. “That’s right, I remembered something, during that day, Ye Hua even told me to allow Tang Family to enter into the aristocratic family election.” Donghuang Baizhi suddenly recalled what happened that morning. This caused Qing Ya to recall that night’s auction, “Ye Hua was the one who told you to allow Tang Family to enter into the aristocratic family election?” “That’s right, back then when Ye Hua told me to allow Tang Family to enter into the aristocratic family election, I felt that it was a trivial matter, so I followed along with his opinion.” Donghuang Baizhi wrinkled her brows, she felt that Ye Hua was secretly planning something. Why did Ye Hua want Xiao Family to withdraw from the election, then planned on letting Tang Family join the election? The two women were very puzzled. “Qing Ya, Ye Hua couldn’t be setting up his own chess pieces, right?” Donghuang Baizhi asked gravely. “But he has to have a purpose for doing that, right? You are the empress, and you wield over the entire north. And since you are his wife, there is no need for him to do those things.” Qing Ya was completely clueless as to what Ye Hua was trying to do. Donghuang Baizhi began speculating, “Ye Hua likes to stay at home, and he doesn’t seem like the type who is fond of authority, so why is he interfering in the aristocratic family election?” “That subordinate of Ye Hua’s from just now has also interfered in south’s matters before, for example, that time when the south was fighting over for an ancient godly item. During that day, I was out camping with Ye Hua. Now that I think back of it, going out camping wasn't Ye Hua’s main purpose.” The more Qing Ya thought of it, the more bizarre things seemed. “Qing Ya, you are saying that not only did Ye Hua interfere in the north’s matters, but he also interfered in the south’s matters?” Donghuang Baizhi didn’t dare to believe it. The more they speculated, the more confused they become about Ye Hua. Qing Ya shook her head, “I don’t know.” “Then, what if that is really the case?” Donghuang Baizhi’s hypothesis made Qing Ya become a bit stupefied. After quite a while, Qing Ya said gravely, “If everything was really done by Ye Hua, I will slowly change him, I won’t leave his side. What about you?” Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly, “Ah Li is already this big, and she was only able to find her daddy after great difficulty, therefore, I naturally won’t be leaving his side too.” The two women looked at each other and smiled. Since Ye Hua was willing to throw his life aside for them, they naturally wouldn’t leave Ye Hua, they were willing to take the time to slowly change their husband. Ye Hua wants to express that he wasn’t going to shoulder the blame. However, Jue Tian was after all Ye Hua’s subordinate, therefore, it wasn’t possible for Ye Hua to not shoulder the blame for the massacre of sects and families. “Then, what do we have to do to change Ye Hua’s temper? At the least, we have to make him drop those fallacious reasonings of his.” Donghuang Baizhi asked. “I reckon that Ye Hua is going to want to prove those fallacious reasonings of his, thus, he will be setting his hands on those families. What we have to do is to let Ye Hua understand that this world isn’t as he thinks. Although there are bad guys in this world, the majority of people are all good people.” Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes lighted up, “Qing Ya, are you saying that, we should team up to stand up against Ye Hua?” Qing Ya smiled, “Isn’t that exciting?” “A little. But what if we lose?” “If we lose, we will obediently return home and beg for his forgiveness, and if we win, Ye Hua will become an obedient little baby.” Donghuang Baizhi smiled sweetly, immediately causing her to look extremely beautiful, “I love it when Ye Hua acts like an obedient little baby.” “Me too.” The two like-minded wives were preparing to turn the demon king into an obedient little baby. Their courage was truly applaudable. However, they thought too simply. Qing Ya, a businesswoman who only knows how to do business, and Donghuang Baizhi, an empress who hasn’t experienced gale and storm, how could the two of them possibly be a match for Ye Hua, a man who has experienced countless battles and stands atop piles and piles of dead bodies. This was going to be a battle between husband and wives, with the entire south and north as the chessboard. Looking at the current situation, Donghuang Baizhi has the upper hand. After all, she was Voidless Realm’s empress, and whatever she wanted to do with the aristocratic family election, all she had to do was speak. And if Ye Hua wants to interfere in the aristocratic family election, he was going to have to set his hands on a family. Donghuang Baizhi was intending to promptly collect all the information she could and adopt measures according to the information she obtained. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi was guessing that Ye Hua was going to set his hands on Tang Family! If Ye Hua knew about Donghuang Baizhi’s guess, he would definitely shout out, “Foolish woman, how could I possibly be that obvious? Even if I sit at home and don’t move, I am still able to properly give you two a lesson!” This night, Ye Hua was destined to have to go to sleep while hugging onto a quilt. If I had known that this would happen, I should have done the deed with Donghuang Baizhi during those past few days and let her know just how formidable I am! If you two have the capability, don’t come crawling back home! I am definitely going to show them just how formidable I am and make them obediently acknowledge their mistake. Afterward, if they were to serve upon me together, I may perhaps let bygones be bygones! Zijin City was at the heart of China, and Zijin University was a long-established university that was famous even in the entire world. Zijin University was a university where many students yearned to attend, and there were even quite a number of foreign students at Zijin University. Early morning on the campus, a floral scent that was able to refresh one's mind filled the air, and modern school buildings could be seen everywhere in the university. Youthful students that were filled with vitality were walking around the campus while with a smile on their faces. This kind of carefree and worriless university life will end once they graduated, and their lives of despair will then begin. “Quick, quick, quick, look over there, two beauties!” A freshman student pointed at two girls that were not far away from him and shouted out. “As a freshman student, you should focus on your studies and shouldn’t keep on thinking about girls!” A senior student criticized the freshman student, but his gaze was pointed at the two girls. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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