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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 349 – Aloof prince charming Jue Tian “Why does that girl seem so delicate? She makes me want to really protect her.” The freshman student let out a sigh. This is my first time seeing such a kind of girl, just looking at her makes me want to pamper and protect her. “There are plenty of people who wants to protect her, with or without you, it won’t make a difference.” The senior student said in disdain. The two weren’t the only ones talking about the two girls in a low voice, other students were also doing that too. Because this girl innately has a face and aura that made others want to protect her and couldn’t bear to see her suffer even a tiny bit of harm. This girl was precisely Dongfang Yuer, and the girl beside her was her dormitory bestie, Song Xiaoxiao. Compared to Dongfang Yuer, Song Xiaoxiao wasn’t that outstanding. However, beauties always have to have other people by their sides to offset them, right? It wasn’t that Song Xiaoxiao wasn't good-looking, just that she wasn’t as good-looking when compared to Dongfang Yuer. Of course, the two’s relationship was very good, the two were pretty much like sisters with each other. “Yuer, our school hired a super, super, super aloof professor.” Song Xiaoxiao who was holding onto Dongfang Yuer’s arm said exaggeratedly, and she even made a gesture with her hand. Dongfang Yuer was pondering about something in her mind and didn’t hear what Song Xiaoxiao was saying. “Yuer, later on is going to be the aloof prince charming professor’s public lesson, so let’s go early and occupy seats for ourselves. I heard that the aloof prince charming’s classes are always full, and the students who attend his classes are all girls.” Song Xiaoxiao said while with an infatuated look on her face. Those few days when the professor was holding public lessons, I went to his lessons a bit too late and there weren’t any seats left. Therefore, I was only able to look at the prince charming professor’s gracefulness in the school forum. The prince charming professor is so aloof and handsome~ There still wasn’t any response from Dongfang Yuer, Dongfang Yuer seemed to have something heavy on her mind. “Yuer, what are you thinking about?” Song Xiaoxiao asked while shaking onto Dongfang Yuer. Dongfang Yuer came back to her senses, and she let out a slight smile, “Oh, nothing.” “Why have you turned foolish right after summer vacation ended? Let me bring you to go and see a handsome guy, I heard that looking at handsome guys can help to stimulate the brain cells, and thereby attain longevity.” Dongfang Yuer said gently, “I won’t be going, you can go by yourself instead.” This summer vacation was practically a nightmare for Dongfang Yuer. Not only was she sold to Bai Family by her mother, but she also had to get verbally abused by Bai Qi. She was only able to have a bit of peace when she was back at this school that she was currently attending. Listening to that tone of Dongfang Yuer’s, Song Xiaoxiao immediately became melancholy. My voice is loud, and Yuer’s voice is very low and gentle. Even when Yuer is quarreling with other people, her tone would still always be low and gentle, causing her voice to possess no lethality at all. However, I guess that that is why she is able to cause the guys to have the desire to want to protect her. “You have to accompany me, I’m scared of going alone.” Song Xiaoxiao pleaded, and the look on her face was practically saying, “if you don’t come with me, I am going to cry”. Seeing that her close friend was pleading with her, Dongfang Yuer didn’t have the heart to reject her close friend. This was the kind of girl Dongfang Yuer was. She would rather see herself get injured than see others get injured. This was also why when her mother sold her to Bai Family, she didn’t say anything about it. “Alright.” Dongfang Yuer smiled lightly. “Great! Let’s start running, or else we won’t be able to get any seats.” While speaking, Song Xiaoxiao pulled onto Dongfang Yuer and began running. This immediately caused the boys who were looking at them to begin drooling saliva. The sight of beautiful ladies running was truly a sight to behold. Long hair fluttering in the wind, and the objects that were bouncing up and down… “Xiaoxiao, slow down.” Dongfang Yuer’s face turned red after running for a bit. Her weak physical strength was somewhat unable to keep up with running for too long. All the way until the two reached the outside of a classroom, then did they stop running. “It is fortunate that we ran fast enough, or else there won’t be any seats left already.” Song Xiaoxiao said as she patted onto her chest, while Dongfang Yuer had a helpless look on her face. Dongfang Yuer wasn’t interested in handsome guys, only studying was able to let Dongfang Yuer forget about a lot of things. Looking within the spacious classroom, it could be seen that 70% of the seats have already been occupied, and right now there was still half an hour until the class starts. Right when the two were about to sit down, a pretty-looking girl wrinkled her brows and shouted, “There is already someone sitting here!” Song Xiaoxiao wasn’t like Dongfang Yuer, “This seat isn’t occupied at all, you are evidently occupying this seat for someone else!” “That’s right, I am occupying this seat for someone else, what are you going to do about it?” Dongfang Yuer pulled onto Song Xiaoxiao and said lightly, “Let’s just sit at the side.” Song Xiaoxiao took a glare at the girl, then sat on the seats that were located at the side with Dongfang Yuer. The seats that they were going to sit down on just now were located at the middle, and the view at the middle was the best. Suddenly, the clicking sound of high heel shoes rang out, and everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads over and took a look. Turns out, it was actually the school belle, Guan Yanxin! This girl possessed the height of a model, her skin was white, her face was pretty, and her figure was explosive. The red color skintight skirt of hers that she was currently wearing seems to be worn specially for the upcoming lesson, and the expression on her face was extremely haughty, seemingly like she was an empress. Some freshman students could be heard discussing in a low voice. “I heard that this Guan Yanxin’s background is very big.” “I heard about her not too long after I came to this school, I heard that those people who provoked her have all withdrawn from the school.” “Lower your voice a bit, if she hears you talking about her, you will definitely be in for a trouble.” Guan Yanxin could be seen sitting on the seat that Song Xiaoxiao was going to sit on just now. The pretty girl at the side seems to be Guan Yanxin’s follower. “Tsk, what is she being cocky about.” Song Xiaoxiao pouted her mouth. Dongfang Yuer said lightly, “Alright, don’t be angry.” All Song Xiaoxiao could do was pent up her anger. From her angle, she was going to only be able to see the side of the prince charming professor’s face. After quite a while, the aloof prince charming professor finally arrived. With a dashing hairstyle, Jue Tian could be seen wearing a pure white western suit and a pair of gold frame eyeglasses. Adding along with the ice-cold aura that was being emitted out from his entire body, the students immediately went crazy when they saw him. When Jue Tian walked into the classroom, he coldly swept his eyes over the classroom. As expected, the students who are here for my class are all females. In the past, why didn’t I notice that I possess such enticement toward the opposite sex? When the students saw that Jue Tian arrived in the classroom, faint breathings began ringing out in the entire classroom. Meanwhile, Jue Tian didn’t care about it in the slightest bit as he slowly walked toward the lectern. Not only did Jue Tian’s action not cause the girls to have the feeling of dislike, but it also caused the girls to adore Jue Tian even more. Looking at the female students, Jue Tian didn’t want to waste time and speak nonsense. After all, Jue Tian was currently very busy as he had to formulate a series of plans for His Honor’s plan. “Do you all know what you all are here to learn today?” Jue Tian placed his hands behind his back and asked, and this action of his caused the female students to become dazed. With her fists raised to her chin, Song Xiaoxiao said infatuatedly, “So handsome… so handsome…” Dongfang Yuer remained unmoved, all she wanted to do was to listen to Jue Tian’s class. Guan Yanxin was behaving very calmly, but there was a strong feeling of wanting to control in her gaze, seemingly as if she wants to train the man in front of her into a little kitten. “You, answer my question.” Jue Tian said as he pointed at Guan Yanxin. Guan Yanxin slowly stood up from her seat, and looking at her graceful posture, it could be seen that she possessed a good upbringing. “Professor, the reason I’m here is just to see you.” Guan Yanxin’s guts were very big, she immediately began flirting with Jue Tian. All of the female students had a look of disdain on their faces. Shameless woman, to actually try to seduce my prince charming! Jue Tian took a look at Guan Yanxin and indicated her to sit back down, then pointed at Dongfang Yuer and asked, “What are you here for?” Jue Tian was evidently asking Dongfang Yuer, but Song Xiaoxiao who was beside Dongfang Yuer ended up being the one who became extremely excited. Dongfang Yuer stood up from her seat, then said gently, “I’m here to listen to your class.” Upon hearing that, the female students clicked their tongues. Even that Guan Yanxin also admitted that she was here solely for the professor, and yet you actually said that you are here to listen to his class? Are you even a woman? This Dongfang Yuer is definitely trying to attract the aloof prince charming professor’s attention by saying that she is here to listen to his class, what a brilliant move. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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