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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 350 – Entered my body Jue Tian nodded his head, and the latter slowly sat back down on her seat. Dongfang Yuer didn’t feel that Jue Tian was handsome at all. “Within your eyes, what is hypnosis?” Jue Tian asked faintly. A female student could be heard shouting out, “Professor, I’m willing to get hypnotized by you, then have you do illegal things to me!” Tsk, tsk, tsk, this girl’s guts were even bigger. The sounds of hissing filled the entire classroom. Just how shameless is this student to actually say that to my prince charming? Jue Tian didn’t get angry and said faintly, “Hypnosis is a part of science and requires knowledge. Take for example, in actuality, you have already been hypnotized by me, but you aren’t aware of it.” Jue Tian was quick in learning how to teach a class, in just a few days of teaching, he was already rather good at teaching classes. With just two sentences, Jue Tian immediately managed to stir up the atmosphere and shift the topic onto hypnosis. All of the female students didn’t believe in what Jue Tian said. Jue Tian looked toward Guan Yanxin and asked faintly, “Do you believe?” “I don’t.” Guan Yanxin shook her head. Jue Tian then looked toward Dongfang Yuer and asked, “What about you?” Dongfang Yuer shook her head. “The two of you, come up to the stage.” Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin were a bit confused as to what Jue Tian was going to do, but they still stood up from their seats and came up to the stage. Two school belles being present at the same stage wasn’t a scene that could often be seen. “Professor, are you going to try and hypnotize us?” Guan Yanxin was poised, while Dongfang Yuer who was at the side appeared to be very quiet. Jue Tian didn’t look at Guan Yanxin, and instead, looked toward the students, “Just as I have said, they have already been hypnotized by me, just that they are unaware of it.” “Professor, you can’t be all talk and no action!” “That’s right, that’s right, at the least, you have to make our two school belles perform a bit of something.” “How about making them kiss with each other? If they do that, we will believe you.” Jue Tian didn’t respond to any of them, and instead, he looked toward Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin and said, “Lift up your hair.” The two school belles lifted up their hair, and there wasn’t any peculiarity in their expressions, they seemed very normal. “Professor Jue, isn’t that too fake?” A middle-aged man could be seen walking toward the stage. This middle-aged man was also a hypnosis professor, just that, no one really attends his lessons, while Jue Tian’s lessons were always full of students. Therefore, he was here today to give Jue Tian a lesson. Jue Tian said faintly, “Professor Liu, do you have any advice that you want to give to me?” “I wouldn’t dare to say that I have any advice for you. I just don’t want to see the students get bluffed.” Professor Liu said in a loud voice, seemingly like he was going to expose the fact that Jue Tian was a swindler. Jue Tian didn’t really care as he said faintly, “How are you going to prove that I am a swindler?” “With hypnosis, of course!” Professor Liu said with confidence. “Sure.” Seeing that Jue Tian agreed, Professor Liu looked toward the two school belles. These two girls are so pretty, this Professor Jue sure knows how to have fun, to only call the school belles and not the other students. If I am able to touch their bodies for a bit after I have hypnotized them, it would be great. “They have already been hypnotized by me, so you better find someone else from outside of the classroom.” Professor Liu was amused by what Jue Tian said, “This is the reaction of someone after they have been hypnotized? You should go and bluff primary school students instead.” “Come over.” Jue Tian gestured his finger at the two school belles. After Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin walked over to Jue Tian’s back, Jue Tian said faintly, “Help me massage my shoulders.” And as expected, the two school belles began massaging Jue Tian’s shoulders. “Alright, go back to where you two were standing.” During the entire process, there wasn’t any peculiarity with the two school belles, they seemed very normal. “Oh, how much money did you give them?” Professor Liu didn’t believe that there was such a kind of hypnosis. “Since you don’t believe, you can go ahead and give it a try with your own hypnosis.” “Don’t mind me then!” While speaking, Professor Liu walked up to the stage, then took out a pocket watch and told the two school belles to lie down. “Relax, relax your whole body, then close your eyes.” Jue Tian said faintly, “He is molesting you.” Right after Jue Tian finished speaking, the two school belles opened their eyes, and both of them gave Professor Liu a slap on his face. Slap! Slap! “Old pervert!” “Damn hoodlum!” Right after, the two school belles ran off the stage, and the female students below were pointing at Professor Liu and bawling at him. “Report him! To actually use hypnosis to take advantage of students!” “That’s right, I saw this old pervert being touchy toward the two school belles!” Professor Liu was completely stupefied. What is going on, I had only spoken a sentence just now and didn’t do anything! “Professor Liu, I have already told you, they have already been hypnotized by me.” Jue Tian gazed coldly at the old man in front of him. If this is placed in the past, I would have long killed this old man already. “You!!! Just you wait!” While speaking, Professor Liu fled from the classroom. From now on, he was going to have to live with the title of being an old pervert. Guan Yanxin said to Jue Tian, “Professor Jue, you have entered my body just now, you have to take responsibility~” Immediately, the sounds of hissing rang out in the classroom. Song Xiaoxiao said in a low voice, “Yuer, from the looks of things, Professor Jue has also entered your body just now.” “What are you saying!” Dongfang Yuer said with her face red. “I’m so envious, I also want Professor Jue to enter my body.” In no time, the lesson came to an end, and Dongfang Yuer pulled onto Song Xiaoxiao who was still reluctant to leave and left the classroom. Meanwhile, Guan Yanxin walked toward Jue Tian and said sweetly, “Professor Jue, are you free tonight?” “No.” Guan Yanxin blocked Jue Tian’s path and said sweetly, “Professor Jue, you have already entered my body just now, so how can you be so heartless to me right after?” “Moreover, there is going to be a banquet tonight, and I want you to be my partner.” Guan Yanxin said sweetly, and that tone of hers was filled with unbounded enticement. Jue Tian asked, “Family gathering?” “From the looks of it, Professor Jue, you are also someone from the inner circle.” Guan Yanxin went into a daze for a moment, then said with a smile. “Alright, come over and pick me up tonight.” After finishing speaking, Jue Tian left. Looking at Jue Tian’s aloofness, Guan Yanxin licked onto her red lips. I precisely like aloof men that are like this, conquering men that are like this is pleasurable. Jue Tian was currently living in the teachers’ dormitory, and upon returning back to the dormitory, Jue Tian reported this news to His Honor. Ye Hua only had one request, which was that, his two wives weren’t allowed to obtain anything that could be used against him, even if they knew that he was the one plotting behind the scenes, they couldn’t do anything if they don’t have any proof. Jue Tian expressed that he understood. During the night, a red color Ferrari came to a stop outside of the school. Jue Tian was still wearing the same white color western suit. After opening the Ferrari’s door, Jue Tian entered the Ferrari. The person who was driving the Ferrari was Guan Yanxin. Girls who were in their youth looked extremely enticing, every inch of their skin was emitting out fragrance. However, Jue Tian was completely unmoved, if not for the fact that he needed a logical identity to use, he wouldn’t have bothered to even be here. “Professor Jue, you sure are handsome.” Guan Yanxin was wearing a V-neck gown, and that deep chasm was enough to make one gasp in amazement. Jue Tian said faintly, “Let’s go.” “I precisely like men that are like you.” Guan Yanxin teased, then stepped on the pedal. Booming sounds rang out from the engine, resonating throughout the street, and the Ferrari began speeding on the road. International Hotel was one of Zijin City’s iconic buildings, International Hotel was a building where two straight buildings connected with each other at their tips, forming into a triangular building. The design concept of International Hotel was relatively fresh. The moment the Ferrari arrived at the hotel, a manager immediately ran over and shouted out, “Miss Guan!” “Park the car properly.” Guan Yanxin threw her car key into the manager’s embrace, and the manager hurriedly caught onto the car key. Jue Tian got off the car, then adjusted onto his eyeglasses. This Guan Yanxin’s background seems to be not that simple. Guan Yanxin could be seen walking to the front of Jue Tian, then actually embraced onto Jue Tian’s arm and said sweetly, “What do you think? This hotel is opened by my family.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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