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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 351 – Lucky star “Not bad. What does your family do?” If not for the sake of accomplishing His Honor’s plan, I really want to kill this woman! “Give me a kiss and I will tell you.” This was basically a material benefit, if it was another man, the man would have immediately granted Guan Yanxin’s request, but Jue Tian, on the other hand, felt that she was humiliating him. However, because Guan Yanxin was still a bit useful to him, he held onto her willow waist, “Tell me.” “Annoying~ There’s a lot of people here.” Guan Yanxin didn’t expect that Jue Tian would suddenly hold onto her waist, and she was feeling a bit shy. Although Guan Yanxin was willful, she wasn’t bad to the point of being promiscuous. Up till now, she still hasn’t had a boyfriend before. This time, she took a fancy for Jue Tian, and thus decided to take the initiative to chase after Jue Tian. However, Jue Tian was only intending on using her and didn’t have any other intentions. Right now, Jue Tian understood his own advantages. While lightly caressing onto Guan Yanxin’s slender waist with his right hand, he said faintly, "Not going to tell me?" The numbing feeling that was coming from Guan Yanxin’s waist caused her to become nervous, but at the same time, she felt that it was very exciting, especially since there were many people coming and going near them. “Professor Jue, do you know about the aristocratic families?” Jue Tian went into a daze for a moment, and he tightened the grip on his right hand, causing Guan Yanxin to actually get pulled into his embrace. This shows that Jue Tian got excited upon hearing what Guan Yanxin said. If I’m able to sneak into an aristocratic family, it would be much easier for me to pull the strings behind the scenes. Although Jue Tian’s hypnosis seemed very formidable, there were flaws in his hypnosis too. If he were to hypnotize Guan Yanxin, Guan Yanxin’s words and actions may seem normal from the beginning, but as time passed by, she would slowly change, and the people who were close to her would be able to easily see that there was something wrong with Guan Yanxin’s behavior. Furthermore, His Honor has ordered Jue Tian that he must not leave behind any evidence. Therefore, Jue Tian can’t use his hypnosis as he wants to. “Jue Tian~ What are you doing~” Guan Yanxin shouted out sweetly. I didn’t expect that he would get so agitated upon hearing that I am someone who is from an aristocratic family. However, this is good too, I managed to get myself a handsome professor by using my family’s title. Jue Tian who was hugging onto Guan Yanxin felt like he was about to puke. I didn’t expect that there would come a day where I would need to use my looks. “Jue Tian, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Guan Yanxin just precisely likes such a man like Jue Tian. Perhaps, this was what that was called love at first sight. Jue Tian regained his composure and said calmly, “Nothing, just feeling a bit nauseous.” “Let’s go and buy some medicines for you then.” “No need, let’s head in.” Jue Tian really wanted to see who will be present at today’s banquet and begin planning for his future plans. As for the woman who was by his side, he will make use of her for the time being. The two directly took the lift and arrived at the top floor. “Miss Guan!” The attendant that was by the elevator greeted respectfully. However, Guan Yanxin couldn’t care less about the attendant, she was currently happily holding onto Jue Tian’s arm. Jue Tian swept his eyes over the group, and he discovered that the people present here were basically Zijin City’s family heads. Xiao Yi, Tang Wushuang, Bai Cixin, Bai Cixin's little brother, Wang Dabao, Chen Xuanzong, and that student who attended my class just now is also present here. Not bad! I didn’t come to this banquet for nothing! Guan Family’s motive for hosting this banquet was the same as Ye Family, trying to win over supporters. “Miss Guan.” “Miss Guan.” Various family heads greeted cordially, and Guan Yanxin who was holding onto Jue Tian’s arm responded to their greetings by nodding her head while with a slight smile on her face. Guan Yanxin’s bearing could be seen to be that of someone from a big family. Jue Tian was currently thinking over Guan Yanxin’s usefulness in aiding his plans. For the sake of making things easy, should I use this identity to get into Guan Family? “Big brother, big brother.” Guan Yanxin could be heard shouting toward a man. Jue Tian looked over, and Guan Yanxin’s big brother could be seen to be an impressive-looking man who possessed unordinary bearing. “Yanxin, you are finally here, father has been looking all over for you.” Guan Li walked over and said with a smile. Following after, seeing that his sister was holding onto a man’s arm, his brows became tightly wrinkled. Guan Yanxin introduced with a smile, “Big brother, this is Jue Tian, my boyfriend.” “When did you have a boyfriend?” Guan Li asked gravely, and his tone didn’t sound friendly. “Why, do you think that only you are allowed to have a girlfriend, and I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend? Big brother, you can’t be like this.” Guan Yanxin thought that her big brother was joking around with her, and thus she said teasingly. Guan Li pulled his sister to the side, “You know that father is going to announce the marriage between you and Jiang Family today, and yet you still brought a man over here?!” “I brought my boyfriend over here precisely because father is going to make that announcement.” Guan Yanxin said with an indifferent look on her face, she was precisely going to go against her father. “Do you want father’s face to sweep the floor?! You are too insensible!” “What does that have anything to do with me. In any case, I will pick my own man.” Guan Li was angered to the point that his head was hurting, “You… I really don’t know what to say about you. If you care about that boyfriend of yours, immediately break up with him, or else he won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun.” “I will see just who will dare to touch him!” Guan Yanxin wasn’t one that was easy to provoke. “What’s the matter?” Jue Tian walked over and asked faintly. Guan Li took a look at Jue Tian, then said to his sister, “You do as you see fit.” After finished speaking, Guan Li left. Jue Tian felt that things didn’t seem to be looking good for him. This is a good chance for me to sneak into an aristocratic family, I can’t let this woman run away from me. “My father is going to sell me away.” Guan Yanxin let out a breath, then said lightly. Guan Yanxin’s helplessness right now was more or less the same as Dongfang Yuer’s helplessness, both of them were being used as bargaining chips. Upon hearing that, Jue Tian’s heart sunk, and his expression turned grave. I was still thinking about how to make use of her just a while ago, but in the blink of an eye, everything became meaningless. Looking at Jue Tian’s expression, Guan Yanxin thought that Jue Tian became unhappy upon hearing what she said. “Are you angry?” Guan Yanxin asked curiously. Jue Tian who had his brows wrinkled nodded his head. All of his plans that he had been thinking up for quite a while have all become meaningless, so how could he not be angry? “Do you dare to gamble together with me?” Guan Yanxin asked in a low voice. In the end, when all was said and done, Guan Yanxin was trying to use Jue Tian to break away from her family marriage, just that, she chose someone that she liked to make use of. In a way, Guan Yanxin had more or less the same idea as Qing Ya. After hearing what Guan Yanxin said, Jue Tian felt that he had no choice but to take a gamble. If I’m able to sneak into Guan Family, it would be the best, but if I’m unable to sneak into Guan Family, a lot of troublesome matters are going to pop up. In any case, this Jiang Family is also an aristocratic family, if I were to mess up Jiang Family’s marriage with Guan Family, those two families may end up going on bad terms with each other. “What is your family's intention in holding this banquet?” While standing by the window, Jue Tian naturally was going to fish out information from Guan Yanxin. Guan Yanxin has already drunk a glass of red wine, and her face was currently slightly red, “Let me tell you, but you mustn’t tell anyone else what I told you, okay?” “Alright.” “For the sake of the longevity fruits.” Guan Yanxin said secretly. Confusion appeared on Jue Tian’s face, “Longevity fruits?” “You probably do not know this, but in actuality, aristocratic families aren’t the most formidable, on top of the aristocratic families, there is still a power called Voidless Realm. Every hundred years, Voidless Realm would distribute a batch of longevity fruits. Only the aristocratic families know about that, and those normal families are completely unaware of that. You mustn’t tell anyone else about this, if not I will get in trouble.” Guan Yanxin who was slightly drunk said dazedly, completely unaware of just how important this piece of information that she just shared was. Even Ye Hua also didn’t know about the longevity fruits, and yet, Jue Tian actually ended up finding out about it. This Guan Yanxin is truly my lucky star. Seeing that Jue Tian had a surprised look on his face, Guan Yanxin smiled, “There are a lot of secrets within the aristocratic families, and pretty much all of them are unpresentable.” “You are drunk.” Jue Tian was currently a little excited. I did the right thing to come here today, this woman knows a lot of things. However, I mustn’t behave too radical, if not she will end up becoming suspicious. How about I just directly use my hypnosis on her? No, this woman is still useful in the future, I have to think of a way to make her become devoted to me. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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