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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 353 – Try touching her “I dare!” Jue Tian nodded his head, “Wait here.” “Ah?” Without explaining what he was going to do, Jue Tian blended into the crowd and disappeared from Guan Yanxin’s sight. This caused Guan Yanxin to become stupefied. “Yanxin, who is that man!” Guan Tong walked over and questioned. Guan Yanxin said gravely, “My boyfriend!” “Do you know what day is today?! Are you really intending to pick this day to anger me!” Guan Tong bellowed in a low voice. My daughter’s action is basically bringing shame upon Guan Family! “My own marriage is up to me to decide on what to do!” Guan Yanxin was very resolute. Guan Yanxin was better than Dongfang Yuer in this aspect, at the least, Guan Yanxin knew to resist. However, Guan Yanxin’s resistance was completely useless. “You will decide on what to do with your own marriage? Where did that boyfriend of yours go to? Does he have the guts to stand in front of me?” Guan Yanxin looked around the venue and discovered that Jue Tian actually disappeared from the venue. Don’t tell me, Professor Jue ran away? He asked me if I dare to take a gamble with him, and yet he actually ran away by himself?! His guts are really small! I thought that he was a man, but turns out, he was just putting on a brave front! “Take a look at how incompetent this boyfriend of yours is, he ran away the moment I arrived here. From this, it could be seen just how despicable and incompetent he is.” Guan Tong naturally didn’t like to see his daughter getting together with an ordinary person, or perhaps, someone from an ordinary family. To him, the marriage between Jiang Family and his Guan Family was of the utmost importance. Guan Yanxin let out a deep sigh. I made an error in judgment! I really regret everything that I have said to him. “Alright, don’t be sad, Jiang Zuo is a pretty good boy. Later on, when he arrives at the venue, you will understand once you get to know him.” Guan Yanxin remained silent, seemingly to have already given up on resisting. Guan Tong patted onto his daughter’s shoulder, “Yanxin, father knows how you feel about this marriage, but being born in Guan Family, there are a lot of things that you just have to accept and give in to, it was the same for me back then.” “Father, I got it.” Guan Yanxin said disappointedly. Her gaze was still searching within the crowd for Jue Tian’s figure, but unfortunately, Jue Tian really seemed to be gone from the venue. Jue Tian was currently standing at an exit staircase and contacting with Wei Chang. Jue Tian had to contact Wei Chang because there were some things that Jue Tian really didn’t know how to go about, for example, how to make a woman become willing to willingly help him with his plans. “Jue Tian, I have also been pondering about this question for a very long time already.” Wei Chang’s tone was filled with helplessness. Xiao Tang has recently returned to her school, and she has been staying at her dormitory ever since. It has already been a few days since I last saw her. This caused Wei Chang to become very worried. Xiao Tang isn’t angry at me, right? In actuality, Tang Wei was indeed really angry with Wei Chang. Uncle Wei and I are already at the stage of sharing the same bed, and yet, it has been so long already and he still doesn’t have any reaction! Is it because I am not pretty enough? That is evidently not the case, but Uncle Wei just precisely wouldn’t touch me. Because of that, Tang Wei has been feeling very sad, she felt that her Uncle Wei doesn’t like her at all. Jue Tian asked curiously, “Then, have you come to any conclusion yet?” “I have, the conclusion that I have come to is that women are fond of acting willfully and doing baffling things.” Wei Chang was puzzled when he thought back to the things that Tang Wei did every day. Those “baffling” things that Tang Wei did was her trying her best to hint at Wei Chang to do the deed with her, but Wei Chang was completely oblivious to her hints. Jue Tian said faintly, “I came across two women who are crucial to carrying out His Honor’s plans, however, I do not know how to make them become devoted to me.” “I’m unable to help you with this problem of yours. Lie Gu seems to know more about this kind of stuff. After all, Lie Gu is the only one amongst us who has managed to maintain a very good relationship with his women.” His Honor always has relationship issues with the two madams, Xiao Tang and I have conflicts with each other too, Little Green and Zi Shan still haven’t reached the stage of sharing the same bed, and only Lie Gu and his three wives have the most harmonious relationship. Oh yeah, Death Mage and Xun Fang have a pretty harmonious relationship too. Those two are practically our role models. “Alright.” Jue Tian cut away his communication with Wei Chang, then immediately contacted Lie Gu. Lie Gu was currently busy working hard to hand over taxes to his wives. Yi Ran and Bai Xiaozhen were already lying on the bed while with a satisfied look on their faces, and Lie Gu was currently busy satisfying Wen Xia. “Lie Gu, I have a question to ask you.” Jue Tian said. Lie Gu said while panting, “What is it?” “How do I make a woman become willing to willingly do things for me?” Lie Gu said gravely, “Is there even a need to think? Just do it with all of your strength.” “Do what?” Jue Tian was confused. “Do what? Isn’t that obvious? If you want to make a woman become obedient, you have to do it with her till she submits.” This was Lie Gu’s theory. Look at my three lovely wives, if I say to go left, they will go left, and if I say to go right, they will go right. And if they aren’t willing to listen to me, all I have to do is to just do it with them till they are willing to listen to me. I have already tested this method of mine and it works every time. In actuality, Ye Hua could try to imitate Lie Gu’s theory. If Ye Hua were to use up all of his wives’ energy, where would they have the energy to come and find fault with him? His two wives precisely have too much energy but no place to use their energy on. Jue Tian wrinkled his brows tightly, “Will that really work?” “Just listen to me, it will surely work. Look at His Honor, because he doesn’t listen to me, he constantly gets into quarrels with the two madams.” Jue Tian felt that what Lie Gu said made sense, “I will think about it.” “Alright, you can go on and think about it, I still have other matters I have to attend to.” After cutting off the communication with Jue Tian, Lie Gu seemed as if he has turned into an electric-powered motor, his frequency accelerated, and moans were continuously being let out from Wen Xia’s mouth. My massaging skills have truly gotten better and better. Within the group, Lie Gu was the happiest. Of course, Lie Gu’s women were very happy too as they were able to enjoy their husband’s grace. Jue Tian leaned on the staircase’s handrail and let out a deep breath. Do I really have to sacrifice my body? I feel that it is such a big loss for me if I were to sacrifice my body. However, for the sake of His Honor’s plans, I won’t mind even if I have to sacrifice my body! But, how do I make it so that I have the opportunity to do it with them? Jue Tian had no choice but to request Baidu for help. Slipping drugs into drinks, getting the women drunk, and various other bizarre methods popped up on Baidu. This caused Jue Tian to shake his head. Those methods are too despicable! I, Jue Tian, disdain using such despicable methods. Bang! The staircase door was suddenly pushed open, and a man who was grabbing onto a woman’s arm could be seen pushing the woman onto a wall. Jue Tian took a look and he discovered that it was actually his student, Dongfang Yuer, and that person from Bai Family. This is a bit interesting! “Dongfang Yuer! What is the meaning of this, are you really not going to give me any face?!” Bai Qi slammed his hand onto the wall, and the sound vibration caused Dongfang Yuer’s right ear to go numb. “I’m asking you a question!” Seeing that Dongfang Yuer was remaining silent, Bai Qi felt anger surging from his heart. “You won’t allow me to touch you, right? I’m just precisely going to touch you today!” While speaking, Bai Qi kissed toward Dongfang Yuer, and Dongfang Yuer turned pale with fright as she used both of her hands and resisted with all of her strength, “You said that you wouldn’t touch me!” “I’m just precisely going to touch you today! No one is going to be able to stop me!” Dongfang Yuer’s complexion turned extremely pale. However, when she saw the malevolent look that was on Bai Qi’s face, unknown as to where she got her strength from, she kicked directly onto Bai Qi’s crotch. Bai Qi immediately became stupefied. Right after being kicked on the crotch, Bai Qi raised his hand and gave Dongfang Yuer a slap on her face, then held onto his crotch with his hands, “Slut! I am going to kill you today!” Dongfang Yuer fell to the ground after being slapped by Bai Qi. However, she didn’t cry. She felt that it was fine as long as she didn’t get violated and being beaten to death could be considered as a way for her to finally be freed. After relaxing for a bit, Bai Qi finally felt much better, and right when he was about to give Dongfang Yuer a lesson, the sound of footsteps rang out from the side. Jue Tian had been observing the two of them for quite a while, and he felt that this was a good opportunity for him. This is a golden opportunity, I mustn’t let go of this opportunity! “She is my student, try touching her and see what happens!” Jue Tian slowly walked over, and his tone was icy-cold. In order to obtain Dongfang Yuer’s trust, Jue Tian was willing to kill Bai Qi. After all, Bai Qi wasn’t going to have any effect on Jue Tian’s plans, but if Bai Qi were to turn into a corpse, Bai Qi may have a bit of effect on Jue Tian’s plans. Jue Tian helped Dongfang Yuer up from the ground, then straightforwardly pulled Dongfang Yuer into his embrace and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, teacher is here to protect you.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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