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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 354 – I like you If not for the fact that Jue Tian doesn’t like women, Jue Tian would definitely be an expert in hitting on girls. The timing that Jue Tian picked was extremely accurate, he appeared right at the moment when Dongfang Yuer was feeling the most helpless. Furthermore, when Jue Tian embraced and comforted Dongfang Yuer, Dongfang Yuer felt touched. Aside from that female senior from that day, this is the second person who is willing to step up and speak for me, other people wouldn’t even dare to go against Bai Family! “You are my girlfriend’s teacher?” Bai Qi said confusedly. While caressing onto Dongfang Yuer’s beautiful hair, Jue Tian thought to himself, “I really want to just kill this woman! Women… I hate women!” However, for the sake of His Honor’s plans, Jue Tian held back his urge, “Not only am I her teacher, but I am also her man!” This caused Bai Qi to become startled. And even Dongfang Yuer was startled too. I know that Professor Jue is trying to help me, but this Bai Qi is from Bai Family! “Professor Jue, don’t say anymore.” Dongfang Yuer was trying to tell Jue Tian to not help her, or else he will get into trouble with Bai Family. However, when Dongfang Yuer’s words fell into Bai Qi’s ears, the meaning completely changed! This Dongfang Yuer is actually telling him not to say any more about their relationship! So, this Dongfang Yuer already has a man! It is no wonder that she wouldn’t let me touch her, she is definitely afraid that I would discover that she isn’t a virgin anymore! I, Bai Family’s magnificent young master, was actually cucked! This is humiliating! “I am going to kill both of you today!” Relying on his big sister’s power, Bai Qi has done quite a number of bad things, and adding on with the fact that other people didn’t dare to provoke him, it caused him to become even cockier. Especially during this period of time, because his big sister was going to become the family head of an aristocratic family, his cockiness practically began expanding without a limit. When his big sister becomes the family head of an aristocratic family, he would also become the young master of an aristocratic family, therefore, he didn’t place anyone in his eyes anymore, so let alone someone like Dongfang Yuer who was from a down and out family! Of course, Bai Qi possessed some martial skills too, just that, he was merely a bit stronger compared to ordinary people. Jue Tian raised his hand and gave Bai Qi a slap on his face, sending Bai Qi flying till he collapsed into a wall. Bai Qi held onto his cheek and looked at Jue Tian in disbelief, “You dare to hit me?! Do you know who my big sister is?!” “Do you know who I am?! I am Bai Family’s young master! I just have to give out an order, and both of you would have to die!” Bai Qi’s handsome-looking face looked extremely frightening, Bai Family’s recent growth of strength has made Bai Qi become extremely complacent. Dongfang Yuer got off from Jue Tian’s embrace and gave Jue Tian a bow, then said, “Professor Jue, thank you for helping me, but please don’t help me anymore, or else you will be in danger.” Dongfang Yuer was truly a good girl, she would rather remain in danger than put someone else in danger with her. However, Jue Tian didn’t feel anything about Dongfang Yuer’s actions. Jue Tian currently only had His Honor’s order in his mind and nothing else. “Get out of here!” Jue Tian said gravely. Bai Qi went into a daze for a moment, and there wasn’t any peculiarity that could be seen on Bai Qi’s expression, “I will get out of here, but don’t let me come across the two of you again! Or else, I will beat the two of you to death!” After finishing speaking, Bai Qi left the staircase. Just as Jue Tian thought, Bai Qi would only be useful if he turned into a corpse! As for Dongfang Yuer, Jue Tian still has a lot of use for her. “Are you fine?” Jue Tian asked with concern. Dongfang Yuer shook her head, “Professor Jue, you should quickly get away from this place, or else… Hmm… hmm…” Dongfang Yuer opened her beautiful eyes wide and looked in disbelief at the aloof and domineering man who was in front of her. He actually kissed me! Should I push him away? But why do I feel that my legs and hands seem to have no strength at all? Jue Tian was about to puke, however, he held back his urge to puke and continued kissing Dongfang Yuer. Dongfang Yuer is related to the case where Dongfang Family was exterminated, and Guan Yanxin possesses a lot of information regarding the aristocratic families. I must seize these two girls no matter what! If worse comes to worst, I will just learn from Lie Gu and just immediately do it with them. Although doing it with them is a bit disgusting, I will just treat it as if I was bitten by two puppies! It has to be known that Jue Tian’s true body was a cat, and he was very obsessed with cleanliness, if it was possible, he wouldn’t even want to touch the two women. After separating his lips from Dongfang Yuer’s lips, Jue Tian looked at Dongfang Yuer and said, “Be at ease, no one will be able to bully you anymore from now on, asides from me.” “I… Professor Jue, we can’t… Thank you for your good intentions.” Dongfang Yuer’s face was completely red, and after she finished speaking, she was intending to leave. Jue Tian gave her a strong sense of security, letting her heart feel warm while she was situated in a dangerous situation. Therefore, she felt that it was even more the reason that she mustn’t allow Jue Tian to be met with harm. However, Jue Tian wasn’t going to let Dongfang Yuer leave, he pulled Dongfang Yuer back to him and pressed her against a wall. Dongfang Yuer lowered her head, not daring to look straight at Jue Tian’s gaze. “Do you still want to continue letting him bully you?” Jue Tian asked coldly. “This is my fate.” Dongfang Yuer said in a low voice. Jue Tian held onto Dongfang Yuer’s chin and raised her head, then said faintly, “You now have the chance to change your fate.” “Professor Jue, I don’t want to implicate you in my problems.” It must be said that Dongfang Yuer has a favorable opinion of Jue Tian, or else, she wouldn’t have allowed Jue Tian to steal away her first kiss. Of course, that was also Jue Tian’s first kiss, but Jue Tian merely felt like puking when he had his first kiss with Dongfang Yuer. “Yuer, I like you.” After saying that, Jue Tian really wanted to give himself a slap. This is too f**king disgusting. However, for the sake of His Honor’s plans, I will endure it. After all, after I am done carrying out His Honor’s plans, I won’t be needing them anymore. Dongfang Yuer was stupefied as she looked at Jue Tian while with a dazed look on her face. Song Xiaoxiao was very right, he is really handsome, and he also gives me a strong sense of security. If not for my circumstances, I would definitely be his girlfriend. “Professor Jue, please conduct yourself with dignity.” After finishing speaking, Dongfang Yuer ran away, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes. Jue Tian was stupefied, this woman is actually able to escape from the might of my looks! Take a look at that Guan Yanxin, she is completely charmed by my looks, and yet this Dongfang Yuer is actually untouched by my looks! This is a bit interesting! I precisely like things that are difficult! Tonight, that Bai Qi has to die, and furthermore, he has to die out in the open! Jue Tian took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands on the handkerchief, then walked out of the staircase. Currently, the banquet was reaching its climax! Guan Family’s family head, Guan Tong, was currently giving a speech on the stage. And the people from Jiang Family have arrived too! Jiang Family’s family head, Jiang Yuanzhou, and the handsome guy that was sitting by Jiang Yuanzhou’s side was Jiang Yuanzhou’s small son, Jiang Jianhua! Jiang Jianhua appeared to be a bit strange, he seemed a bit sluggish. It wasn’t that Jiang Jianhua was mentally ill, it was just that Jiang Jianhua was afraid of strangers, and he hardly goes outdoor all year round. Because Jiang Jianhua was at the age of marriage, Jiang Yuanzhou placed his eyes on Guan Family’s small daughter. The two families were well-matched in terms of social status, therefore, with the marriage between the two families, the two families would become relatives of equal status. In the future, if there were any matters, the two families could discuss the matters together. Guan Tong, who was on the stage, had already spoken a bunch of things, and now, it was finally time to bring up today’s main topic. “In actuality, I have a joyous matter to announce today, which is the marriage between Jiang Family and my Guan Family. Let us welcome our two newlyweds!” Guan Tong took the lead to applause. Guan Yanxin looked beautiful and dignified, as a woman who was from an aristocratic family, Guan Yanxin could be counted as a relatively outstanding woman. On the other hand, Jiang Jianhua’s back was arched, he seemed to be slightly nervous, and his gaze was drifting around restlessly. From the looks of it, he didn’t seem to like being in this kind of venue. Jiang Jianhua’s bearing caused others to shake their heads and thought to themselves, “This Jiang Jianhua isn’t worthy of that Guan Yanxin.” Guan Yanxin has already greeted Jiang Jianhua when he arrived at the venue earlier, and she has already given up. This is my fate, to marry a cowardly man. Although Jiang Jianhua’s performance wasn’t great, his eyes would drift to Guan Yanxin from time to time, seemingly to be very satisfied with this wife of his. However, he didn’t dare to look straight at her, seemingly to be embarrassed to do so. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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