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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 355 – Sudden change Jiang Yuanzhou stood up from his seat, adjusted his collar, then slowly walked up to the stage while with an imposing aura emitting out from him. Just the way Jiang Yuanzhou walked up to the stage alone won a bunch of family heads’ applause. Alright, in actuality, the family heads were just precisely bootlicking Jiang Yuanzhou. Jiang Yuanzhou raised his hand, signaling everyone to quiet down, then pat on his son’s shoulder. Immediately, the latter shrank back in fear, making it seem like he was going to be beaten by his father. Upon seeing his son’s reaction, Jiang Yuanzhou took a glare at his son. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of so many people! However, upon being glared at by his father, Jiang Jianhua became even more afraid. Perhaps it was due to the trauma of being beaten by his father when he was young, right now, whenever his father glared at him, he would immediately become scared. “Straighten your back!” Jiang Yuanzhou suddenly slapped onto his son’s waist. Immediately, Jiang Jianhua straightened his back and slightly raised his chin, seemingly like a soldier who was told to stand at attention. If Jiang Jianhua was a bit more confident, he could be considered as a talented individual. Unfortunately, being beaten by his dad when he was young caused him to become traumatized, and ended up having no confidence at all. “It is my son’s fortune that he is able to have such a virtuous wife like Yanxin, and this marriage between the two of them is a joyous occasion for my Jiang Family too.” Guan Tong naturally had to say a few words of courtesy in return. The fat on Guan Tong’s face began trembling as he spoke, “Brother Jiang, you are being too courteous, it is my Yanxin’s fortune that she is able to marry into Jiang Family. Moreover, Jianhua’s impressive and imposing appearance is hard to find in this world.” The two family heads’ words of courtesy caused everyone to have goosebumps all over their body. Meanwhile, Guan Yanxin, who was standing at the side, looked to be in a daze, seemingly like she has lost her soul. In actuality, everyone was aware that Guan Yanxin didn’t have a choice in this marriage, for the sake of binding the two families together, the marriage between Guan Yanxin and Jiang Jianhua was needed. "Say a few words." Jiang Yuanzhou said in a low voice to his son. Today was counted as the day where Jiang Jianhua and Guan Yanxin’s marriage was announced. After this announcement, it would be followed with them getting engaged, then followed by getting married. As a man, it was only natural that Jiang Jianhua has to say a few words to express how he felt. However, looking at the huge crowd in front of him, timidness appeared on his face, and he wasn’t able to utter a single word. Not sure who was the one who began to clap their hands, everyone began clapping their hands to encourage Jiang Jianhua. Looking at the scene, it seemed as if Jiang Jianhua was a kindergartener who was only able to speak after being encouraged by the adults. This caused Jiang Yuanzhou’s expression to turn a bit ugly. However, the applause was indeed a bit useful. “I… I… I like her… very much.” Jiang Jianhua said while stammering. Although it was hard for Jiang Jianhua to speak in front of a crowd, he managed to do it, and Jiang Yuanzhou was gratified to see that his son managed to speak in front of the crowd. Upon hearing what Jiang Jianhua said, Guan Tong felt at ease. It is a good thing for my daughter to marry this Jiang Jianhua. After all, with my daughter’s quick-wittedness, at the least, she won’t end up getting bullied by him. Applause began ringing out once again. “Yanxin, come over and say a few words.” Guan Tong said toward his daughter. Guan Yanxin came back to her senses, then asked curiously, “What did you say?” “……” The corner of Guan Tong’s mouth twitched. Jiang Yuanzhou’s expression immediately sunk. And Jiang Jianhua became gloomy. The goddess didn’t hear anything that I said just now… With a smile on his face, Guan Tong said in a low voice, “Just say that you like Jiang Jianhua and it will do!” Guan Yanxin didn’t like Jiang Jianhua at all, she disliked men who were indecisive and timid. She felt that this kind of man was unmanly and was weaker than her. However, what else could she do about the current situation? “Go on and speak!” With a forced smile on his face, Guan Tong shouted out in a low voice. Guan Yanxin knew that it was out of the question for her to not say anything. After taking a step forward, Guan Yanxin raised that prideful chin of hers, and immediately, she saw Jue Tian who had come back to the venue. He didn’t leave me! He came back! Guan Yanxin’s heart which had already given in began to start rebelling once again. I would rather die than marry to this kind of man. It’s fine that you all want to form an alliance, but you all can’t use me as a sacrifice to form the alliance! Seeing that his daughter suddenly smiled, Guan Tong had a bad feeling. Meanwhile, Jiang Yuanzhou and Jiang Jianhua thought that Guan Yanxin smiled because she was happy, and thus, they felt pleased. “I like him!” Guan Yanxin said very straightforwardly and boldly, and everyone couldn’t help but have respect for her, as a woman who was from an aristocratic family, Guan Yanxin actually dared to do this! Guan Tong knew exactly that this would happen. Guan Yanxin’s big brother stood by her side, and his gaze was directed at Jue Tian who was walking over to them. The smiles that were on Jiang Family’s father and son came to a freeze. That’s right, Guan Yanxin shouted out those three words while pointing her finger at Jue Tian. Guan Yanxin was truly someone who had guts. Jue Tian was very satisfied with the result. Because of me, the relationship between Guan Family and Jiang Family has dropped all the way to the freezing point. Right now, I have to give it another push and make their relationship become even worse. Jue Tian adjusted his eyeglasses, placed his left hand into his pants pocket, then stretched out his right hand and used his finger to beckon Guan Yanxin to come over to him. Everyone’s heart sunk. You are practically not placing those two families in your eyes at all, to actually dare to beckon Guan Yanxin to come over to you! Moreover, Guan Yanxin is someone who is from an aristocratic family, and yet your action of beckoning her to come over to you with your finger is very degrading, it seemed as if you were beckoning a prostitute to come over to you. Although Guan Yanxin likes you, she won’t come over to you. After all, a woman who comes from an aristocratic family is very prideful! However, everyone was going to be disappointed. With a smile filled with joy on her face, Guan Yanxin ran towards Jue Tian, seemingly just like a canary that had come out of its cage. Within Guan Yanxin’s eyes, Jue Tian looked extremely cool and domineering when he beckoned her to come over to him with his finger. I precisely like conquering such a man like this who is cold yet domineering at the same time! Everyone watched as Guan Yanxin threw herself into the man’s embrace. Right after, they saw that the man actually straightforwardly kissed onto Guan Yanxin’s cherry lips, and the important point was that, that man actually placed his hands onto Guan Yanxin’s butt and grabbed onto the butt! This man actually grabbed Guan Yanxin’s butt right in front of us! He is practically not intending to live to see tomorrow’s sun! Within the crowd, when Dongfang Yuer saw Jue Tian kissed Guan Yanxin, she slowly turned her head away from them. Guan Yanxin was currently completely intoxicated, she has completely forgotten where she was at right now. My first kiss was actually taken away from me in such a venue like this, this feels so great! Teacher is grabbing so hard onto my butt that it is starting to hurt… this is so exciting! After a long kiss, with her face red, Guan Yanxin nestled in Jue Tian’s embrace. Looking at the look on her face, it was clear that Jue Tian was the only one who she would be willing to marry to. Meanwhile, Jue Tian felt like he was about to vomit. I have to go and buy some antiemetic medicines, I am definitely going to need them in the future. “Father, look at her, she has been kissed by another man, I don’t like her anymore!” Jiang Jianhua was rather outspoken. Upon seeing that his goddess, Guan Yanxin, had been kissed by someone else, he became very jealous and didn’t want her anymore. Meanwhile, with a grave look on his face, Jiang Yuanzhou looked toward Guan Tong and asked, “Guan Tong, you have to give me a good explanation for this!” After finished speaking, Jiang Yuanzhou called over his son and was prepared to leave the venue. Upon seeing that, Guan Tong shouted out hurriedly, “Brother Jiang, my daughter is merely not thinking straight.” “Father, my head is very clear right now.” Guan Yanxin laughed, then boldly kissed towards Jue Tian’s lips. The texture of teacher’s lips sure is nice, and there is even a fragrance coming out from teacher’s lips. “You!” Guan Tong was angered to the point that his mouth was going to go crook. Upon seeing that, Jiang Yuanzhou snorted and said coldly, “Guan Tong, this is the daughter that you have brought up! To actually make a fool out of my Jiang Family!” “Brother Jiang, what do you mean by that, it is not like I purposely intended for this to happen!” In actuality, Guan Tong was already acting very servile for someone of his identity. When all was said and done, Guan Tong was still an aristocratic family head, and he was someone of the same status level as Jiang Yuanzhou. Jue Tian was very satisfied with how the situation was going. While in front of everyone, Jue Tian kissed onto Guan Yanxin with all he had, and his hands were even swimming around Guan Yanxin’s lower abdomen. It was truly an eyesore… If there wasn’t anyone else at the venue, who knows what those two may even end up doing. “Look at how your daughter is behaving! Is there anything wrong with what I said?!” Jiang Yuanzhou pointed at Guan Yanxin who was currently ardently kissing with Jue Tian and shouted out. In actuality, Guan Tong was also feeling very furious. My daughter is actually kissing and hugging with a man while in front of so many people, my face has been completely thrown away by her! Right when the tension between the two families was high, noise rang out from the crowd. “You are precisely a prodigal!” This voice belonged to Tang Wushuang. “I am not a prodigal! You are speaking nonsense!” With a look of grievance on his face, Bai Qi seemed as if he had just taken a huge blow from what Tang Wushuang said, and after he finished speaking, he immediately ran towards the balcony, then jumped off from the balcony right in front of everyone’s gaze! The entire venue went silent! All the way until a ‘thump’ sound rang out. “Bai Qi!!!” Bai Cixin shouted out. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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