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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 36 – I, Long Aotian, am just temporarily retreating only 1/2 “Hey, you should be a hit-man right, say, instead of doing a sneak attack, you openly stood at the middle of the road like that, are you stupid?” Death Assassin was starting to feel a bit impatient, it is the first time that I met with an enemy that has so many words to say, from the beginning where I saw him, all the way up till now, his mouth had never once stopped. “Who sent you here! Forget it, in any case, you also wouldn’t say it. Wait later on after I beat you to the point that you kneel down, you will naturally tell me everything!” “Today, I will let you experience and witness the power of I, Long Aotian’s dragon god technique! There is no harm in telling you, but, when I hit out this fist of mine, even I myself am afraid of it, do you believe that, in front of my fist, even steel reinforced bar would break into little pieces!” Long Aotian could be seen shouting out loudly and his aura started increasing as he took a horse stance and clenched both of his fists firmly. The muscles on both his arms gradually increased, and the ground that was under his feet was starting to rupture. Gu Tiantian who was in the car felt happy upon seeing that, looking at Long Aotian’s aura, he is definitely able to defeat that black clothed person! Death Assassin looked at the small fry in front of him and slightly went into a daze, this aura is a bit interesting, he is indeed much stronger than an ordinary person, but he is only much stronger than an ordinary person, in front of me, he is still a small fry in the end. “Dragon god technique’s first style! Dragon god fist!” Long Aotian’s right fist could be seen emitting out a faint golden light and within the surrounding one meter of Long Aotian, a violent gust actually appeared, causing Gu Tiantian who was watching the scene to become dumbfounded. Long Aotian sneered within his heart, this foolish hit-man is actually scared silly by me, he is not even preparing to dodge my fist at all. Alright then, watch as I burst your body open with my fist! Long Aotian’s right leg suddenly stepped forward, and a few cracks actually appeared on the ground, then, he shot out his fist towards Death Assassin with an imposing aura. Death Assassin was very disappointed. I don’t even want to move anymore. If I move even the slightest bit at all, that would be a disgrace for me. The fist went through Death Assassin’s body, and Long Aotian said in disdain, “You are nothing much, and I even thought that you would be a bit powerful!” “Jiejiejie…” This strange laughter sound made Long Aotian to swallow his saliva unconsciously. Feeling his arm for a bit, he felt that his fist seemed to have landed on the air, but this isn’t right, my fist obviously went through his abdomen! Fall! Why aren’t you falling! Shouldn’t you be falling now?! I’m begging you, can you quickly fall, there is a woman watching me right now! Death Assassin did not have a corporeal body, he only had a body of skeleton, and Long Aotian’s fist only went through Death Assassin’s clothes, and did not even touch till Death Assassin’s bone, being unlucky to the utmost. Death Assassin could be seen raising his hand, giving Long Aotian a shock. Is he going to surrender now? But it is too late now, and what’s more, you have to raise both of your hands when you are surrendering! “Bang!” Long Aotian felt that his face was twisting, his body was floating within the air, and his consciousness was a bit fuzzy. Death Assassin used his palm and slapped Long Aotian away. After rolling a few times on the lawn, then did Long Aotian came to a stop. Long Aotian crawled up from the ground with great difficulty and, with fear leaking out from his gaze, he looked at the Death Assassin who was approaching towards him step by step. Just who is this person, although my dragon god fist was currently only cultivated to the first realm, it is still able to at least destroy rocks and break bones, but when my dragon god fist landed on his body, it actually did nothing to him, and instead, I was sent flying from a slap of his. Could it be that this person is actually a S-grade expert! But, why is he trying to kill a small character like me, I haven’t even fully grow my potential… That’s right! He must be afraid of me becoming stronger, thus he made the first move to prevent me from even having the chance to get stronger. This person is so malevolent! Pfft! A mouth of blood was spat out, Long Aotian felt that his qi and blood were surging, and thus felt even more afraid of the black clothed person. In front of this person, I am just like a child! Pew! Long Aotian did not even know what happened, and an acute pain suddenly transmitted over to him from his arm. Blood was gushing out ferociously, lowering his head to take a look, he saw that his arm’s bone could be seen. Fear spread within Long Aotian’s heart. I am totally not his match at all, I can’t even catch onto his movement at all, let alone strike back! Gu Tiantian sat in the car and watched nervously, she could only see 2 figures being next to each other, and was not sure about just what was happening… Long Aotian had attained his goal of not letting Gu Tiantian look at the scene where blood would splatter everywhere. Just that, his goal of wanting to show off to Gu Tiantian had failed. Everything changed, just like what happened at Qing Family, it was happening again right now! I have no choice! I still have one more ground evading talisman, if I don’t use it now, I will really die. Ground evading talisman! Death Assassin slashed out his blade, just that, this slash of his hit nothing! Looking at the place that he was slashing at, where is the person? Could it be that he has the ability to teleport? I was truly a bit careless this time. And I even wanted to torture him to death, however, looking at the situation, it is better that I report about this first. Gu Tiantian rubbed her eyes, there was still 2 black figures there just now, why did the 2 black figures suddenly disappeared? Mustering up her courage, she got off the car and shouted lightly, “Long Aotian? Long Aotian?” Coming to the place where the 2 people disappeared at, Gu Tiantian took a look around and was filled with confusion, and could only leave with disappointment. This Long Aotian actually ran away, luckily the hit-man’s target wasn’t me, this Long Aotian is truly not a man! Long Aotian was shouting out for grievance, I am only temporarily retreating because of my injuries! At a remote mountain village, Long Aotian opened his eyes and high-spirited noises ranged out at his ears. Exerting all his strength, he opened his eyes and took a look, and immediately, he had the urge of wanting to faint. Why is it not a bathroom! Why is it a pigsty! My god! Why am I that unlucky! “Who are you?” A pretty young lady could be seen standing outside the pigsty and asking curiously. Long Aotian smiled miserably, who would have thought that I Long Aotian’s luck with the ladies is still the same as usual, continuously having encounters with beautiful ladies…The tempo is still within my hand, wait after I properly cultivated my dragon god technique, I will go back and get my revenge. During this period of time, I will stay here and properly nurture my relationship with this young lady. First, let me faint for a bit and let this young lady take care of me. ……

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