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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 36 – I, Long Aotian, am just temporarily retreating only 2/2 At the first of daybreak, Ye Hua slowly opened his eyes, and his brows immediately frowned as he felt the moist feeling that was coming from his chest. Lowering his head to take a look, this woman is actually tangling around me like an octopus, this is simply outrageous! She isn’t well-behaved even when she is sleeping! And also, this puddle of saliva on my chest, she is wanting my life! “Wake up!” “Don’t cause a nuisance, today is Sunday, let me sleep for a bit more.” Qing Ya’s tone right was sort of coquettish, it was particularly pleasant to listen to, at the least, it was better than listening to her speaking with a cold tone. Ye Hua didn’t care about that, “Look at what you had done!” Qing Ya frowned her eyes while feeling annoyed, and opened her beautiful eyes to take a look. Discovering that she was hugging onto him again, and even left a puddle of saliva on his chest, she felt that it was too shameful and braced herself and said, “What about it! What is wrong with hugging my husband to sleep!” Ye Hua had never seen before a woman that was able to speak nonsense with such a serious look, leaving a puddle of saliva on my chest and you are still able to be that bold and confident! “It is already 7 am, quickly get up and go buy breakfast.” Ye Hua’s tone loosened a bit, I am not going to lower myself to her level. Qing Ya totally did not have the intention to get up, “I am a pregnant woman, you have to take care of me.” “That wasn’t what you said yesterday!” “Women are fickle, you should properly experience it for a bit.” Qing Ya hugged onto the quilt and rolled up to one side, angering Ye Hua to the point that his lips were trembling. Why did I hook up with a woman like this… Getting up and washing up, after finishing, he took a look at the bed, she is still lying on the bed! It won’t do if I don’t educate her! “Ah! What are you doing, quickly let go off me!” Qing Ya cry out in alarm as she was carried up by Ye Hua.

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