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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 38 – Educating wife 1/2 “Yutong did not bring any extra undergarments, thus we went to shop at the shopping center.” Qing Ya changed her usual strong-willed tone and explained softly. This made Ye Hua felt very comfortable. Qing Yutong who was at the side went to in a daze. My sister actually sold me out in an instant! Back then after I had bought what I needed to buy, it was obviously you who wanted to stay at the shopping center and continue shopping, evidently wanting to anger brother-in-law by doing that. “Afterwards?” Although my anger has disappeared, I still must properly reprimand her. Qing Ya’s face was a bit blushing as she mumbled, “Afterwards, Yutong wanted to buy a few pajamas.” Qing Yutong’s face immediately became ugly, this big sister of mine is clearly framing me! This won’t do, I definitely have to expose big sister’s true face! However, big sister is actually secretly pulling onto my clothing. This made Qing Yutong felt a bit shocked, she never expected that her big sister would actually value brother-in-law’s feeling by this much. However… I am being unjustly framed! “Yutong?” Ye Hua asked with a deep voice. Qing Yutong swore that she would definitely not go shopping with her big sister anymore, “Brother-in-law, it is all Yutong’s fault, don’t blame big sister anymore.” Bang! Ye Hua slammed hardly onto the bar counter, which made the two sisters felt scared and fidget. “Why did you not pick up the phone! Qing Ya, don’t you know that you are pregnant! Being unable to be contacted for a few hours, do you not know just how worried I was! Qing Yutong, you also don’t have to shoulder the blame for your big sister, did she think that I do not know what little thoughts she has in her mind!” After venting out his anger, Ye Hua let out a breath. In the end, whether if I was worried about the child, or if I was worried about Qing Ya, I am not very clear about it, but what can be confirmed is that! I actually felt one of the emotions that humans experience, worry! Ye Hua did not know if it was a good thing or not, because he had never felt this kind of emotion before in his life. Qing Yutong really wants to praise her brother-in-law’s wisdom, to be able to see through her big sister’s trick within such a short time. And as for Qing Ya, she was very surprised, this fellow actually said that he was worried about me, is that true or fake? However, looking at his expression, it seems to be true. Qing Ya felt elated in her heart and suddenly felt that Ye Hua was quite adorable, especially that angry expression of Ye Hua’s, which was just like that of a kid’s. “Both of us did not bring along our phone with us because we did not expect that it would take this long.” Qing Ya explained. “Do you two not know how to lend or buy one then? To not even have this bit of common sense, where did you two's brain go to!” The sisters lowered their head and remained silent. If we had known this would happen, we would have come back and pass you the breakfast first, then go shopping afterward, like that, you would definitely have nothing to say. “Brother-in-law, big sister bought something for you.” Qing Yutong suddenly thought of something and said hurriedly. Ye Hua went into a daze and looked towards Qing Ya. Qing Ya walked forward and passed a small bag over to Ye Hua, then took a few steps backward and stood together with her sister. Her action was truly too comical, this was probably how a primary school student who had made a mistake would act. Taking out the items that were within the small bag, Ye Hua saw that it was two men’s underpants. At this moment, Ye Hua felt that his heart was feeling a bit unusual, the frequency that his heart was beating at was a little fast, and also felt very hot. I am not at the state of going berserk right? Without looking back, Ye Hua went upstairs to check on what was going on with his body. Both sisters let out a breath of relief at the same time, we managed to pass the ordeal. “Big sister, you owe me one!” “Alright, I owe you one.” Qing Ya said helplessly. Today, not only did I get lectured by Ye Hua, I even tried to make my sister to carry the blame, if it was not for the two men's underpants that I prepared, I reckon that this matter wouldn’t have been over this quickly. “However, big sister, brother-in-law seems to care a lot for you eh.” Qing Yutong threw the big and small bags on the floor and sat on the high chair. Qing Ya snorted, “He would care about me? He is only caring about the child in my stomach.” “Big sister, you cannot say it like that, there are many cases of people getting together in the end because of the child, I even acted for a drama with this kind of plot, it was very popular back then too. What’s more, the way you acted today, and the way brother-in-law acted today, tsk, tsk tsk… Could it be that you two have really fallen for each other?” “Go and die!” Qing Ya stiffed her face and said. Her heart was beating a little fast. After looking at the cold youtiao and porridge, Qing Ya walked upstairs. Qing Yutong pouted, “Still don’t want to admit it.”

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