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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 38 – Educating wife 2/2 Ye Hua sat at the office table. Just a while ago, he checked his body and found that there was no problem with his body. This is really strange! This Qing Ya is actually able to control my emotion? How is this possible! Bang, bang, bang. The sound of door knocks rang out, and Ye Hua responded. Qing Ya could be seen walking in while holding on to the porridge that she heated up. Just that, the youtiao’s crispy texture was unable to be maintained. “I added sugar.” Qing Ya placed the porridge which was emitting out steam and the cold youtiao onto the office table. Ye Hua looked at the porridge in a daze, he felt that it was very strange, this was not like Qing Ya’s style. Seeing that Ye Hua was not moving, Qing Ya braved her heart and scooped a spoon of porridge, lightly blew on it, then placed it to Ye Hua’s mouth, “Here, open your mouth.” The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth was twitching a little. I am a man, I’m not so bad to the point that I need to be spoon fed! “I have hands!” Ye Hua said displeasedly. Qing Ya’s temper came, I have already given in so much, and yet you still do not appreciate it, do you really think that I’m afraid of you! “I say, this is more or less enough, I have already been reprimanded by you for so long!” Qing Ya’s attitude returned to how it was before, causing the affection that was escalating just a while ago to immediately die back down again. “Do you not deserve to be reprimanded? Ask you to buy breakfast and you take a few hours just to buy it!” “Eat it or not, it’s up to you!” Qing Ya said indignantly, then left while slamming the door. Ye Hua picked up the bowl of porridge and wanted to throw it towards the door. However, this action of his stopped mid-way, and after pausing for a moment, he drank a mouthful of porridge, it was very sweet. Forget it, forget it, it’s good that she has the heart to at least heat up the porridge, things cannot be rushed. Opening the door and walking out of the office, Ye Hua just happened to saw that Qing Ya was preparing to go out. Black western suit and hair tied to the back, Qing Ya’s entire temperament seemed very capable and experienced, seemingly just like an aloof and remote queen. “Where are you going?” Ye Hua asked. Qing Ya snorted, “To the company.” “It’s Sunday today, what are you going to the company for?” “To earn money of course, if not, are you going to support me?” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, evidently that her anger has still yet to dissipate. Ye Hua shouted out with a deep voice, “You are not allowed to go!” “Forget about it that you are bullying me, don’t tell me that you are even going to care about where I am going too!” Qing Ya retorted angrily. This man is simply overbearing to the extreme. “In the next nine months, you can only stay right by my side!” “Hah, I am not going to!” Towards this kind of unreasonable trouble making, Ye Hua only had one method. Immediately, Ye Hua pulled onto Qing Ya’s arm, then pulled her into his embrace. “Ah, save me! Yutong, quickly come out and save your big sister, help me call 110!” Qing Ya knew that she was not Ye Hua’s match and thus hurriedly called for her sister for help. Qing Yutong was currently tidying up the storage room, opening the room and sticking her head out, “Big sister, brother-in-law, can you two not bring me in when you two are fighting with each other?” Seeing that her sister was intending to stand aside and not help her, Qing Ya said indignantly, “Qing Yutong, you are ruthless!” Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Alright, my attitude was indeed not right just now, but it is already afternoon now, even if you are not going to eat, our child also has to eat right.” Upon hearing that Ye Hua had acknowledged his mistake, Qing Ya did not struggle anymore. To even bring in the child into this matter, do you only have this bit of capability~ “Yutong, let’s go eat lunch.” “Alright, brother-in-law~” Qing Ya’s forehead immediately became black. Just now when I called for her for help, she wouldn’t come out, but now when Ye Hua called for her, she immediately ran out, just where is her integrity even at!

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