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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 41 – The mystical youngster 1/2 Each and every part of a bluefin tuna has its own price, some parts were expensive, and some parts were cheap. The meat in the underside of the belly of the bluefin tuna, which was usually referred to as otoro, was the most expensive. Otoro possesses ample fat, thus, when the meat enters the mouth, not only does it melt in the mouth, it also emits out a fatty fragrance. The meat in the belly area of bluefin tuna, which was located between the akami and otoro, and was usually referred to as chutoro, was a little cheaper compared to otoro. Chutoro possesses a moderate amount of fat and was often preferred because it was fatty but not as fatty as otoro. Then, there was the cheapest part of the tuna, the akami, which was located at the top of the back and the inside of the tuna. Akami was very lean and low in fat, thus, it was the cheapest part. The three of them mainly ate the otoros and chutoros. Ye Hua also tasted it for a bit and felt that it was just so-so. Perhaps it was because I had eaten too much flying beasts and land beasts in the past, therefore right now, I am only interested in crayfishes. In the past few years, there was even a month where I even continuously ate instant noodles and spicy sticks for a whole month… “It tastes so good.” Qing Yutong said while revealing out a joyful expression. Although Qing Ya didn’t express out anything, but the cheerful expression on her face says it all. Ye Hua placed his chopsticks down. They have never eaten before foods that are much better compared to this. Wait until tonight, I will show them the true meaning of exotic delicacies. Bang! A sharp and clear sound suddenly rang out and all the customers that were in the main dining hall all raised their head and looked towards the direction where the sound rang out. A girl could be seen standing in one place while being in a daze, and near the girl, there were a few porters. On the floor, there were the fragments of a broken glass, a bright red fish that was floundering around in disarray, and near the fish, there was a plate of food that was scattered around. After floundering a few times, the bright red fish became much calmer, seemingly about to die anytime as it flapped its tail powerlessly. There was blood in the water spot that the fish was on, seems like the fish got injured when it fell onto the floor! “My god, that fish is an Asian Arowana!” “That girl is truly carless, an Asian Arowana that looks like this is most likely worth at the very least 5 million rmb.” “The problem was obviously with the porters, and yet you all are actually blaming the girl?” On the floor, the Asian Arowana flapped its tail powerlessly. The Asian Arowana's bright red fish scales were just like its blood, and its head which was slightly raised could no longer display out its imperious aura. Ye Hua looked at the fish that was on the ground, and he felt as if he saw himself. Back in those years, just how glorious was I, and yet, I was attacked frantically by the humans, and in the end, all I could do was wait for death to approach me. Thus, after coming back to life, I thought up every possible method to understand humans. Only by doing that, then will history not repeat itself!


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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