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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 42 – Face slap 1/2 The manager himself was also stupefied. This fish actually really became well! Isn’t that ridiculous?! “Classmate Qi, thank you.” Tang Wei wiped her eyes and expressed her gratitude towards Qi Xuewen. Qi Xuewen revealed out a courteous smile, “Classmate Tang Wei, please do not take it so seriously to heart, helping others is my life objective.” “No matter what, I must still thank you. I will treat you to a meal tonight.” “Since classmate Tang Wei has personally requested it, I will of course not reject classmate Tang Wei's invitation.” Qi Xuewen smiled modestly. This commoner school belle seems to be interested in me. I didn’t expect that there would be such a good thing like this when I came here to have a meal. I have practically killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, I have absorbed the dragon energy, and secondly, I have a meal later on with classmate Tang Wei. Qing Ya laughed involuntarily, “Ye Hua, seems like there is someone who’s much faster than you, and much more able to act cool.” Ye Hua remained silent. However, this youngster is the second person that I have met that possesses abilities. The first person would be Long Aotian. Suddenly, a black figure appeared at the shop’s entrance. With a domineering aura, he pushed the door open, “Xiao Tang?” “Uncle Wei~” That’s right! The person who Tang Wei sent a text message to was precisely Wei Chang. In Tang Wei’s heart, Wei Chang was the man who truly cared about her. Right now, upon seeing Wei Chang, with a grievance expression, Tang Wei threw herself into Wei Chang’s embrace and cried out bitterly. Qi Xuewen went into a daze. What… what is this situation right now? Who is this security guard uncle? Is he Tang Wei’s uncle? From the looks of it, it must be. When one’s niece is being bullied, the uncle, of course, had to come and help. “Ye Hua, isn’t that person your security guard head?” “Wow, brother-in-law’s underling sure is handsome, he is pretty much an uncle oppa~” Qing Yutong said exaggeratedly. Ye Hua also didn’t expect that Wei Chang would suddenly show up here, and that the reason he showed up was because of the girl. This made Ye Hua felt very astonished, since when did this underling of mine became this kind-hearted? Wei Chang patted on Tang Wei who was in his embrace and consoled, “Xiao Tang, tell me, who bullied you?” Actually, the reason that Wei Chang came here was very simple. When a subordinate got bullied, as the elder brother, he should step forth and give the bully a lesson. In the past, this was how he had always done it. “Uncle Wei, I’m fine already.” Tang Wei’s face was a bit red as she separated herself from Wei Chang’s embrace. “If you are fine, would you have cry like that!” Wei Chang was very unhappy. When he saw the phone components that were in Tang Wei’s hand, his brows immediately wrinkled. Although Tang Wei has only started working at the bar not too long ago, Wei Chang knew that Tang Wei was very frugal, and came to work every day by foot. “What happened to your phone?” Wei Chang questioned. Tang Wei felt that she should not cause trouble for Uncle Wei, thus said, “I dropped it by accident.” “I say, what is going on with you this garbage security guard? Trying to stick out for a beautiful woman eh?!” The manager was practically not in a very good mood from the start. And right now, after seeing a male who wore a security guard uniform making a big fuss in his shop, he immediately became angry again.

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