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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 42 – Face slap 2/2 Looking at the scene, Qing Ya was very worried, “Ye Hua, you should quickly step forth already, they seem to be about to start fighting.” “Everything's fine.” Ye Hua said faintly. In this age, the number of people that could win against Wei Chang in a fight was very less, it was so less to the point that it could be counted with 2 hands. “You!!!” Qing Ya said while panting with rage as she stood up and was prepared to go help Wei Chang. In any case, this Wei Chang is after all my husband’s employee. Just that, right after she stood up, she got pulled by Ye Hua into his embrace, “Just watch will do.” “Oh my god, I can’t stand the both of you, showing off affection in public.” Qing Yutong covered her eyes and teased. Qing Ya struggled a few times with her face red. This scoundrel~ And he still dares to say that he won’t touch the same woman twice, it is all but nonsense! Look at just how many times he had eaten by tofu already~ The main reason was because of the child, which allowed two people of different worlds to miraculously get together. Without the child, Ye Hua would have absolutely not bother himself with Qing Ya, and Qing Ya would never return back to the bar to look for Ye Hua. Fate was always just this miraculous. This was also the reason why Ye Hua would not go and control it, because it would be able to bring him nice surprises. However, right now, I am feeling a little troubled with this nice surprise, this woman is slowly changing me. For example, just a while ago, for that weak human to actually dare to speak conceitedly towards me, if it was placed in a few months ago, he wouldn’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun. Of course, I wouldn’t personally eliminate him, someone else would do it for me. However, right now, I can't even be bothered to bother myself with him at all. Could it be that, it is really just as what Wei Chang said? This is the love which humans experience? The love which is able to make a person become better? Ye Hua was not very sure about it. I have to check on it furthermore, just only how many days has it been! No matter what, I am the almighty Supreme Overlord, and she is just an ordinary human. Although she is counted as outstanding within the humans, but she is still not worthy to be my partner. It should be because of the child… it should be. Ye Hua who was hugging onto Qing Ya silently thought to himself. However, although he was thinking to himself, his hands were gently caressing onto Qing Ya’s abdomen, causing Qing Ya’s face to become completely red. Qing Yutong couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. If the two of you want to seek for excitement, can you two please go to the toilet instead. Tang Wei was very angry right now, forget about it that this manager is not respectful towards me, but how could he insult Uncle Wei like that! “Manager, what gives you the rights to insult someone, what’s wrong with a security guard, at the least, it’s much better than you!” Tang Wei changed her weak demeanor and actually demanded the fierce manager for an explanation. The manager snorted in disdain, “A garbage security guard, and a poor woman. Both of you, get lost! Don’t affect my shop business!” At this moment, the surrounding customers were a little displeased with the manager. This shop was a very unique restaurant, after all, the food that they cooked were all pretty delicious. However, right now, they felt that this good restaurant was ruined by this manager. “Sigh, I won’t come to this restaurant again, I didn’t expect that the manager would be this kind of people, he is practically ruining this shop’s reputation.” “That’s right, that’s right, when he is insulting others, he is basically insulting himself!” “Dog eyes looking down on people.” The manager himself also heard the surrounding comments, angering him to the point that his face turned red, but he couldn’t say anything towards those comments. In the end, he could only vent his anger on Tang Wei and Wei Chang. It is all because of the two of them! Wei Chang saw that this man wanted to start being physical, and thus pulled Tang Wei to his back, “Xiao Tang, stand still and don’t move.” “Uncle Wei.” Tang Wei shouted worriedly. She was worried that Wei Chang would get beaten up by the manager, after all, the manager's muscles which were bulging out from his western suit made him seemed to be very strong. The amount of blood that his hand got dyed by, even Wei Chang himself was not clear about it. Following along with Ye Hua and campaigning in all directions, he repeatedly set glorious records. Of course, it was the record of the amount of people he had eaten. There was a time where he devoured a city which had millions of humans, causing the other members of the Seven Sins to become dumbfounded. When talking about the number of kill counts, within the Seven Sins, Wei Chang was the most ruthless, with the most kill counts. “Was Xiao Tang’s phone smashed broken by you!” Wei Chang’s one-track mindedness is starting up again, Ye Hua shook his head. He is still the same as usual. “I smashed your mom!” The manager couldn’t take it anymore as he swung his fist towards Wei Chang’s forehead. Qi Xuewen who was at the side was prepared to step out and help Wei Chang. He is after all Tang Wei’s uncle, helping him is equal to helping Tang Wei. Slap! The manager's fist haven't even landed, and the manager's face was already slapped by Wei Chang. The strength of the slap was just nice, it wouldn’t send the head flying, and at the same time, it wouldn’t send the manager flying, all the slap would do was let the manger feel humiliation! Ye Hua went into a daze, this slap of Wei Chang’s is not bad, the strength of the slap is controlled just nicely, not bad! “You dare to hit me? Do you know just who I am!” Slap! The other side of the manger’s face was met with a slap too. The word ‘unbelievable’ was completely written on the manager’s face. I actually got slapped onto the face twice by a security guard! “Was Xiao Tang’s phone smashed broken by you!” “It’s none of your goddam business!” Slap! The manager was shouting in his heart, I am not even able to clearly see this security guard’s movement, and although the slaps doesn’t hurt when they landed onto my face, my heart is hurting to death.

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