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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 43 – He hit me 2/2 Wei Chang also saw Ye Hua who was laughing out loudly and his heart sunk! I’m not sure if His Honor is satisfied with my performance earlier on or not… No, it was not enough! I have to show off my performance again, and this time, I have to make it seem like I have the brains. Tang Wei saw the boss and lady boss… and she wasn’t sure just which one was the lady boss. It couldn’t be that both of them are the lady boss right? However, it doesn’t matter, it is enough for me to just have Uncle Wei, my feelings towards the boss is just that of a fan towards her idol. “Xiao Tang, how much did the phone cost?” Wei Chang was a lot more alert right now, just like a student who was taking his exam. Tang Wei seemed to not want to create more trouble for Wei Chang as she said, “Uncle Wei, forget about it, the phone didn’t cost much anyway.” Slap! Wei Chang bestowed another slap to the manager, and the latter said in grievance, “I didn’t even say anything.” “Your expression was speaking!” Wei Chang said coldly. I feel that what I just did would definitely be able to make His Honor feel satisfied, after all, I am able to accomplish discerning what someone is thinking by observing their facial expression. The manager really wanted to die, without thinking too much, he immediately closed his eyes. This time, you won’t have an excuse to hit me any more right! Slap! The manager was in despair… “Why…” Wei Chang said in a deep voice, “You were speaking with your body language just now.” After finish speaking, Wei Chang secretly took a glance at His Honor. I am even able to discern one's body language now, it should be able to add points for me right. The manager swore that he definitely did not move at all just now. This damn security guard is basically just looking for excuses to hit me! Slap! Tears started sliding down the manager’s sturdy face as the manager held onto his face and whimpered, “I closed my eyes just now and didn’t move at all, why did you…” “You were speaking in your heart!” Wei Chang felt that he did well enough already, I am even able to discern one’s thoughts now. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were both laughing hard. This handsome uncle is too amusing, you have already hit the manager to the point that he is in despair, and the reasons that you gave for hitting the manager are really… formidable. A slight smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Wei Chang’s performance today is pretty good, to be able to discern a human’s thoughts from every aspect, he can be counted as having improved by a small bit. “Xiao Tang, how much did your phone cost?” Wei Chang turned around and asked lightly. Tang Wei right now was currently in the state of being infatuated. When Wei Chang hit the manager, he was so cold, but he is this gentle and kind when he speaks to me. Eh… Wei Chang wants to express that, is this truly the expression of being gentle and kind? It doesn’t seem like it, right? No matter what, within Tang Wei’s eyes, Wei Chang was indeed gentle and kind, once again proving the point that women were complicated. “1888 rmb.” Tang Wei said softly. Wei Chang nodded his head, “Pay up for the phone!” Big brother, couldn’t you have say it earlier, isn’t it just merely money? If you said it earlier, I would have already pay you the money for the phone. “What is going on, why is it so noisy! Don’t you know that I am receiving important guests right now!” A middle-aged man could be seen unhurriedly walking down, his aura was out of the ordinary. Behind the middle-aged man, there was a young male and female. The male was handsome, wearing an unique white western suit, and the watch on his hand should be an Audermars Piguet watch. The material used for this watch was 18k rose gold, showing off grandness and richness, and the selling price of it was a shocking 8 digits price. The female was incomparably gorgeous. With a devil-like figure, an exquisite face that was filled with the brilliance of a woman of the east, that gentle expression on her face, a gown that was very unique, from the looks of it, the gown was custom-made, and on her hand, there was also a rose gold watch. It seems like the watch that both of the male and female were wearing was a couple watch. Seeing that his savior had come, the manager didn’t care about the risk and crawled in a rush to the front of Jiu Ye and hugged onto Jiu Ye’s leg. While hugging onto Jiu Ye's leg, he pointed to Wei Chang and said in grievance, “Jiu Ye, he hit me…” Half of Jiu Ye’s face immediately turned black. This shop was opened together with a very mysterious person, just that the mysterious person was very low-profile and did not like to open a big shop, which is why this shop is only at this scale right now. If it was up to me, I would have definitely made this shop as grand as possible. However… a subordinate of mine actually got hit to the point that he became a pig head, and the main point is that, this subordinate even acted like a child, running to the front of his parent to complain. My face have all been thrown away by this surbodinate! “You can scram already!” Jiu Ye said in a deep voice. This kind of person is not of any use at all, to not even have the courage to hit back. The manager looked at Jiu Ye with teary eyes. Why did everything became like this, am I in the wrong for not being a match for that security guard! Am I in the wrong for bringing out my background! Am I in the wrong for asking for help when I am not a match for that security guard! Why are all of you like this, I am not playing anymore! “Jiu Ye, your subordinate sure is interesting.” The young man who was at the back laughed lightly. Jiu Ye sighed, “Young Master Xiao, Madam Xiao, excuse me for this unsightliness." Nangong Xinyi smiled sweetly and did not say anything. Each and every gesture of hers revealed the demeanor of being a part of an influential family. Looking at the people that were walking down, Qing Ya was slightly astonished, and Ye Hua felt Qing Ya’s slight astonishment, thus asked, “What’s the matter?” Ye Hua looked over. This man’s appearance is not bad. The woman’s appearance is not bad too. However, when compared to my woman, she is inferior. Do you know why she is inferior when compared to my woman? It is because Qing Ya is my woman, and by being my woman, she is naturally far more superior than all women. “Nothing, I am just a bit surprised that they would appear here.” Qing Ya said lightly.

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