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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 44 – Boss 1/2 While eating the fresh and tender tuna meat, Qing Yutong asked curiously, “Big sister, could it be that this is your ex-boyfriend?” Upon hearing that, Ye Hua’s face immediately turned black, and waited for Qing Ya to give an explanation. If the explanation doesn’t satisfy me, I don’t mind letting this ex-boyfriend die on the spot. “Ye Hua, don’t listen to Qing Yutong speak nonsense.” Qing Ya hurriedly explained. But after finish speaking, she scolded herself in her heart. Why did I have to explain to him, and why did I even explained that quickly, it made it seemed as if I minded his feeling very much. Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, it seems like big sister has indeed fallen for brother-in-law. “Speak, just what’s the matter?” “That’s right, that’s right, big sister, don’t keep us in suspense.” Qing Ya let out a breath, then looked towards the young male and female and said, “This man’s name is Xiao Yi, a member of Zijin City’s Xiao Family, or to be more precise, an illegitimate child of Xiao Family. I heard that he was chased out from Xiao Family back then, but during a few years back, he suddenly rose up to power and even married Nangong Family’s big lady, and established Dragon God Corporation.” “He is Xiao Yi? I have also heard of him before, I heard that he has a lot of wives.” Qing Yutong added. He has a lot of wives? This kind of man is also fit to have a lot of wives? I, the great Supreme Overlord only has one wife, so for what reason are you able to have that many wives! Taking a look at this sister-in-law at my side, she is at the least pleasing to the eyes. “Brother-in-law, what is this expression of yours, I am a young innocent woman.” Qing Yutong covered her chest with both her hands, seemingly like she was afraid of being molested. Qing Ya was too lazy to say anything. This sister of mine just loves to make a scene. Meanwhile, Qing Ya was totally oblivious to the fact that Ye Hua was actually indeed eyeing onto her sister this time. “Big sister, why aren’t you saying anything, brother-in-law is taking a fancy for the sister-in-law, shouldn’t you be concern about it! Alright then, I don’t need you to send protection anymore, I want to give birth to a monkey with brother-in-law.” Seeing that her big sister had no reaction at all, she straightforwardly hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm intimately. Qing Ya wished she could take off her shoes and slam it onto Qing Yutong’s face. As for Ye Hua, he wants to express that the sister-in-law’s growth was not bad, a bit much better compared to Qing Ya. Jiu Ye was very curious right now. Just who is it that actually dares to cause trouble in my territory, do they not know how the word ‘death’ is written! However, when he saw that familiar blue color uniform, and that familiar face, Jiu Ye was stupefied. Looking at the Jiu Ye who was walking towards them, Tang Wei was very afraid as she held onto Wei Chang’s sleeve. I have heard from my colleagues back then that this Jiu Ye is able to cover the entire Long’an City with one hand, and is extremely formidable. I never actually thought that this shop belonged to Jiu Ye! I have caused a disastrous trouble for Uncle Wei… Tang Wei secretly looked towards her boss. I heard that only the boss himself is able to suppress Jiu Ye, but why is the boss not stepping forth… Wei Chang coldly looked at the three people who were walking up to him, totally not having a trace of fear in him at all. From the back, Xiao Yi saw Wei Chang and thought back to his own experiences, and couldn’t help but reveal out a smile. Nangong Xinyi seemed like she knew just what her man was smiling about and poked onto Xiao Yi’s waist, and the latter held onto his wife’s waist. Qing Yutong clicked her tongue a few times, “My gosh, how can you people be this shameless, showing off affection in public wherever you all go.” “You can go find yourself a man then.” Qing Ya said. Qing Yutong blinked her beautiful eyes, “I want brother-in-law, big sister, can you split half of brother-in-law to me.” “You can take him, I will give him entirely to you.” “Really?” Qing Ya ruthlessly rolled her eyes at her sister. Can’t you be a bit more mature? You are a best actress, and yet you are still acting like a child.

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