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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 44 – Boss 2/2 Looking at the Wei Chang who was in front of him, Jiu Ye did not know just what to address him as. He is a subordinate of that strange boss, so should I call him big brother then? But, calling him big brother will make me seem face-less. “Aiyo, so it is you, I still haven’t thanked you for the previous matter.” Jiu Ye said. Previously, it was indeed Wei Chang who let him enter into the bar and meet the boss, thus, this sentence wasn’t wrong. Wei Chang slightly wrinkled his brows, “It’s you.” Eh… Everyone who was present was all dazed. This security guard has actually come into contact with Jiu Ye before? Just what is the situation? Also, from Jiu Ye’s attitude, he even seems to be fawning a bit onto the security guard. This action of Jiu Ye’s made Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi who were at the back of Jiu Ye to become slightly astonished. Because this Jiu Ye is indeed pretty formidable in this Long’an City, and since I was going to start investing at Long’an City, I naturally had to come pay this Jiu Ye a visit. However, for a big character like Jiu Ye to actually be afraid of a security guard, Xiao Yi suddenly thought about himself… I want to see if you are truly like me, or are you just acting! Xiao Yi’s gaze congealed and immediately looked towards Wei Chang. However, the result made him felt disappointed. This security guard is but an ordinary person. Both Ye Hua and Wei Chang sensed it when Xiao Yi congealed his gaze and looked towards Wei Chang. I didn’t expect that this man would be quite interesting, and also, there is a familiar smell on his body. Two people with abilities actually appeared in this small store, Ye Hua felt that he didn’t come to this shop for nothing. This Xiao Yi’s aura is even stronger than the previous guy, just that this Xiao Yi’s aura makes me feel disgusted. “You came at the right time, pay up for the phone.” Wei Chang said faintly, totally not having the slight trace of intention of giving any face at all. Jiu Ye was feeling very awkward. Even if I offended the two people behind me, I also don’t dare to offend the one that is in front of me. After laughing lightly, Jiu Ye said, “Everyone, my shop has some matters to deal with currently, today’s bills will all be excused.” Seeing that Jiu Ye had spoken, everyone who was sitting down didn’t have the cheek to continue on sitting down and watch the show. After all, they still have to give Jiu Ye face. In a short while, everyone all left. Even Qi Xuewen also left. Right now, I still don’t want to offend this kind of big character, I will be honest and well-behaved for now and go to the ocean to swallow up small shrimps. “Mister, young ladies, our shop has some private matters to deal with right now.” An attendant came to Ye Hua’s table and spoke very courteously. Excusing this table's bill was a very painful thing to do. “We will naturally leave after we finish eating.” Qing Ya said faintly. Qing Ya was totally not able to make sense as to why an employee of Ye Hua's could be so formidable. Qing Yutong was very unhappy. The show has just started, how can I leave at this moment. “Be at ease, we will pay for what we ordered, my brother-in-law has money~” The attendant was a bit displeased. We have already excused such an expensive bill, and you guys are still not willing to leave? However, the attendant was not able to say anything, and could only go and report about this matter. “CEO Gong, the customers of that table are not willing to leave.” The attendant came to the front of Jiu Ye and said respectfully. Jiu Ye was currently in a temper, whoever who offended him would become out of luck. Whatever cats and dogs are all coming to annoy me right now, do they really take me as being that easy to provoke! Turning around and looking towards the table that the attendant was talking about, his chin almost fell to the ground. My god, I did not look at the calendar when I left home today, the true big boss is actually sitting there and watching the show. If I had actually shouted at the table just now, just how disastrous would the consequences have been! When Jiu Ye saw the women that were sitting at the big boss’s sides, Jiu Ye sighed in his heart. No wonder he didn’t want the women that I send over to him. Where would I even be able to find a woman like this, the Nangong Xinyi that is behind me is more or less at the same level as the two women at the table. Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi also saw Ye Hua’s table, and both of them slightly went into a daze. They felt that those three people were a bit interesting. Jiu Ye swallowed his saliva, then walked towards the table with a respectful expression and shouted towards Ye Hua, “Boss.” Everyone who was present all clearly heard the word ‘boss’ coming out from Jiu Ye’s mouth. Other than Wei Chang who was not astonished, everyone else, including Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi was all astonished. Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi guessed, could the boss that is backing up Jiu Ye be him? Looking at that respectful expression on Jiu Ye’s face, it seems to be the case. The person who was the most astonished was Qing Ya. Within her heart, Ye Hua was just a man who opened a bar. If she had to stubbornly add a few more points to Ye Hua, it would be that Ye Hua was very handsome, has a very odd personality, and also likes to bully her.

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Translator's note: Hi, translator here, I will be giving a long update about my situation and this novel. This novel is basically a side thing that I'm doing, and I'm currently translating either 7 or 8 chapters every day for the main novel translation work that I'm doing, which takes me around average 10~11 hr every day. (I don't have to edit or proofread for the main translation work though since there are professionals who will do it). It will be a few weeks, like maybe 3-4 weeks and I will be free for maybe at the least 2 weeks, and at the most 1 month. Why? It's because I will be done translating the entire novel that I'm working on currently. When I'm done with the novel, I was told that I will have to wait 2-4 weeks to get assigned to a new novel to work on. Most probably will be 3-4 weeks though, since firstly, the other side has to make sure the new novel that I will be working on won't suddenly get axed because of China's censorship, and secondly, I am the one who will be recommending the novel to translate, so things will take a while. Why did I say all those? While, when I am free, I will be stocking up chapters for this novel, and at that time, the schedule for this novel will be fixed for the long term and should go like this, half a chapter every day from Monday to Thursday, and one chapter every day from Friday to Sunday, which basically means 5 chapters per week. There is no schedule right now, but I will be trying to at least upload half a chapter every day. Also, I have a mass release of 10 chapters planned for when this novel hits chapter 60+. And lastly, I want to say that, I do read most of the comments. Although most of the time I don't reply to any, mainly because I don't really like to interact with people, I want to say that I do appreciate all of the nice comments and thanks. ^^ And that will pretty much be all I guess. Have a good day~

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