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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 45 – Dragon God Corporation 1/2 But, this middle-aged man that is in front of me actually called Ye Hua as boss with a respectful expression. This middle-aged man didn’t recognize the wrong person right! Qing Yutong did not mess around this time and sat upright at one side, appearing very cool and elegant. Adding on with the black gown that she was wearing, she was simply sexy to hell. The acting skills of a best actress was indeed something else. Towards this brother-in-law, Qing Yutong was originally only curious as to why her big sister would have a baby with him, and thus wanted to find out just what exactly happened. Just that, the accidents that brother-in-law keep bringing are too interesting already. Could it be that brother-in-law is the boss of some kind of organization and is currently concealing at Long’an City, then afterward, during a certain beautiful night, he saved big sister like a hero, and big sister gave herself to him. Yep, the plot should be something like this. It must be said that the deducing capability of this best actress was really good, to have actually blindly guessed correctly in the first half of her deducing. Just that, the latter half of her deduce was completely wrong, it was her big sister who sent herself to Ye Hua’s doorstep. “Xiao Jiu, this shop of yours, the food is a bit expensive.” Ye Hua said lightly. Me calling him Xiao Jiu is giving him face, if I don’t give him face, it would be straightforwardly just one word, ‘scram’. Jiu Ye’s expression changed as he hurriedly said, “My subordinates were not sensible, they didn’t know that boss you came here to eat, I will immediately criticize them!” “I rarely come out to have a meal, but my mood has already totally been spoiled.” Ye Hua picked up the napkin and lightly wiped onto his mouth. That indifferent gaze and every gesture of his revealed out the aura of a person in a high ranking position. At this moment, Wei Chang could not pretend to not notice Ye Hua anymore and hurriedly walked up and shouted, “Boss.” Classmate Tang Wei followed behind Wei Chang and shouted out too, “Boss.” Ye Hua placed the napkin onto the door, “Xiao Jiu, my employee’s phone had been smashed broken.” “Be at ease boss, I will compensate for the phone!” After taking a look at Tang Wei who was standing behind Wei Chang, Ye Hua said faintly, “That manager from just now had been chased away by you right?” A drip of cold sweat appeared on Jiu Ye’s forehead. This boss is obviously hinting something to me, if not, why would he suddenly bring up that fool? The boss must definitely be trying to hint something to me, I have to properly analyze was the boss is trying to hint to me. If I speak correctly next, it would naturally be good, but if I were to speak wrongly next, I reckon that it would be very hard for me to be able to have the chance to hug onto the boss’s big leg. After remaining silent for three seconds, Jiu Ye immediately understood Ye Hua’s hint, “I myself also just knew about the manager today, I didn’t expect that the manager’s attitude would be this vile. Xiao Tang this girl is not bad, she is steady and calm, I feel that she would be able to hold up the position of a manager.” As expected of Jiu Ye, he immediately understood Ye Hua’s hint by using only just three seconds. This also says one thing about Jiu Ye, this Jiu Ye was not simple. “I…” Tang Wei sort of had the intention of rejecting it. After all, to get promoted all the way to the manager all of a sudden, it felt very unreal for her. Wei Chang was startled, His Honor had stuck out for you, if you were to reject his good intention, it wouldn’t be good! “Xiao Tang, quickly say thanks.” Wei Chang hurriedly urged. At this place, Tang Wei only believed in Wei Chang, thus, after hearing what Wei Chang said to her, she nodded her head and said, “Thank you CEO Gong.” “You thanked the wrong person…” Wei Chang reminded. Xiao Tang’s brain is actually no better compared to mine. Tang Wei cried out in surprise and was a little flustered. After being flustered for a while, she then said to Ye Hua, “Thank you boss.” Ye Hua said indifferently, “Thank him, you don’t need to thank me.” Tang Wei immediately became awkward, and Wei Chang himself felt like he was getting a headache, could it be that I have judged wrongly again? “Alright, she is just thanking you, what are you still putting on a cold face for.” Qing Ya said softly. This Ye Hua, obviously wanting to help the girl, and yet still acts like that was not his intention. Ye Hua glared at Qing Ya. As the boss, I have to act just like a boss, if not, do you want me to be all smiles with my subordinates? I have to properly educate Qing Ya on this aspect.

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