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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 46 – The brave school belle 1/2 “CEO Qing, when did you get married, you didn’t even notify big sister me.” Nangong Xinyi said with a slight smile. For her to actually address herself as big sister, it seems like she wants to get into a good relationship with Qing Ya. Towards Nangong Xinyi, this action of hers was indeed very face-giving. However, Qing Ya had an indescribable feeling, she felt that it was like a disadvantage for her. Base on what should I call you big sister, what relationship do I even have with you? Ye Hua really wanted to drive away those two people, but he felt that it would be boring if he did that. He really wanted to see just how Qing Ya would handle this. Qing Ya has been with me for quite a few days already, she ought to have some changes. Furthermore, this woman actually dares to claim herself as Qing Ya’s big sister, did this woman ate the heart of a bear or the gall of a leopard! If it was placed in a month ago, Qing Ya would grab onto an opportunity like this. However, right now, she totally did not have this kind of thinking at all. Taking a look at Ye Hua, Qing Ya thought to herself, "Have I been brainwashed by Ye Hua?" “Madam Xiao, me and Ye Hua did not set up any wedding banquet.” Qing Ya gave a courteous smile to Nangong Xinyi. Both Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi slightly wrinkled their brows. This woman is not particularly giving any face to us eh, this woman has some personality. Both Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi were used to it already. This kind of woman is nothing special, always trying to use this kind of method to attract others' attention. “CEO Qing, I will be holding a banquet tomorrow night, I hope that you will show me some face and come.” Nangong Xinyi changed her gentle tone and invited with a business-like tone. Qing Ya nodded her head and did not reject, “Alright.” “Xinyi, let’s go, it’s stuffy here.” Xiao Yi said faintly, seemingly not very happy. “I will see you tomorrow then.” Both of them entered into the Rolls-Royce which they parked outside of the shop, and Xiao Yi held onto his wife’s waist and asked in displease, “That woman didn’t even give us any face at all, why did you even bother inviting her to the banquet for?” Nangong Xinyi said gently, “I invited her precisely because she did not give us any face. Although it is just a small banquet, the people that will be coming to the banquet, aren’t most of them coming with the intention to curry favor with you?” After listening, Xiao Yi laughed out and raised his wife’s chin with his finger, “Seems like you are more petty than me.” “Do you only know that now? To finally be able to come out alone with you, you have to do your utmost best tonight okay~” “I guarantee that I will accomplish the daily task and let you feel like you are in heaven.” …… Within the restaurant, Qing Yutong burped out very unladylike, “Big sister, the renowned Xiao Family’s madam wanted to claim herself as your big sister and be sisters with you, and yet you didn’t even give any face at all.” Ye Hua stood up and said indifferently, “Why do Qing Ya need to give that woman face, Qing Ya did a very good job just now, Yutong, you should properly learn from your big sister.” Qing Ya laughed out complacently after hearing Ye Hua’s praise, but after laughing, she immediately became clear-headed. What am I laughing out for, it seemed as if I was a wife who was very happy to get praised. This scoundrel is messing around with me again. “Your Honor, should I go and eliminate the two from just now?” Wei Chang spoke to Ye Hua through magic. People like those two who dare to be disrespectful to His Honor should all live in hell. “Wei Chang oh Wei Chang, and I originally wanted to praise you for your performance just now. Don’t always be thinking about killing, you have to be more human-like. A salted fish will always be a salted fish, even if they are able to become successful, they are still a salted fish, do you understand?” “Subordinate was ignorant.” “Seems like I shouldn’t have ordered you to go and eliminate that Hitman Organization. During this period of time, properly go and ponder over just what is the true meaning of humanity.” “Your Honor is wise, we will only be able to see your back and have no hope of catching up.” “You can go back first.” “Yes!” After the two of them finished conversing secretly, Wei Chang said respectfully, “Boss, I will leave first.” “En.” Ye Hua reacted faintly. Tang Wei seemed to have something that she wants to say, and in the end, she mustered up her courage and said, “Boss, I think that the chance to take on the position of the manager should be given to someone else.” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, and Wei Chang thought to himself, "This is bad, Xiao Tang ah, don’t try to anger His Honor anymore." “There is still a month till my school reopens and I will have to start going to school again. So, I thought about it for a bit just now. When the school reopens, I will have to mainly focus on studying during the day, therefore, it will be enough for me to just work during the night.” “Your choice.” Ye Hua said lightly and rejected Jiu Ye’s request to send him home, then brought his wife and sister-in-law and walked out of the restaurant. In the end, the bill for this meal was excused. Counting the amount of money that was needed to pay for the bill, it is enough for me to buy a lot of crayfish. Within the shop, as Jiu Ye watched those big bosses leave the shop, he slightly breathed a sigh of relief. In the future, I hope I don’t ever meet this boss ever again.

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