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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 46 – The brave school belle 2/2 “Uncle Wei, wait for me for a bit, I will go and change my clothes first.” Tang Wei revealed out an adorable smile, seemingly just like a little bird that obtained freedom. Wei Chang nodded his head, and after waiting for a short while, Tang Wei who had changed her clothes could be seen walking over to Wei Chang. Actually, Tang Wei’s appearance was pretty good. A standard classical beautiful woman, spotlessly white and faultless goose egg face, pairing with that tall and slender figure, no matter where she walked to, she would still be a beautiful scenery to look at. As expected of a school belle. It could only be blamed that Ye Hua’s standards were too high. While wearing a white dress, it added a fairy-like temperament to her. However, Wei Chang did not even have the slightest bit of reaction at all. No choice, Wei Chang had no interest in women at all and was only interested in eating humans. If it was Lie Gu who was in Wei Chang’s position right now, Lie Gu would definitely seize the opportunity to get Tang Wei. “Uncle Wei, you still haven’t eaten right? I will treat you to a meal.” While holding onto a cheap purse, Tang Wei said with a lovable smile. Wei Chang said, “There is no need for that Xiao Tang, I have already bought ingredients back home just now, I intend to prepare the meal myself later on.” “Really? Uncle Wei, it's not that I am not boasting, but the food that I cook is really delicious.” “Alright then, thank you Xiao Tang.” Wei Chang smiled. Wei Chang didn’t have other intentions at all when accepting Tang Wei's offer. However, Tang Wei, on the other hand, seemed very shy and decided that she would take the chance to properly understand her Uncle Wei. When they arrive at Wei Chang’s rented apartment, Tang Wei discovered that her Uncle Wei was actually living alone, and the house was very clean, with not even a speck of dust that could be seen. Once again, she expresses her admiration towards Wei Chang in her heart and decided that she will come over often to cook for her Uncle Wei. Wei Chang was totally oblivious to the fact that he was being eyed by a small beautiful woman. But, it must be said that Tang Wei’s courage was very big, to even dare to try to get close to Wei Chang. It must be known that, within the Seven Sins, aside from Lie Gu, the other five all chose to keep away from Wei Chang, mainly because Wei Chang this fellow was simply one-track minded to the maximum, and was very difficult to communicate with. Luckily, during those five years, Wei Chang had changed somewhat. ...... Returning back to Leisure Bar, Qing Ya went to the bedroom to take a nap for a bit, and Ye Hua did not went to disturb Qing Ya, and instead came to the office to watch cartoon. Nurturing humanity was a very important thing. Qing Yutong washed her make-up off and continued on cleaning the storage room. After all, there is still going to be a month until I move out, and I need my own private space. After finally finish cleaning up with great difficulty, Qing Yutong wiped the sweat on her forehead and muttered to herself, “This brother-in-law of mine truly does not know how to care for his sister-in-law, to not even bother coming to help me out.” Pushing open the office door, a sound suddenly rang out from the office and caused Qing Yutong to become dazed. “Ruyi, Ruyi, follow my feelings~” Qing Yutong looked at the Calabash Brothers that was playing on the television in a daze, then looked towards her brother-in-law who was watching the Calabash Brothers with a serious look on his face. What Qing Yutong just witnessed had totally destroyed her three views. He is such a big person already, and he is still watching cartoon. “Brother-in-law~” Qing Yutong shouted out lovably. If it was someone else, Ye Hua would have given the person a slap without any mercy. Unfortunately, the person who called out to him was his sister-in-law. “En.” Ye Hua responded faintly. Qing Yutong sat onto Ye Hua’s side, then picked up the remote control and straightforwardly changed the program, “Brother-in-law, why are you still this childish, let me introduce to you a much better show which I am currently watching every day~” Ye Hua resisted his urge of wanting to slap this sister-in-law of his. To actually dare to change the program without my permission! Even Qing Ya wouldn’t dare to do this! “There, watch this, this program is super nice to watch~” Qing Yutong changed to a new program, then crossed her long slender legs and said with a face full of expectation. “Happy Goat, Beautiful Goat, Lazy Goat, Boil Goat…”

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