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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 47 – You dare to touch my spicy sticks! 2/2 Qing Ya couldn’t bear it anymore and straightforwardly unplugged the television’s power cord, then stood in front of her husband and sister with a cold face. “Qing Ya, what are you doing!” “Big sister, I was enjoying watching the show!” Qing Ya said coldly, “We have to have a good talk together!” “Big sister, what is there to talk about, quickly plug back the television’s power cord.” Qing Yutong urged. “Qing Yutong, just what is it that you want to do right now? In the past when you were shooting a movie, you don’t even come back home once in a year, and right now you say you are not intending to work as a celebrity anymore? What are you going to do about the liquidated damages fee!” Qing Yutong spread out her hands without a care, “I already paid the liquidated damages fee. Besides from that Ferrari, I don’t even have the money to even refuel the Ferrari~” “What do you intend to do now then, do nothing and wait for death?!” “Big sister, don’t say it like that~ I am a woman who has her own plans.” Qing Yutong said mysteriously, seemingly as if she had a big plan in mind. This made Qing Ya’s anger to calm down a bit. “What do you intend to do?” Qing Yutong stood up, slightly raised up her chin and said in a deep voice, “I intend to be a female anchor~” “Female anchor?” Qing Ya went into a daze for a while, then continued and said, “You? A person who graduated from acting school is intending to be a female anchor? Did dad help you behind the back to secure you a position of a female anchor?” “Big sister, the female anchor that I am talking about is not that kind of anchor, what I’m talking about is internet broadcasting~ The kind where you watch on your computer. To be more precise, I am intending to work as a female streamer~” Qing Ya was stupefied, and immediately afterward, her face began to twitch, evidently being very angry. Qing Yutong thought to herself, “Not good, this is the prelude of wanting to get into a fight”, and immediately hid behind Ye Hua. “You! Quitting your job when you are at your highest peak! Leaving behind your title of best actress and actually intend to go work as a female streamer! I… I will properly help dad give you a good lesson today!” Qing Ya was angered by her sister. Back then, she made a huge fuss in wanting to be a celebrity. And yet right now, when her career is at its highest peak, she actually quit it and decided to go work as a female streamer! My god! Is there something wrong with her brain? Looking around the surroundings, Qing Ya saw the broom at the corner and went to take it, then chased after her sister with the broom, seemingly as if she had a deep hatred for her sister. “Brother-in-law, are you not going to care about this wife of yours?! Aiyo, it hurts, it hurts~” Ye Hua stretched out his hands and pulled Qing Ya into his embrace, and the latter said in displease, “Let go of me, I must beat her to death today!” “Bleh bleh bleh~” Upon seeing her big sister being hugged by Ye Hua, Qing Yutong sat down and made stupid faces at Qing Ya to provoke her. “Alright, calm down.” Ye Hua said gently. Qing Ya helplessly threw the broom that was in her hand to one side, then turned her head around and looked towards her own man, “Take a look at her, look at how she is acting right now! From small till big, she has completely been doing whatever she wants. If this goes on, sooner or later, she will get into trouble!” “There is nothing wrong with being a female streamer anyway, there is a master in every trade, it is okay as long as she is happy.” Ye Hua felt that it was very mystical, that he was actually able to say out a sentence like this which makes sense. Qing Yutong was happy upon hearing that, “That’s right, what brother-in-law said is right, there is a master in every trade! Big sister, you actually look down on streamers, I look down on you~” “You!!!” “Yutong, you speak less too, your big sister is pregnant!” Ye Hua warned. As expected, his warning was very effective, the two sisters immediately stopped quarreling. After a long while, Qing Yutong said calmly, “I also want to accompany dad and mom more. During those few years, I had been busy with filming movies and shows that I had almost forgotten about this family. But if I work as a streamer, I can work at home, and I will be able to have more time to accompany them.” Qing Ya went into a daze. She didn’t expect that her sister would have this kind of thinking. Seems like it was me who misunderstood her. Just that, Qing Ya neglected one thing. Qing Yutong was someone who has the title of best actress and she had acted out this kind of bitter scene countless times. “You can go back to Zijin City tomorrow to accompany dad and mom then, or perhaps you can go to Long’an City to accompany grandpa and grandma.” Qing Ya said faintly. Qing Yutong immediately came to the front of Qing Ya and held onto Qing Ya’s hands, “That won’t do! Big sister, you are pregnant now, and brother-in-law is a man, thus he would definitely not be able to take good care of you. But if I am here, I will be able to take good care of you. Wait after my little nephew comes into this world, I still have to bring him to disco~” It would be fake if I said that I am not touched by my sister. It is good that my sister has this kind of thinking. “When do you intend to go work as a streamer then?” Qing Ya said calmly, seemingly having already approved of Qing Yutong working as a streamer. This made Qing Yutong to become super happy. As long as I got over the big obstacle, which is big sister, there is pretty much no problem with me working as a streamer. Back then, it was also because that big sister supported me and backed me up that I was able to go work as an actress. If not, right now, I would be the same as big sister, working as a businesswoman. Qing Yutong said obediently, “I intend to go find a good internet broadcasting platform first, that way, I would be able to earn money~ Then afterward, I will be able to buy a lot of food and a lot of toys for my nephew, and also bring him to go pick up girls~ Haha~” “Be serious a bit!” Qing Ya wrinkled her brows. My child cannot be brought bad by this sister of mine. Ye Hua did not speak and just listened to the two sisters talk. My child will definitely become the universe’s overlord.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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