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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 48 – Sister-in-law’s secret 1/2 “Alright, alright, alright, I will be serious~” Qing Yutong was obedient to death. Qing Ya thought for a while and had a decision, “I will open a company, and you can stream there.” “Big sister, are you serious! Even your sister’s money, you also want to earn it…” Qing Yutong immediately knew her big sister’s intention. Qing Ya was a businesswoman after all. “Do you think that no money is needed when you eat and stay here!” “Even if money is needed, the place I’m staying at and the food that I’m eating all belong to brother-in-law’s.” Qing Yutong retorted. “Whatever that belongs to your brother-in-law, in the end, it also belongs to me!” Ye Hua was very fond of this sentence that Qing Ya just spoke. Very good, very good. Qing Yutong puffed her cheek, “This action of yours is that of a bandit, I am not going to work at your company!” “Sure, it’s fine if you don’t want to work at my company, but you can go back and accompany dad and mom. Afterward, you can work as a female streamer however you want.” “Big sister, look at what you are speaking, instead of working for others and letting them earn from me, isn’t it better for me to work for my big sister and let my big sister earn? Aren’t I right?” Qing Yutong immediately surrendered. Qing Ya said petulantly, “For the money that’s earned, we will split 90% and 10%.” “Big sister, this isn’t good right, just 50% and 50% will do, we are sisters after all~” Qing Ya caressed her own hair, “Yutong, I 90%, you 10%.” Ye Hua laughed, not expecting that Qing Ya would have this kind of side to her. Qing Yutong looked at her big sister dumbfoundedly, then after a good while, she said, “I thought that I had a big sister and brother-in-law who both loves and adores me, but who would have thought that the two of them would collude together and think of every way to squeeze dry my worth. What meaning is there for me to even live on in this world any more… I’m leaving now… The two of you, best of luck to you two!” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and said, “Remember to take your undergarments that are at the balcony.” “I will go and buy a packet of spicy sticks to lower my blood pressure, then come back afterward.” Qing Yutong waved her hand and left with a mournful back. At this time, there should be a piece of sad erhu music playing in the background. While hugging onto Qing Ya, Ye Hua said faintly, “90% to 10% is a bit too ruthless isn’t it?” “You don’t know the speed that she spends money at. I’m intending to help her save a bit, to help her avoid having no one wanting to marry her in the future.” Qing Ya said helplessly. Looking at Qing Ya’s gentle feelings right now, Ye Hua felt that Qing Ya was really beautiful, and his hands unconsciously stretched into Qing Ya’s night clothes. “What are you doing!” Qing Ya grabbed onto the two evil big hands and shouted lovably. Ye Hua regained back his consciousness. What happened to me just now, why did I do that, did I eat something wrong today. “I’m touching to see if the child has grown or not.” Ye Hua did not know why he did that just now, to actually want to conquer her again. Qing Ya knew just what this scoundrel was thinking about. “I’m not sure who was the one who said in the beginning that he wouldn’t touch the same woman twice~” Qing Ya sneered. This sentence of Qing Ya’s immediately checkmated Ye Hua. The gloomy Ye Hua let go of the beauty within his embrace and walked to the balcony to smoke. Qing Ya felt extremely great as she shouted out lovably, “Ye Hua, as long as you say that you are a big liar, I will take it as you have never said that sentence before.” Ye Hua silently smoked a stick of cigarette, then turned his head and said coldly, “The words that I Ye Hua said, even ten Kuns also wouldn’t be able to pull it back!” (鲲 – Kun: Legendary giant fish that transforms into a roc later on.) “I will see just how long you will be able to keep those words of yours!” After finish speaking, Qing Ya was preparing to leave. After lecturing my sister, I seemed to have forgotten to lecture my husband. Forget about it, look at that gloomy look on his face, I will give him a lecture next time. With a slight smile on her face, Qing Ya went back to the bedroom. Seems like my charm has not declined.

Translator: Wigglegui



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