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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 48 – Sister-in-law’s secret 2/2 After smoking two cigarettes, Ye Hua finally calmed down. This woman is not a spy who is sent over to assassinate me right? However, after thinking about it, who would even send over such a foolish spy. But, it is still a fact that my mental state is changing because of her. This kind of anxiousness made Ye Hua felt a bit jittery, and he sent out a magic transmission to Lie Gu, “How is the matter that I asked you to do?” “Your Honor, I'm done with acquiring the ingredients. One green snow dragon, this kind of dragon has extremely high nutrition value and will be extremely good for the Little Honor. One gold delicate crane, helps improve one’s beauty and nourish one’s skin, it will let the madam become much more beautiful than she already is. Lastly, there is one star clean sparrow, which will be able to help improve the madam’s constitution. I placed all of them on an uninhabited planet.” Ye Hua was quite satisfied. After sensing Lie Gu’s position, Ye Hua immediately disappeared from the office, and Qing Yutong who just bought a packet of spicy sticks came back, “Eh, where did brother-in-law went to, and I even wanted to show off the spicy sticks to him.” When Ye Hua reappeared again, in front of his eyes, it was completely white, a layer of ice was formed on all of the tall and majestic mountains, and the corpse of the three huge great desolate beasts were lying within the valley. If it was to be counted by area, the size of one beast was more or less that of eight soccer fields. These three beasts were more than enough for the two women to eat for their entire life. All three of the huge great desolate beasts had one commonality, which was that there was a huge chunk of meat that was bitten off their neck, and right now, their necks were even still bleeding. The blood of a huge great desolate beast was golden color, and the nutrition value of the blood was extremely high. “Woof, woof, woof~” On one of the corpses, Lie Gu’s figure could be seen standing on it, seemingly showing off his fighting strength. Upon seeing Ye Hua appear, Lie Gu joltingly ran to the front of Ye Hua. “You can go back first.” “Yes! Your Honor!” While Lie Gu was about to leave, he secretly bit a piece of meat off of the gold delicate crane, then happily went back to the celebrity’s house. At the luxurious villa, three beautiful women could be seen playing together in the pool, causing Lie Gu who was watching them to drip saliva. If there was someone here who was able to see those three beautiful women, they would definitely cry out in surprise, “Aren't they the currently famous three big actresses?”. Why were there two more women now? It was all thanks to Yiran for dragging down her two close female friends with her. And Lie Gu himself was completely welcoming to the two women. Ye Hua shook his head. This Lie Gu, he is quite generous towards his own woman. He was the same back then towards those female dragons. Unfortunately, during the final battle, all the female dragons died. Because of this, Lie Gu was even broken-hearted for about a year long. Could it be that he has found true love this time? Just that, Ye Hua himself didn’t expect that Lie Gu would have found three true loves. If Ye Hua was to come to know that his subordinate has more women than him, where would his face be! Ye Hua cut out a piece of fresh meat and got a drip of blood from each of the huge great desolate beasts. Ye Hua only took a total of three drips of blood because the blood possesses an extremely strong might and Qing Ya was just an ordinary human, thus she was not able to take in too much and had to take things slowly. The feathers of gold delicate crane and star clean sparrow are pretty good and quite beautiful, it is very suitable for women. The weather has been rather hot too, I will make a fan for the both of them. Returning back to Leisure Bar, Ye Hua placed the meat into the fridge. Freezing the meat will make it taste better. As for the feathers, I will have to work on it for a bit, if not, the force of the fan will be too strong. “Brother-in-law, where did you go to just now?” Qing Yutong walked out of the storage room and asked curiously. “Went to buy some meat for dinner.” Ye Hua said faintly. Qing Yutong responded with an ‘en’, then ran downstairs. Afterward, Ye Hua heard Qing Yutong’s shout, “Brother-in-law, help me move it, I can’t carry it~” Ye Hua let out a breath, this sister-in-law sure is troublesome, to actually want me, the Supreme Overlord, to help you move things! After moving the big paper box to Qing Yutong’s storage room, Ye Hua asked puzzledly, “What is in it?” “Computer of course. I am going to be a streamer, therefore I had to buy a computer.” Qing Yutong agilely assembled the computer, seemingly very skilled in doing it. “Didn’t you said that you didn’t have any money?” “That’s right. When you went out just now, you didn’t bring your phone along with you, so I used your phone to buy it. I didn’t expect that the password would be so simple.” The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth twitched, then he walked out of the storage room helplessly, leaving alone Qing Yutong who was assembling the computer. After half an hour of assembling, Qing Yutong let out a breath, “Finally settled it. Xiao Guaiguai, quickly come out~” “Master.” “Distribute the mission.” Qing Yutong sat on the chair and said tiredly. Ever since I have gotten this system, my life has changed. Within a few years, I gotten the best actress award and completed all kinds of missions that the system given to me. Of course, I myself also received huge benefits from completing the missions. For example, right now, I can fly~ Fly high and high~

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