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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 49 – The big battle to push over brother-in-law 1/2 “Master, the mission is a bit complicated and is currently still under calculation.” “What~ Wasn’t it you who told me to come back and be a streamer?” Qing Yutong said petulantly. “Master, there is a change to the mission!” “What change?” Qing Yutong asked curiously. “The original main mission has been changed to a secondary main mission. The mission is to rely on your own capability to eat chicken once.” And Qing Yutong thought it would be some big mission, “Don’t say one chicken, I am able to even eat two chickens by myself.” “Master, the chicken that I’m talking about is the chicken in a game. You will know about it when you search online about it. Remember, you have to eat chicken while you are streaming to be counted as accomplishing the mission.” (This is talking about PUBG. In English, when you win, it says 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner', and in Chinese it says '大吉大利,晚上吃鸡', which translates to 'Great Luck, Great Profit, Eat Chicken Tonight', thus I translated to 'eat chicken' instead of 'getting chicken dinner'. Just want to point this out) After a short moment. “Eh… You actually want me to be a game streamer? Don’t you know that I am a female klutz!” “Master, the system is exactly for helping you overcome your flaws.” Qing Yutong had heard of this line countless times already, “Alright, alright, so, what is the main mission about?” “Main mission, under the circumstances where your big sister isn’t aware, seduce your brother-in-law and lose your chastity to him.” Qing Yutong was completely dazed, why is there such an absurd mission like this? “System! Are you being serious!” “That’s right!” “I feel that it is so exciting~” “As long as you are happy master.” “Happy your head. You are actually asking me to go and dig my sister’s corner! See if I don’t beat you to death!” Qing Yutong said angrily. I have never before seen such a shameless system. “Master, after you completed this mission, you can use whatever items that are in the system shop as you please.” “What!!!” Qing Yutong was shocked stupid. The items that are within the system shop, up till now, I have only exchanged 8 items, and I’m already feeling like I’m close to invincible. If all items can be used as I please, and the condition is to push over brother-in-law, isn’t it too simple already! “Xiao Guaiguai, don’t think that by doing this, I will do something that will be unfair to big sister. I am a woman who has her own principles.” Qing Yutong snorted, appearing righteous and have a look on her that was saying that she definitely won’t give in towards evil. “Master, is your brother-in-law handsome?” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “Of course, my big sister’s eyes are still pretty clear after all.” “Don’t you have any slightest bit of thoughts at all?” “Xiao Guaiguai, are you questioning my moral quality!” “Master, do you even have any moral quality…” Qing Yutong snorted. “Master, two sisters can share the same love. Think about it, after you accomplished the mission, you would be able to travel around the universe and go to all kinds of countries, isn’t that great?” “You are actually using something like this to entice me, humph, the relationship of us two sisters is deep, your enticement won't work.” “Master, your big sister said before that she would send over protection over to you, did you forget about it? Perhaps, she would be able to accept it.” “Are you sure?” Qing Yutong said with a face full of doubt. “I’m definitely sure of it. What’s more, it’s not like you would definitely be able to accomplish the mission. Your brother-in-law is not interested in you at all.” Qing Yutong couldn’t stand being provoked the most and said in disdain, “Tsk, he is not interested in me because I haven’t brought out my true strength. Let me tell you, by tonight, I will be able to push over brother-in-law, you just watch later on. If my big sister becomes angry later on, I will just confess you out and let you carry the fault.” “Master, as long as you are able to push over him, you can confess me out any time you want.” “Alright, with this sentence of yours, I feel at ease now. The big battle to push over brother-in-law should officially start now! Brother-in-law~ Your sister-in-law is coming~ Big sister, prepare the condom~ Forget it, what do I even need the condom for, I want to give birth to a monkey for brother-in-law~” The system deeply let out a sigh. I am just trying to get you to hug onto a big leg, I don’t have any other intentions. Compared to the items that can be exchanged within the system shop, this man is the one who is the great big treasure. If you are able to become a woman who he approves, it would be a supreme honor for you. And as for I, the system, I can also go around the system world and act cool about it. Master, whether if I will be able to act cool or not, it will all depend on you. Your big sister is already one step ahead of you. You must definitely not let go of the position of the second madam. When that time comes, you will be below two people and above everyone else.

Translator: Wigglegui



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