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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 49 – The big battle to push over brother-in-law 2/2 The Ye Hua right now still does not know that he was already being eyed by his sister-in-law. Right now, he had just walked into the bedroom. Looking at Qing Ya who was on the bed, he said, “Why are you sleeping on the bed all day long?” “I’m a pregnant woman, can’t I be addicted to sleeping?” Qing Ya said faintly while watching the finance and economics channel. Ye Hua didn’t say anything to that. Sitting onto the bed, he said faintly, “You are not allowed to go to the banquet tomorrow.” “Why?” Qing Ya asked in a deep voice. Why is this man so overbearing, not allowing this, and not allowing that. Ye Hua said lightly, “There is no why. As my woman, you are not someone that anyone can be able to invite!” “Pfft.” Qing Ya was amused by Ye Hua, “Your acting cool after smoking syndrome is acting up again.” Ye Hua remained silent and insisted on his decision. Qing Ya let out a sigh, “I already promised that I would go to the banquet tomorrow. If I don’t go, I will offend Dragon God Corporation.” “I am exactly trying to get you to learn how to reject those people. If you offended them, then so be it. There is no one that I Ye Hua am not able to offend!” Ye Hua said in disdain. His motive was to let Qing Ya learn of one thing, which was that, as his woman, she was invincible. Others being able to have the chance to invite her was already giving them a huge face, because, at the least, you still have the chance to invite, while some people don’t even the chance to invite at all. Qing Ya suddenly became very serious as she used her hand to feel onto her own forehead, then stretched out her hand to feel onto Ye Hua's forehead, and said, “You don’t have a fever though…” “We will go out and take a walk tomorrow.” Ye Hua pushed away Qing Ya’s hand and said coldly. If this woman was slightly more obedient, I also wouldn’t be this exhausted. “Humph, I don’t want to.” “You don’t have the choice to not want to!” Ye Hua said. “You! Do I not even have any human rights now? I am protesting against your dictatorship!” “There is no need to discuss this matter anymore, I have already decided on it. You dare to try to run away and see what happens?” “I will run away now and show you!” While speaking, Qing Ya started wearing her slippers. Just that, after finish wearing one slipper, she was already hugged by Ye Hua. “You this scoundrel, let go of me, let go of me! If I don’t go to the banquet tomorrow, we can prepare to drink the northwest wind!” Qing Ya slapped onto Ye Hua’s arm. If I were to offend Dragon God Corporation, my plan for expanding to the north will basically be done for. Even more, if Dragon God Corporation was to speak, a lot of suppliers will say goodbye to me, and this chain reaction will cause Qing Corporation to go bankrupt. Ye Hua didn’t use much strength at all when hugging onto Qing Ya. “Don’t move, be careful of the child.” Ye Hua said lightly. “Just how unlucky am I, to get a husband like this. Do you know the consequences that will follow up if I don’t to the banquet tomorrow? Our family will have to go beg for food by then!” “I will support you!” Qing Ya’s heart shook fiercely, and her eyes were gazing closely onto Ye Hua. I suddenly discovered that the Ye Hua right now is really handsome. Wait, why did I suddenly become smitten… I have to quickly wake myself up. “Save your bar first and we can talk then.” Qing Ya was much calmer now, and her body was even slightly leaning towards Ye Hua’s embrace. “Qing Ya.” Ye Hua suddenly calls out. “En?” “Now that you are with me, there is no need for you to fear anyone.” Not sure why, Qing Ya felt that Ye Hua was speaking the truth when he said that. However, she just couldn’t stand looking at this guy making a solemn face. He is evidently hugging onto a super beautiful woman, and yet he still has a look on his face as if he didn’t like it. “What did your first woman look like?” After a long while, Qing Ya suddenly asked. Even she herself also did not know why she asked that question. Ye Hua said indifferently, “It’s been many years, I don’t remember already.” Towards this answer, Qing Ya was pretty satisfied with it. However, she doesn’t feel great. It was obviously my first time, and yet it was not your first time. It feels like I’m at a disadvantage. Furthermore, I even have to give birth to a child for you too.

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