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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 5 – Grandpa!!! Besides those two, the whereabouts of the other five of the seven sins was unknown. Their aura could not be sensed, or perhaps, they concealed their aura. After following with me for that many years, do they have some other thoughts now! Taking this opportunity, I will slowly see how things go, those that I should kill, I will kill, those that I should keep, I will keep, everything will all depend on their luck. Leisure Bar’s business was extremely good every night. There were countless beautiful women, and also many men who were there to chase women. Unfortunately, all the beautiful women came to the bar for the boss, thus, those men were destined to have to leave the bar with disappointment. During the time when the bar was closing, 3 Cadillac Escalade SUV slowly drove to the bar! The huge body of the SUV gave people a kind of intense pressure, and with 3 SUV, the pressure was even bigger. The 3 cars steadily came to a stop at the doorway of Leisure Bar, blocking up the alley which was narrow. Quite a few youngsters began to point at the cars, however, when they saw the people who came down from the cars, they immediately turned their head around and left! Only 3 cars were left at the doorway which was filled with people just a while ago. Men who wore black suits came down from the car that was in front and the car that was behind. One of the men went to open the door of the car that was in the middle. A man who was in his fifties could be seen coming down from the car. Although the man was in his fifties, his hair was already white, however, his body was tall and filled with might. His eyes emitted out radiance, and at the bottom of the corner of his eye, a mole was grown there, adding a gloomy and cold aura to that man. “Has everything been arranged?” The man said with a deep voice, and in his voice, there was prestige within it. The man was called Gong Wei, and everyone who knew him all obediently called him Jiu Ye! At this Long’an City, he was also a well-known entrepreneur, however, everyone all knew what kind of business he did, just that they were afraid to say it. (九爷: Jiu Ye – Literally means ‘Nine/Ninth Grandpa’) “Jiu Ye, everything has been arranged, they are already on their way.” One of the henchmen said carefully. Gong Wei nodded his head. Looking at the door, he took a deep breath in, then walked into the bar in large strides. The group of henchmen that was behind him all immediately followed after him. “Don’t come in! All of you, stand outside!” Gong Wei shouted angrily, the person inside does not like this kind of behavior. “Jiu Ye!!!” A henchman who did not understand the situation shouted worriedly. Who knows if he was truly worried or just feigning it. Gong Wei took a glare at the latter, then pushed the door and walked into the bar. Within the bar, there were only the figures of beautiful waitresses, and some young security guards taking the opportunity to hit on them. When Jiu Ye entered into the bar, everyone’s gaze all moved to him. A young security guard walked up and said politely with a smile, “Sorry, we are closed for the day.” If it was some other time, wasn’t this security guard giving an excuse for Jiu Ye to flip out? However, today was different, Jiu Ye could be seen saying with a smile, “I came here to look for your boss.” “The boss is currently resting.” The security guard smiled, he had seen this kind of thing happened quite a lot of times, but it was still the first time for him to come upon a man that was looking for the boss. “Little brother, I have an urgent matter here, can you make an exception?” Jiu Ye was still maintaining his smile. Just that, he was already exploding within his heart. I was actually stopped by a mere security guard! “I’m sorry.” The security guard does not care that much, from the first day that he started working at the bar, Wei Chang had already told him that, at the bar, he did not need to be afraid of anyone. Jiu Ye’s smile froze, and the aura of a person who was in higher position erupted out. How could a small security guard be able to hold his ground? Met with the aura, the security guard took a step backward because of fear. “What’s the matter!” Wei Chang walked over in large strides with a cold face. “Captain, this person wants to look for the boss.” When the young security guard saw Wei Chang came, he became relaxed. Wei Chang gazed coldly at Jiu Ye, there is actually someone who dares to cause trouble here, does he want to die! Jiu Ye slightly froze, he had heard of this person before, he immediately took out an envelope from his pocket and passed it over to Wei Chang. Wei Chang took the envelope with suspicion. After opening the letter and taking a look, he said indifferently, “Follow me.” “Many thanks!” Jiu Ye said with a deep and low voice and followed behind Wei Chang with a respectful expression. In Jiu Ye’s heart, he was even feeling a bit nervous. After Jiu Ye left, the security guards and waitresses all began discussing with a low voice. “My god, you really have huge guts, that person is the well-known Jiu Ye, and you even dare to block his path!” “That’s right, that’s right, didn’t you see that we all pretended that we didn’t saw him!” Hearing that, Tang Wei asked curiously, “Is Jiu Ye very strong?” All the security guards laughed, and one of them said, “At Long’an City here, there is nothing that Jiu Ye is not able to do.” “But I saw that he had a very respectful look on his face just a while ago though?” Tang Wei pursed her lips, that man isn’t as magical as they say he is. “That is because our boss is more formidable.” “Correct.” Wei Chang brought Jiu Ye to the office that was at the second floor and knocked the door first. Jiu Ye who was standing behind Wei Chang was sweating cold sweat profusely, and he could be seen continuously using a handkerchief to wipe his sweat. Within the office, an ordinary ‘en’ sound was let out. At this time, then did Wei Chang opened the door and entered into the office. Just that, when the door opened, the word ‘grandpa’ suddenly came out of the room. This caused Wei Chang to be frightened to death, but listening closely, the sound seems to have come out from a television. “Bewitching spirit, quickly let go of my grandpa!” Ye Hua could be seen propping his head with one hand, and his gaze placed on the huge liquid crystal screen. Within the liquid crystal screen, it was currently playing Calabash Brothers. “Don’t disturb the boss from watching the show.” Wei Chang ordered softly. Jiu Ye who was behind swallowed his saliva. This kind of atmosphere, it is just like back then when I went to meet the boss. Incorrect! The atmosphere right now is much stranger, there is even a huge door lying down at one side. 20 minutes later, an episode finally came to an end. Ye Hua picked up the remote control and pressed the stop button, then said indifferently, “Humanity is truly such a strange thing.” Jiu Ye did not react over in a moment and said ‘ah’ confusedly. Ye Hua did not pay attention to him and asked lightly, “Wei Chang, what’s the matter?” Wei Chang passed the envelope over. Ye Hua took a look and said indifferently, “You are a people of that Xiao Wu from back then?” Jiu Ye hurriedly nodded his head and replied, “Young Master Ye, I am Wu Ye’s people, thanks to Wu Ye thinking highly of me, I am able to be at where I am today.” “Don’t call me Young Master Ye, it will make me seem very low, call me boss. Seeing that it is your first time, I will forget about it.” Ye Hua took a look at Jiu Ye, and the latter felt as if he fell into an ice cave, and his lips began trembling. “Yes…yes…boss.” Ye Hua threw the envelope at one side and said coldly, “Xiao Wu helped me did a small favor back then, and I promised that I would return a favor to him, tell me the purpose you came here for.” While wiping his cold sweat incessantly, Jiu Ye said respectfully, “Recently, I have a competitor, he…” Without waiting for Jiu Ye to finish speaking, Ye Hua stopped him, “I do not need the course of events.” Jiu Ye went into a daze, and quickly took out the information of his competitor. Wei Chang took it over and Ye Hua took the controller and pressed the continue button, seemingly as if the animated film was more important than anything else. “You can leave now.” Wei Chang said in a low voice. Jiu Ye still had not tried before this kind of meeting, wasn’t it too frank and straightforward? However, winning favor by fawning should still be done when it should be done. “Boss, before coming here, I had prepared some small gifts for you.” Jiu Ye revealed out a humble smile, if outsiders were to see this, they would definitely thought that their eyes were blind. Ye Hua seemed to be a little irritated, and Ye Chang shouted coldly, “Quickly leave!” “Boss, those gifts are all meticulously picked for you, they are all item of the highest quality!” It must be said that, Jiu Ye’s guts were very big, to dare to insist on giving gifts in this kind of situation. Ye Hua pressed the stop button and looked towards Jiu Ye, “Do you know what the consequence of bluffing me is?”

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