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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 50 – Infinity Ring 1/2 “Tsk, you don’t remember? I’m afraid that the memory is unforgettable for you right?” When Qing Ya said this, she totally didn’t know how sour her tone was. Why doesn’t this scoundrel know how to tactfully bluff me for a bit? Ye Hua said faintly, “The memory with you, on the other hand, is indeed unforgettable.” “Scoundrel~” Qing Ya felt that Ye Hua would be able to talk about this matter for a lifetime. If I had known, I would have just obediently gone back home to sleep during that night. But instead, I actually came to this bar to give my body to him. I am indeed very foolish, Ye Hua isn’t wrong about that all~ As the Supreme Overlord, it has been a very time since I heard of this word being used on me. If Qing Ya was not my woman, I’m afraid I would have already given her a slap and send her flying. If one was to carefully listen to Qing Ya’s tone, they would realize that Qing Ya was just acting coquettish towards Ye Hua. Unfortunately, the frank Ye Hua wasn’t able to discern Qing Ya’s tone. “Ye Hua, where are your dad and mom?” After a long while, Qing Ya asked. In any case, he has met my family, thus, I should also meet his family. “I don't have a dad or mom." After hearing that, Qing Ya went into a daze, then apologized, “I’m sorry.” Ye Hua remained silent, and Qing Ya also remained silent. The atmosphere became strange once again. Looking at Qing Ya’s tender small hand, Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. As the Supreme Overlord’s woman, how can her hand be empty? If this matter was to spread out, where would my face be! Within my interspatial ring, there is a box that filled within various kinds of gems. However, Ye Hua felt that those gems were not worthy enough for his woman. As the Supreme Overlord, the things that I give my woman must be one of a kind and high graded! Suddenly! Ye Hua recalled of the movie that he watched last night. The combination of those gems was a bit interesting. Opening the gems box within his interspatial ring, Ye Hua picked out the space gem, time gem, soul gem, reality gem, power gem, and soul gem. Within the interspatial ring, six infinity gems could be seen floating within the darkness and emitting out a bright and dazzling radiance, immediately lighting up the entire interspatial ring. Within the interspatial ring, various kinds of items could be seen. If any one of the items was to be taken out to the world, it would be able to make the world go mad for it. The reason why Wei Chang has the hobby of collecting things, it was all also because of Ye Hua. Whatever kind of leader would have whatever kind of subordinates. The six infinity gems gradually drew close together. If someone was to see this scene, they would definitely be scared to death. Those gems could be embedded, but they cannot be fused together! After all, each gem has its own representative power, and who knows what the consequences would be if the fusing of the gems failed! Ye Hua: “Ignorant humans, you all will forever not know just how strong a Supreme Overlord is!” In a moment, within the interspatial ring, a strong light burst out, causing the entire interspatial ring to vibrate. However, the frantic power was quickly suppressed by another power, and gradually calm down, just like a dog that got tamed. The six gems disappeared, and a new gem could be seen. The beauty of the gem was breathtaking, while at the same time having the energy to destroy heaven and earth. This huge contrast was enough to make one feel frightened. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. The gem is too big, if worn on the finger, using the language of the humans to describe it, it would look ‘coarse’! Followed by Ye Hua clenching his hand into a fist, the gem immediately shrunk. After being shrunk, the gem’s size became neither big nor small, and was just the right size. When looking at the gem from different angles, the gem would show a different color and luster, causing one to not be able to help but become engrossed with the gem.

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