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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 50 – Infinity Ring 2/2 I’m done with the gem, now I have to find something to embed the gem on. Ye Hua looked towards the weapon rack at one side, and one pike immediately flew out from the weapon rack. If I remember correctly, this weapon belonged to an overlord. This pike name was Three World’s Clear Crystal Pike, and for the material used to make the pike, even up till today, Ye Hua was still not sure what the material was. Back then when I killed this overlord, I myself had to pay some price in order to kill him. If not for this pike, I wouldn’t have gotten wounded by the overlord. However, right now, all of it doesn’t matter anymore, this pike is but only fit to become a ring! The pike could be seen suddenly emitting out a strong might, and its original pitch black body turned into silver white, and even somewhat transparent. It seemed to be resisting Ye Hua’s power. In actuality, for a weapon of this level, they would all have their own consciousness. Just that, this pike underestimated Ye Hua’s power and thought that the Ye Hua right now was still only an overlord like back then! The pike was trembling, seemingly unwilling to resign and also feeling very afraid. Under Ye Hua’s control, the pike gradually became thin, then soon after, changed into a circle shape, forming into a ring. On the interface of the ring, six silver thorn could be seen stretching out, seemingly just like a dragon’s claw! The infinity gem that was floating within the air slowly landed and embedded itself into the dragon claw-like silver thorns, and an infinity ring has successfully been born into this world! Considering about the strong and powerful energy that the ring possesses, Ye Hua added a seal onto the ring. With Qing Ya’s identity of that of a human, she would not be able to use the ring’s energy, and the ring would just be a unique looking ring only. After all, after wearing the ring, Ye Hua does not know what would happen if Qing Ya accidentally snapped her finger. What if the movie was real? The gems that were fused together into a new gem, it was reckoned that the new gem was much more overpowered than all the six gems altogether. Who knows if Ye Hua was intending to give a present or intending to give a time bomb. “Qing Ya.” “En?” “Wear this ring.” Ye Hua took out the infinity ring, and Qing Ya was immediately enchanted by the ring that was within Ye Hua’s hand. Women, right? All of them love shiny and sparkling gems. And furthermore, Qing Ya had never seen a gem that has a color like this. Although the gem was not big, it was enough to take one’s breath away. This fellow, trying to court my favor all of a sudden without any reason, what is he planning to do? However, the gem is really beautiful… “Where did you buy it from? How much did you spend?” Although Qing Ya was questioning Ye Hua, but she still felt very happy about it in her heart. Her pretty face was even blushing right now. Ye Hua said faintly, “Street good, not worth any money.” Qing Ya felt that that made sense. For a strange ring like this, the gem is definitely not a pure gem and should be artificially made. Qing Ya’s guess was correct, the gem was indeed made artificially. “Are you proposing to me?” “You are thinking too much, I just felt that your hand was pretty empty.” “……” Qing Ya’s favorable impression towards Ye Hua that just appeared a moment ago immediately extinguished as she snorted and turned her head around. Ye Hua wouldn’t give Qing Ya the chance to act willfully and make a scene as he immediately held onto Qing Ya’s right hand and wear the ring onto her finger. “Wrong! Wear the ring on my left hand!” Qing Ya snorted and reminded. Ye Hua let out a breath and took off the ring. “What are you wearing it onto my thumb for!” “Not the index finger too!” “You actually wore it on my little finger!” Ye Hua said a deep voice, “Enough I tell you! Isn’t it but just a ring! No matter where you wear it, it will also be just a ring!” Qing Ya snatched over the ring and wore it on to her ring finger. The ring sure is beautiful, I feel so happy~ Wait! What am I feeling happy about this for? This fellow took my card, and still only bought a street good. However, as long as he has the thoughts, it’s fine. It’s the thoughts that counts after all. Looking at the ring that was on Ye Hua’s index finger, Qing Ya pouted her mouth, “That ring of yours, wear it on the same hand and finger that I’m wearing the ring you give me on. You are not single anymore, you are a husband now!” “Women are truly troublesome!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. However, he still listened to Qing Ya and wore the ring onto his ring finger. “Humph~ If it’s troublesome, why did you even bother giving me a ring?” Qing Ya stretched out her hand and looked at the ring. No matter how I look at it, it still looks beautiful, it was thoughtful of Ye Hua. Ye Hua pursed his lips and said faintly, “I gave it to you because I see that you look pitiful.” “Tsk, I am the one who sees that you look pitiful. If not for me, you can prepare to be single for your entire life.” “Would I, Ye Hua, even lack women!” “Can you not act cool?” “Remember, don’t go to the banquet tomorrow!”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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