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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 51 – Two fans 1/2 Qing Ya finally knew why this guy give her something out of the blue. He is actually bribing me. And he is only showing just this bit of sincerity. If he were to peel 10kg of crayfishes for me, I would perhaps consider it for a bit. “See how.” Qing Ya mumbled. “I will bring you out to take a walk tomorrow. Don’t lie on the bed all day.” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. Why doesn’t this woman listen to me, when I tell her to go west, she heads to the east. Qing Ya struggled out from Ye Hua’s embrace, her clothes totally not able to obstruct that curvaceous figure of hers, “Tomorrow is Monday, there are still a lot of matters in the company that I have to handle!” “You are the boss, do those small matters even need you yourself to personally handle it!” “Of course, how would they even be able to make decisions without me.” Qing Ya raised her chin and said proudly. Look at me, at such a young age, I’m already so wealthy, and at the same time, I also look beautiful. In any case, I am good in every way. For you to be able to have a wife like me, you should really go and burn joss sticks and pray to the Buddha. Ye Hua stood up and said with an unquestionable tone, “It is the internet era right now, everything can be done at home, you can start going to work again after you have given birth to the child!” “Impossible!” “You can try and see what happens! Change your clothes and come downstairs to eat dinner, I specially prepared some tonic for you.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua walked out of the bedroom, not giving Qing Ya the chance to retort back to him. Qing Ya sat on the bed while panting with anger. Then, she picked up the pillow and slammed it back and forth on the bed while imagining that the pillow was Ye Hua. However, as she looked at the ring that was on her ring finger, she still felt quite happy in her heart. The ring sure is beautiful… Taking out the great desolate huge beast meat from the fridge, Ye Hua cut out a chunk of meat from each of the meat. Each chunk of meat was cut out extremely proportionally. A person who has OCD was just like this. Opening a packet of spicy sticks, Ye Hua placed a few spicy sticks to use as decoration. Looking at the bright red meat and spicy sticks, Ye Hua was very satisfied with his work. Afterward, Ye Hua took out three champagne glasses and filled each of the champagne glass with water. Then, he dripped a drop of blood into each of the champagne glass. The transparent color plain water could be seen immediately changing into gold color, and even becoming very dense. It was no longer liquid anymore, but the taste was definitely going to be first grade! Afterward, using the feathers of the gold delicate crane and star clean sparrow, he made two fans. The structure of the two fans were made with dragon bone, and had a seal placed on them, to prevent the fans from sending the entire city flying away with just one fan. It must be said that, the two fans were indeed very pretty. The feathers of the gold delicate crane were orange color, and furthermore, there were complicated stripes on the feathers, making the feathers seem very mysterious. And as for the star clean sparrow, its feathers were snow white color and did not have any impurities at all, seemingly very grandeur and elegant, just like my own woman. “Both of you, come down and eat dinner!” Ye Hua plated up the food, seemingly just like an attendant. After a while, the two sisters walked downstairs. Upon seeing them, Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. These two women really don’t even want any bit of image at all. Luckily there is no one else here. It’s time to eat dinner and they are still wearing their nightclothes.

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