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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 51 – Two fans 2/2 “Brother-in-law, where is your dragon meat?” Qing Yutong ran over vivaciously and asked teasingly. Within Ye Hua’s eyes, the sister-in-law was but a child who still had not grown up yet and needs time to become mature. For the time being, I will not touch her, unless she is able to reach my standards. In actuality, what Ye Hua was feeling was but the ‘first impression’ that humans experience. When you have a bad impression of someone, whatever they do later on, you would feel that it wasn’t good. This was why people always say that the first impression was very important. Just like the first time when Ye Hua met Qing Ya, he was immediately attracted by Qing Ya’s grandeur temperament. Although Qing Yutong was able to imitate her big sister’s temperament, but due to her first impression within Ye Hua’s eyes being ruined… It caused Ye Hua to look at her like she was still a child… “Both of you, have a sit.” Ye Hua said faintly, then sat down first like a sovereign king. And the two sisters were just like imperial concubines. Just that, their expression wasn’t very good right now. “You are actually letting me eat raw meat! Don’t you know that raw meat possesses germs!” Qing Ya wrinkled her brows and said displeasedly. Originally, I thought that Ye Hua would care about me, but in the end, it is still like this… Qing Yutong sided with her big sister this time, “Brother-in-law, big sister is pregnant now, how could you let big sister eat raw meat. All three of the meat are still even completely red in color.” These two ignorant women, do you two know how many people want to eat the meat but are not able to, and yet you two actually dislike it! Qing Yutong could be heard continue speaking, “Brother-in-law, do you have to be this elegant when eating spicy sticks…” Suddenly, Qing Yutong shouted out, “Big sister! What are you wearing on your finger!” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at her sister. Aren’t you asking the obvious when you yourself already know the answer? Qing Yutong immediately held onto her big sister’s hand, “What a beautiful ring, I don’t recall you wearing it during this afternoon, could it be that this ring was given to you by brother-in-law?” “Brother-in-law! How can you be like this, why is there not one for me!” Qing Yutong likes this ring very much and felt that the gem was even more stunning than the typical gems. Qing Ya’s head was about to explode. Can this ring even be given out to others casually! Giving me the ring was reasonable, but giving it to my sister, what scene would that be! Qing Yutong puffed her cheeks and stretched out both her hands in front of Ye Hua. In any case, I just want it, it won’t do if you don’t give it to me. Qing Ya who was at the side shook her head. My sister is still the same as always. Whenever I have something good, she would also want it. And if you don’t give it to her, she would act shamelessly in various kinds of ways. I remember back when we were small, she even rolled on the floor, and during that time, it was but only because of a doll. Ye Hua took out one of the fans that he made, which was the orange color one, and placed it onto Qing Yutong’s hands. The latter was stupefied as she didn’t really expect that there would really be a gift for her. This fan’s beauty is not falling short of that ring at all. It looks very classy when I hold it in my hand, and when I lightly fanned it towards me, I immediately feel carefree and relaxed. Qing Yutong was close to being happy to death. And when Qing Yutong’s system saw this fan, its chin almost fell off. Within the system shop, there is not one item that can be compared to this fan, and what’s more, the ring that is worn within master’s big sister’s finger, the ring’s attribute is filled with question marks. This man is indeed very strong! I was not wrong to let master hug onto this big leg. Just that, with master’s temper, I’m afraid it is going to be very hard for her to succeed pushing over this man. Qing Yutong could be seen immediately walking up to Ye Hua and kissing onto Ye Hua’s cheek, “Thank you brother-in-law~” Just that, Qing Ya was about to erupt right now. Why does my sister have one and I don’t have one! This Ye Hua is sincerely trying to anger me isn’t he! Also, this Yutong, to actually kiss onto your brother-in-law right in front of me, do you take me as transparent! Seeing that her big sister’s emotion was a bit unstable, Qing Yutong knew that she was a bit too excited just now, and immediately said towards her big sister embarrassedly, “Big sister, don’t misunderstand, this is a very pure and clean kiss, it is just a sister-in-law’s gift to thank her brother-in-law.” Just when Qing Ya was about to begin scolding, a spotlessly white fan appeared in front of her eyes. Rustle! When the fan opened, Qing Ya felt as if she saw stars emerging out from the fan. How can a fan be this beautiful? Qing Ya took over the fan while in a daze, and a gentle smile appeared on her face. The displease that she felt a moment ago immediately disappeared. Seems like Ye Hua has learned how to coax women. It was not that Ye Hua intentionally wanted to coax the two women, it was just that he wanted to give the two of them a bit of benefit only. “I finally understand the gap between a wife and a sister-in-law. Brother-in-law, you are too biased already.” Qing Yutong was very jealous. Big sister’s fan is much prettier than mine~ The system was currently collapsing… Qing Ya kept the fan happily, then glared at her sister, “Eat your food!” “Humph~” Qing Yutong snorted, then took a sip from the ‘champagne’. At the least, within Qing Yutong’s eyes, this was ‘champagne.’ When Qing Yutong took a sip, she immediately opened her eyes wide. Just what is this thing! Why is it this delicious? Although I only took a small sip, the unique fragrance revolved around my mouth, then afterward, the taste transmitted to my brain and signaled my brain to ignite my excitement. This drink is too f**king delicious! Raising her head up, Qing Yutong drank the entire ‘champagne’ in one go. Qing Yutong felt that her entire body was about to start floating. The fragrance distributed to every cells in her body, and her cells were cheering and thirsting for another cup of ‘champagne.’

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