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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 52 – Great Desolate Feast 1/2 Looking at the empty champagne glass, Qing Yutong immediately regretted it. I shouldn’t have drunk it all in one go just now, I should have drunk it slowly. Qing Yutong’s gaze was immediately placed onto the other two champagne glasses. Both Ye Hua and Qing Ya picked up their champagne glass at the same time. This made Qing Yutong to stump her feet. These two stingy fellows! Qing Ya finally understood why her sister revealed out that kind of expression. This drink is really tasty, it is tasty to the maximum. It feels like my taste buds have all been completely opened. I have never drunk such a tasty drink before. “Qing Ya, it’s okay to drink this.” Ye Hua said faintly, then picked up the knife and fork and began enjoying the huge desolate beast meat. “En.” Qing Ya lightly responded as she drank the drink in small sips, causing Qing Yutong who was watching her to drip saliva. “Brother-in-law~ I still want~ I still want more~” Qing Yutong shouted out lovably and continuously wriggled her body around, just like a child who was acting coquettishly. Ye Hua ate a slice of meat unhurriedly. The taste is still the same taste, there is not much change. “This drink can only be drunk once a week.” “What~ Brother-in-law, you are stingy~ Humph~” “That’s right.” Qing Ya agreed. It seems like she herself also want to drink it every day. Is the blood of a huge desolate beast something that you two can drink every day… Aren’t you two afraid of exploding? Looking at the bright red meat on the plate, Qing Yutong steeled her heart! Isn’t it just a red color meat? I have even eaten before a steak that was red in color! Choosing one of the meat from the three chunks of meat, then cutting out a small piece from it, Qing Yutong squinted her eyes and stuffed the small piece of meat into her mouth. 0.1 second later! Qing Yutong once again opened her eyes wide. What kind of meat is this! It actually immediately dissolved when it entered my mouth! This was the meat of the star clean sparrow, which had the mystical properties of dissolving immediately when entering the mouth and also being able to strengthen the body. Just how many overlords wished that they could have a taste of this meat, but due to the fact that the star clean sparrow’s strength was too strong, they were not able to have the chance to be able to have a taste of the meat and could only watch from afar. Looking at her brother-in-law’s calm face, Qing Yutong finally understood why the system wanted to push her onto her brother-in-law. Brother-in-law is the one who is the super hidden big boss! “Big sister, quickly eat the meat, it’s super delicious.” Qing Ya seemed to still be worried about the meat. “Qing Ya, I wouldn’t joke around with the child!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. This woman actually doesn’t trust me! Qing Ya heavily let out a breath. It is all because of Ye Hua having done so many unreasonable and childish things that I would feel worried now. Gracefully cutting out a piece of meat and placing it into her mouth, Qing Ya’s tightly wrinkled brows gradually became relaxed. Although there is no taste of salt on this meat, the meat is still particularly fragrant, sweet and tasty. Furthermore, the meat even carries a particular aroma and does not have the odor that cows and sheep usually carry. This meat was the meat of the gold delicate crane. It was rumored that this meat had the capabilities of improving one’s appearance, maintaining one’s youthful appearance forever, and was even able to transform any woman into a beauty. The meat of a gold delicate crane was something that many women wished they could have, and there were even quite a few female overlords who were willing to do anything in exchange for getting the meat. Unfortunately, no one was able to do it. “The meat will taste better if you eat it together with the spicy sticks.” Ye Hua reminded the two of them and was immediately met with the sisters rolling their eyes at him. Can you not ruin the atmosphere when we are enjoying the meat? Within less than five minutes, the two sisters extinguished their share of meat, and the both of them looked towards Ye Hua at the same time, because Ye Hua still had a piece of meat on his plate. “Eating too much of it is bad for the body.” Ye Hua straightforwardly ignored his wife’s threatening gaze and his sister-in-law’s pitiful gaze. The two sisters snorted at the same time. This guy is too stingy already, obviously wanting to eat it himself and yet gives an excuse of saying that eating too much of it would be bad for the body.

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