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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 53 – Pushing over brother-in-law is an endless matter 1/2 During the night, Leisure Bar’s business was still pretty empty, there were only a few people scattered around in the bar. This made Ye Hua felt very unhappy, and yet the main culprit for the bar’s business becoming bad was currently sitting on the bad and gracefully using the fan that was in her hand to fan herself. Looking at Qing Ya’s appearance, Ye Hua felt somewhat hot. Qing Ya who was currently watching a show on the television saw Ye Hua’s gaze and immediately hugged onto the quilt and gave Ye Hua a cold gaze, seemingly saying, you can come over and try if you dare, I will fight you to the death. Letting out a breath, Ye Hua said faintly, “I’m going out to smoke a stick of cigarette.” After Ye Hua left, Qing Ya pouted her mouth, “And you say that you wouldn’t touch the same woman twice, would you die if you don’t boast?” Entering into the office, Ye Hua felt a bit jittery. I am a Supreme Overlord, the words that I have say out are like water that had been splashed out. And yet, I actually had the feeling of wanting to touch her today, and furthermore, I had that feeling twice today, how is it possible! Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette and opened the television. Only Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf can calm down the heat in my heart. Suddenly, the office door was pushed open. “Hey~ Brother-in-law~” Qing Yutong could be seen wearing a gold color cheongsam. With Qing Yutong’s tall and slender figure, she was indeed able to wear the cheongsam well. While wearing the cheongsam, she appeared both dignified and beautiful at the same time. Matching with the gold delicate crane fan within her hand, slightly covering up her face with the fan and exposing out her enchanting beautiful eyes, she was practically able to slaughter the heart of all men. Qing Yutong looked at her brother-in-law who was stupefied and rejoiced in her heart. Take a look! When I give it all my all, even Tang Seng would also kneel down and fawn over me. (唐僧: Tang Seng – Tang Seng is the monk in ‘Journey to the West’) “Are you ill! To dress up like this during this late in the night!” Ye Hua was already in a bad mood, and when the sister-in-law suddenly wore an outfit like this and appeared in front of him, the gold color cheongsam was practically blinding his eyes with its shine, and immediately made Ye Hua to feel more irritated. “Master, I told you that this attire of yours wouldn’t work, and you don’t believe me.” Qing Yutong was totally stupefied. Just which part of my body isn’t good? Big long legs, curvy butt, willow waist, big breasts, and a face that is beautiful to death, and yet brother-in-law actually says that I am ill! I’m hurt… I’m hurt… I’m hurt so badly to the point that it is incurable… While watching the dispirited Qing Yutong leave, Ye Hua lighted up another cigarette. The office is truly billowing with smoke right now, and it is all because these two women are always causing trouble! Returning back to her room, Qing Yutong snorted incessantly and felt very grievance. For me, a grand best actress to go and seduce my brother-in-law, and yet actually got met with being scolded by my brother-in-law, my face have all been thrown into the gutter! “Master, you cannot do things so straightforwardly, your brother-in-law is a man who has his own principles.” There was actually someone who praised that Ye Hua have principles. It seems like the definition of the word ‘principles’ has to be redefined. Qing Yutong took off her gold color battle cheongsam and wore her short pants and cartoon short-sleeved shirt, then sat in front of the computer. If one was to carefully look at Qing Yutong, they would discover that Qing Yutong’s eyes were a bit red. Seems like Qing Yutong was truly hurt, her ego had been hurt. “Master, your brother-in-law is here!” Knock, knock, knock. The sound of knockings on the door rang out. Qing Yutong bit onto her lips and walked over to open the door, then straightforwardly threw herself onto the bed after opening the door, and used the blanket to cover her head, displaying a look that she does not want to see anyone right now. Ye Hua shook his head. This sister-in-law truly has a lot of patterns. Actually, the reason Ye Hua came here was because he wanted to express his apology towards his sister-in-law. But after thinking about it, I am the Supreme Overlord, if I were to apologize to my sister-in-law and words of it were to spread out, where would my face be! “Are you used to staying here?” Ye Hua asked lightly. Boohoohoo… While covering herself with the blanket, Qing Yutong let out a few pitiful shouts. Qing Yutong was trying to use retreat as advance. Brother-in-law definitely came to my room because he felt guilty in his heart, and right now, I’m currently lying down on the bed with my curvy butt faced against brother-in-law. If I am not guessing wrong, brother-in-law is definitely staring at my butt right now. I will see whether if he will be able to resist or not, if he is not able to resist… Hehehe~ “If you are not used to it, then go back home.” Ye Hua said faintly, then left the room without turning his head back at all. Qing Yutong froze. Even when she heard the sound of the door being closed, she still did not regain back her consciousness and was currently questioning her face and figure for the first time ever. Could it be that I have become old? My butt lost its luster and bounciness? Why was brother-in-law able to remain calm when faced against my curvy butt? How was big sister able to do it? To actually be able to give birth to brother-in-law’s child…

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