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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 54 – Cannot become more beautiful anymore 1/2 Monday, Long’an City was enveloped by a bunch of black clouds, and soon after, it began raining. Ye Hua opened his eyes and subconsciously rubbed onto his chest, then let out a sigh of relief. Turning his head and looking at Qing Ya who was sleeping soundly, an arc appeared on the corner of his mouth as he stretched out his hand to caress onto Qing Ya’s soft hair. “Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~” Seeing that Qing Ya had the trace of waking up, Ye Hua immediately withdrew his hand. “What time is it?’ Qing Ya asked. “6 am.” “I will go and buy breakfast for you.” Ye Hua’s heart trembled slightly as he said unhurriedly, “You don’t have to, it’s currently raining outside.” “En, I will sleep for a bit more then, wake me up at 7 am.” While speaking, Qing Ya gradually fell back to sleep. “Alright.” As for Ye Hua, he was unable to fall back to sleep anymore. If I didn’t hear wrong, she said that she wants to go and buy breakfast for me just now. Ye Hua suddenly smiled, and this time, the arc on the corner of his mouth was much wider. Is this the so-called mutual concern between humans? Is this what the so-called husband and wife is like? I remembered very very long ago, I had killed a few pairs of husband and wife. Even up till today, I still remember when that female human died, that male became particularly frantic afterward. Although, in the end, it was all futile, I remember that I was very curious as to why the male was feeling so sorrowful… However, I finally understand now. If whoever dares to try take this woman’s life, I will… “Ye Hua, what time is it now?” Qing Ya who was still half asleep asked indistinctly. If it was up to Ye Hua to choose, he would hope that Qing Ya would be able to forever maintain in this state of being half awake and half asleep. At this time, she is just like a small kitten. Just that, when she fully wakes up, she would transform into a cat who would always go against me… Ye Hua took a look at the clock, “It will be 7 am in 10 minutes.” Qing Ya opened her beautiful eyes, that soft appearance that she had just a while ago completely disappeared as she sat her body upright and took a stretch. Meanwhile, Ye Hua leaned on the bedhead and looked at Qing Ya’s enchanting back. I have killed countless people, and never would I have thought that there would come a day where a human would actually be lying by my side. Qing Ya paused for a moment, seemingly preparing to have a morning quarrel with Ye Hua. After waiting for a minute, she still did not hear Ye Hua speak. Qing Ya was extremely confused. Could it be that this fellow is using a new kind of tactic today? Wearing onto her SpongeBob SquarePants slippers, Qing Ya decided to not say anything to Ye Hua. I will go wash up first, then go to work afterward. If he doesn’t allow me to go to work, I will… I will… I will make a scene… I will cry… “Ah!!!” Right after Qing Ya entered into the bathroom, Qing Ya could be heard letting out a scream, seemingly as if she saw Ye Hua’s true body. Ye Hua thought that Qing Ya slipped and without any thought, his figure immediately appeared within the bathroom. However, the scene that he imagined in his mind did not appear, and instead, he saw Qing Ya looking at the mirror while gently caressing onto her own face. That shocked look on her face was as if she saw her face became disfigured. “Don’t anyhow scream when there is nothing!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice, then opened the bathroom door and walked out. Qing Ya totally did not notice that Ye Hua had entered into the bathroom and was completely astonished by her face. Why is my face much more beautiful compared to yesterday? This skin of mine has truly reached the point of looking both rosy and white at the same time. My god, how did my face become this beautiful! No, this won’t do, this won’t do, I cannot become more beautiful anymore, if not it would be too good of a thing for that fellow. To have such a beautiful wife, and yet he still complains. If it was someone else, they would have treated me like an Empress Dowager, following and heading to whichever direction I point to. After finish washing up, Qing Ya discovered that Ye Hua was not in the bedroom. This is a good chance! Immediately, she wore her western suit, took her bag, then walked slowly and carefully like a thief. However, the sound that was emitting out from the high-heeled shoes that she was wearing was a bit loud. Qing Ya’s current action was but like covering one’s ears while stealing a bell. After walking down the stairs with no mishap happening, Qing Ya pat onto her chest. However, what if Ye Hua worry about me later on and then become angry again like during that day… Forget it, I will leave a note for him. Placing the note onto the bar counter, Qing Ya secretly left Leisure Bar. Driving the Audi A8 that was parked outside of the bar, Qing Ya headed towards the subsidiary company that was located at Long’an City.

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