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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 54 – Cannot become more beautiful anymore 2/2 Moments after Qing Ya left, Ye Hua walked out from one side of the hall. Actually, he saw everything, just that he didn’t stop her only. Looking at the small piece of paper in his hand, Ye Hua laughed lightly, and the piece of paper immediately turned into ashes. “Ye Hua, I’m going to work, there is really something very important that I have to handle. After I handled it, I will begin working from home. Also, I hope that you will accompany me to go to tonight’s banquet. If I don’t go, we will really have to go and eat clay.” This foolish woman, being by my side, you can enjoy dragon meat any time you want, where would there ever come a time where we would have to eat clay. My mood is not bad today, I will have something different today. I will go to the street and buy a Chinese crepe, and I will add an additional egg and also an additional ham. Just that, that human aunt is too stingy already, to actually have to pay extra money if I want to add ingredients. Does she not know that it is an honor for her that I the Supreme Overlord is willing to eat her food? Moments after Ye Hua left, a loud scream came from Qing Yutong’s bedroom. Qing Yutong was currently caressing her face in disbelieve. I have look at this face for 20 years already, how was it able to become this beautiful today? Although the changes on my face is not big, but I can clearly see that I have become prettier. Even I myself also want to lick on this face of mine when I look at it. “Xiao Guaiguai, did you do something to me yesterday night? Not bad~ With this face of mine, when I stand in front of brother-in-law, I don’t believe that brother-in-law would be able to resist~” Huge confidence started inflating within Qing Yutong’s heart. It is not that I am boasting, but with just a hook of my finger, I am able to push over my brother-in-law. The system itself was currently in a daze, “Master… I…” “Xiao Guaiguai, you don’t have to say anymore, although you are indeed a bit miserly normally, you are still quite reliable during crucial moments.” Qing Yutong lifted her hair, then bit onto her lips. “My god, I wish I could eat myself up right now~ Why did I have to grow up so beautifully, I can’t resist the look of me biting onto my lips~ I have to go in front of brother-in-law and boast about it for a bit.~” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong ran out of her room. Without knocking onto the door, she rushed into Ye Hua’s bedroom. Originally, she thought that there would be a fiery scene in the bedroom, but in the end, the bedroom was empty. Where did the two of them go to this early in the morning? Coming downstairs, she still did not spot anyone. Qing Yutong who was bored sat at the bar counter and thought to herself happily. "Brother-in-law actually treated me like that yesterday, he will definitely regret it to death today, humph humph~" Without long, Qing Yutong’s objective appeared! Qing Yutong ran excitedly to the front of Ye Hua who was currently eating his Chinese crepe, “Brother-in-law, look at my face, do you feel if there is anything different about my face today?” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. This should be the effect of the gold delicate crane’s meat. I didn’t expect that the effect would be so good, this sister-in-law’s entirety has indeed become perfect. Just that, this sister-in-law is still like a child, mischievious and unruly. “Your face is indeed different today, there is an eye booger in your eye today.” Ye Hua said calmly, then walked by Qing Yutong who was currently in a daze and head upstairs. I am hearing wrong, I am definitely hearing wrongly! I won’t say other things, but with this face of mine, I guarantee that I would be able to capture even the heart of a child. And yet, brother-in-law actually says that there is eye booger in my eye! How is it possible! “Master, there is indeed a very tiny eye booger in the corner of your eye.” “Ah!!! Why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Qing Yutong felt that she had a bad teammate. Does this system not know how to at least remind me about it? What’s more, I’m beautiful to this point and yet I’m still not able to attract brother-in-law, could it be that brother-in-law is gay? That shouldn’t be though… With this face of mine, even if it is a gay, the gay would also kneel down and fawn over me. And that’s not even taking account of this fiery figure of mine…

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