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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 55 – Sister-in-law’s scream 1/2 Not right! Brother-in-law is definitely trying to play hard to get since he is embarrassed about it. I am his sister-in-law after all, it is hard to avoid from feeling a bit embarrassed about it. “Brother-in-law~” Qing Yutong opened the office door with a smile and saw that her brother-in-law was currently smoking by the window. Ye Hua did not turn his head and just responded with an ‘en’. “Where is big sister?” “She went to work.” “Oh~” Qing Yutong tapped onto the floor with her feet and tried to figure out her brother-in-law’s thoughts. I cannot attack head-on right now, I have to use retreat as advance! “Brother-in-law, I will go back to my room first then.” Qing Yutong said tenderly. And the moment she turned her body, she shouted out in her heart, “Quickly call out to me, quickly call out to me, I know you have been tolerating very hard, don’t be reserved anymore~” A minute later, Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette, then looked at Qing Yutong who was frozen at the door and said, “Aren’t you going back to your room?” Qing Yutong was hurt once again. Brother-in-law is truly not giving any bit of face at all. When big sister is around, he would hold onto my small waist. And when big sister is not around, he wouldn’t even look straight at me. “Master, your brother-in-law is not any typical man.” “That’s right, any typical man would have already jumped over and pushed me down.” Qing Yutong went back to her room helplessly. I have to properly rethink my thought. Long’an City’s Qingcheng International Building was where the previous general headquarters was located at. However, for the purpose of expanding, the general headquarters was moved to High Ocean City. After all, High Ocean City was a first-rate business city. After parking the car at the company’s parking lot, Qing Ya carried her bag and opened the car door. At this moment, she transformed into the icily aloof female CEO once again. Currently at this timing, it was the rush hour where people were going to work, and there were quite a few employees at the parking lot, and all of them were looking at this mysterious woman. “My god, when did such a beautiful woman started working at the company?” “Could it be the new director? But that shouldn’t be possible, I heard that the position of the director was already decided behind closed door.” “I really want to hug onto her thigh and kneel down and fawn upon her. She has entered into the elevator, I have to charge ahead first my brothers.” Immediately! Lots of 100 meters dash champions emerged. “Brother, what are you running for?” “I don’t know, I saw them running so I followed along and ran.” “……” Qing Ya’s face was cold as frost as she swept her eyes through the employees that were in the elevator. Don’t tell me that they don’t even recognize their CEO now! Well, Qing Ya guessed correctly, the employees did not recognize this CEO of theirs! Qing Ya’s changes during these few days could be said to be very big, especially today. If it was not someone who was able to often see her, they would really not dare to confirm if she was even Qing Ya at all. After all, the Qing Ya right now could not be described with words. “It smells so nice…” “Why does this fragrance smell so special?” “It must be the fragrance of that woman behind us. Through the experience of my years of hard work, I’m guessing that this fragrance should be body fragrance.” “Is there even this kind of body fragrance? My wife also has body fragrance, but her body fragrance would always make me want to die.” Listening to the provoking tone of her employees, Qing Ya’s face became even colder. How does this Liu Hang even manages the company, for there to actually be employees with this kind of inner quality! This time, it was Qing Ya who misunderstood. For you to look so beautiful, how could the men even be able to endure it. All they could do was just run their mouth off for a bit. Upon reaching the hall, the elevator opened. “General Manager Liu!” “General Manager Liu!” “General Manager Liu!” All of the employees went into a daze for a while, then shouted out towards the man that was standing in front of the elevator. Their expression was very respectful. Liu Hang was already used to it. Just when he was about to walk into the elevator, his gaze congealed and he hurriedly shouted out, “CEO Qing!” CEO Qing? All of the male employees that were in the elevator went into a daze. Who is General Manager Liu calling CEO Qing? And he is even bowing and being so respectful. Immediately, they thought of the woman that was behind them, then they thought to themselves again, for General Manager Liu to be this respectful, and the person he called out has the surname Qing, there is only one person! And that person is the cold and aloof CEO, Qing Ya! “CEO Qing!” “CEO Qing!” “CEO Qing!” The employees that were in the elevator gasped. Thinking back to what they said in the elevator just now, their heart froze. I actually provoked the CEO, I’m finished! Qing Ya responded with a deep sounding ‘en’. Not sure who was the one who secretly ran off first, immediately, the elevator that was full just a while ago became empty, with only Qing Ya left alone in the elevator. “General Manager Liu, you have to check on the employees’ inner quality issue.” Qing Ya coldly warned. Liu Hang did not dare to speak much as he hurriedly nodded his head and responded, then carefully walked into the elevator and pressed the top floor button.

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