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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 56 – Supreme Overlord Got Killed Three Times 2/2 Lighting up another cigarette, Ye Hua queued for another game. I was just careless during that round. “Brother-in-law, don’t be anxious, let’s jump off at a place where there are lesser people.” Although Qing Yutong’s guts was small, she still has some brains. With our standard right now, we definitely cannot jump off at places where there will be a lot of people. Ye Hua opened the map. How can I jump off at a place where there are lesser people, that is the display of being scared! As the Supreme Overlord, I have killed countless of people, and when have I ever been scared before! “Brother-in-law, why did you land at this place where so many houses are crowded together. I was killed here just now by a sneaky and sinister player.” “Quiet!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. Would a mere lousy game even be difficult for I, the Supreme Overlord! Qing Yutong pouted her mouth. Seems like brother-in-law is more noob than me… and yet he still wants to act as if he is a pro. Ye Hua observed for a bit. There are at least 10+ people who landed here. Let me show all of you the consequences of provoking me, the Supreme Overlord! “Brother-in-law, quickly go into the house and pick up a gun!” Ye Hua totally did not have the intention of going into a house at all as he stood in the open and said in disdain, “Guns are what children use, the fist is what truly matters!” Qing Yutong was dazed as she said in a daze, “Brother-in-law, can you not act cool?’ Just as she finished speaking, bang, bang, bang, the screen turned dark again. Shameless human! To actually sneakily attack me while hiding! To not even have the courage to fight against me one on one, you are no different from those humans in the past, bastard! Don’t think that Wei Chang’s stubbornness and one-track minded came without any reason. Whatever kind of boss would have whatever kind of subordinates. “Brother-in-law, how about… how about you let me take over?” Qing Yutong said tenderly. Brother-in-law’s face doesn’t look very good, it is currently completely black. Ye Hua remained silent and queued for another game! Ye Hua landed on the same place again, however, this time, Ye Hua did not stand in the open. Despicable humans, you all are destined to bear the Supreme Overlord’s rage! “Brother-in-law, gun, gun!!!” Qing Yutong pointed to the corner of the house. “I’m not blind!” Ye Hua very slowly picked up the M16 that had 60 bullets. Who would have thought that there would come a day where I the Supreme Overlord would use a gun. It is truly an irony! However, right after he had just finished searching the entire small bedroom and turned around... “Bang, bang, bang!” A burst of spray ended Ye Hua’s character life and the screen turned dark again. The cigarette that Ye Hua was smoking had come to an end, and the cigarette ash was just like Ye Hua’s mood, falling down unhurriedly. I actually got killed 3 times by the humans! A total of 3 times! This is a huge humiliation! Do you all believe that with just a snap of my finger, I can make all of you die! “Brother-in-law, I told you to wear the headphone, and yet you didn’t want to listen to me You are so noob~” I actually got look down upon by my sister-in-law! “Brother-in-law, don’t be angry, sister-in-law will help you get revenge~” Even more, my sister-in-law actually offered to help me get revenge. If words of this were to spread out, where would my face be! “Brother-in-law~ Why are you so shameless, I want to play too~” Qing Yutong just experienced the joy of playing video game, whereas Ye Hua was madly angered by the game. “Brother-in-law, how about you go and buy another high-end computer and place it here. That way, we will be able to play together. The computer that is at your office is definitely not good enough to run the game.” Ye Hua was a person who would get his revenge if he could. Besides from Qing Ya, this game has made Ye Hua felt very angry! “You help me buy!” “Your handphone~” Qing Yutong stretched out her hand. Who would have thought that I would unintentionally create a situation where I would be playing a video game together with brother-in-law. With this, it won’t be long until I push over my brother-in-law. Ye Hua handed his handphone over to Qing Yutong, then went to stand at the balcony and smoke a stick of cigarette to calm down his mental state. Cunning humans, the reason that I am experiencing humanity is so that I can fully understand all of you!

Translator: Wigglegui



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