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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 57 – Brother-in-law, I’m going to die~ 1/2 If Ye Hua’s subordinates were to know that their honor was hurting his body because of a video game, who knows just what they would think about it. However, one thing that was certain was that they would definitely persuade Ye Hua and say, “Your Honor, it is just a game, there is no need to be so serious about it.” And when Ye Hua become serious, even he himself would become afraid of himself. It must be known that, in the beginning, Ye Hua started out as just a small and weak undead race, and walked up to the path of the strong one step by another step by relying on just himself. The hardships and death that he experienced in this journey of his, only he himself would be able to truly understand how it felt. However, he had never complain about the journey being hard, and had never felt that the journey was hard. Even more, he felt that the journey was a kind of enjoyment. During the time where the computer still haven’t arrive, Ye Hua silently watched his sister-in-law play the game and tried to learn and understand the characteristics of the game, although his sister-in-law would not be able to live more than 10 minutes every time. If Qing Ya was a moaning monster, this sister-in-law is a trembling monster. Every time when she suddenly got killed, her entire body would tremble, and her gaze would become blank, then afterward, she would turn her head around and look at me pitifully. The expression of hers when she is requesting for console is simply formidable. This sister-in-law is indeed not the same. Qing Ya would never reveal this kind of expression. At the other side, Qing Ya was currently sitting together with the company’s higher-ups in the conference room and eating a lunchbox. Of course, the reason they were eating in the conference room was to speed up the speed of the meeting. Looking at the entire conference room, within the entire higher-ups, there were only two middle-aged women, and the rest were all men. Although it was a meeting, to the men, it was also a beauty appreciating event. Even when they were eating their food, they would time to time secretly take a look at the female CEO that was sitting at the main sit. Why is there such a beautiful woman in this world! In the past, although the CEO was also very beautiful, but she wasn’t as stunningly beautiful as she is today. No matter how good the food in front of me taste, it still doesn’t feel as good as secretly taking a peek at the CEO’s beauty. And as for Qing Ya, after eating a few bites, she couldn’t eat it anymore. It wasn’t that the food was not delicious, but just that she was feeling nauseous. Qing Ya felt that this symptom of hers was because that she was pregnant and blamed it all on Ye Hua in her heart. If not for him, I wouldn’t feel nauseous when eating food, especially today’s food. Not sure what is he doing right, does he not know how to give me a call and care about me for a bit? He doesn’t even know how to act like a husband should act! When Qing Ya saw the ring that was in her ring finger, her negative emotion immediately disappeared and started feeling happy in her heart, and a slight smile unknowingly appeared on the corner of her mouth. Immediately! The sound of swallowing saliva appeared in the conference room, and everyone’s eyes were about to pop out. So this is how CEO Qing looks like when she smiles. It is truly beautiful, beautiful to the extreme! Qing Ya swept her eyes through the higher-ups and everyone immediately lowered their heads and eat their food. Sigh, I was already beautiful enough, but right now, I have become more beautiful. It is quite a trouble when I look so beautiful. I will definitely be met with the jealously of others, especially those upper-class women that are at the pinnacle. This is all Ye Hua’s fault. In any case, everything is Ye Hua’s fault, and he must carry all the blame. Not sure what he is doing right now. He is definitely ordering food delivery again, and it is definitely crayfishes again. Furthermore, he is definitely going to get my sister to help him peel the crayfishes. Well, this is good too, once my sister cannot stand it anymore, she will naturally go back home. The conference meeting continued all the way until afternoon 4 pm. Apart from the half an hour break for eating lunch, the meeting did not stop once. It must be said that, Qing Ya was very formidable and the reputation of her being an able woman was not undeserved. “Meeting dispersed!” Qing Ya shouted out coldly, then carried her bag and straightforwardly walked out of the conference room, preparing to go back home to see just what Ye Hua was doing. Actually, Qing Ya was feeling very nervous in her heart. What if I opened the bedroom door, and discovered Ye Hua and my sister lying together on the bed? What should I do at that point? All the higher-ups did not know why their CEO was being so hurried for. It was reckoned that only General Manager Liu Hang would be able to guess why Qing Ya was being so hurried, but he wouldn’t dare to speak about it. Driving her car, Qing Ya rushed back to the bar at top speed. The murderous aura in her eyes was greatly visible. This was definitely the attitude of a wife who was going to catch an adultery! If Ye Hua really dares to do something that would let me down, then I would… I would die together with him! Qing Ya who was driving the car began to let her imagination run wild in her mind, and when the image of her own man and sister lying together on the bed appeared in her mind, her eyes turned red. Sigh, no choice, the syndrome of a pregnant woman, loving to blindly think about things.

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Translator's note: Recommend to reread ch 55 1/2 and 2/2 before reading this chapter, I retranslated a bit of both c55 1/2 and 2/2.

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