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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 57 – Brother-in-law, I’m going to die~ 2/2 Parking the car in front of the bar, Qing Ya took in a few deep breaths, then walked into the bar. Nothing is different from when I left the bar. Walking upstairs secretly, Qing Ya’s heart was jumping faster and faster, especially when she stood in front of the bedroom door, her entire person was nervous to the extreme and her delicate hand which was holding onto the doorknob was trembling. After this door opened, if what I imagined in my mind really happened, what should I do? Don’t open the door? Give Ye Hua a call first and tell him that I am reaching home soon? This way, I would be able to not know anything… With a complicated feeling, in the end, Qing Ya chose to open the bedroom door. When she saw the neat big bed that was currently empty, the heavy feeling that was in her felt disappeared. Could it be that this fellow is currently in his office watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf? How big is he already, really! In the future, he can bring up the child while watching cartoon I guess. Opening the office door, Qing Ya discovered that the office was empty too. Where is he? Qing Ya silently looked towards the direction of the storage room, which had now become her sister’s bedroom. Ye Hua is actually in my sister’s room! The heavy feeling that just disappeared a while ago appeared once again. Qing Ya clenched both of her hands tightly while standing in front of the door. After taking in a deep breath, she abrupt pushed the door open! Within the room, it could be seen that it was billowing with smoke, and the back of two people appeared in Qing Ya’s eyes. On the table, there were two cups of instant noodle and a bag of empty spicy sticks, and the spicy sauce of the bag of empty spicy sticks even flowed out onto the table. How can these two be so sloppy! “Brother-in-law, give me the extended mag.” “Exchange with your silencer.” “Brother-in-law, how can you be like this? Your marksmanship is so noob that you can’t even hit the enemy.” “Exchange with your silencer.” “Shhh, someone is coming over, quickly crawl down, quickly crawl down…” Qing Ya was not sure if she should cry or laugh. These two fellows are actually playing a video game together. Seems like Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf can no longer satisfy their childish heart. Quietly walking into the room, Qing Ya stretched her head forward between the two of them and took a look at the screens curiously. It could be seen that both of their characters were crawling down on a patch of grass. My sister face is filled with nervous, while Ye Hua’s face seems to be really strange, as if he had just eaten a housefly. “Ah!’ Qing Yutong originally wanted to mock her brother-in-law for a bit, but who would have known that, right after she turned her head, she saw a head of black hair, and was scared to the point that her soul almost flew away, and unconsciously, she clicked onto her left mouse button. “Bang, bang, bang.” Ye Hua said in a deep voice, “Qing Yutong, what are you firing your gun for! Don’t you know that you will reveal our location!” “Big sister, you are annoying!!! To actually not emit out any sound when you walk!!!” Qing Yutong’s tender fist landed onto Qing Ya’s arm. Afterward, she immediately began to control her character. The enemy know my location now. “Brother-in-law, cover me, I am going to fight with them to the death!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice, “Fight what, run to the other side instead!” Seems like after experiencing death a number of times, Ye Hua had learn how to use tactic. Thinking back to the past, Ye Hua had never use any tactic before, and had pushed straight forward since the beginning, believing that all schemes and tricks are but paper tiger when faced against absolute true strength. “Ah, ah, ah, brother-in-law, I’m down, quickly come over and help me up~” “Why are you so stupid!” Ye Hua couldn’t help but said. What this game relies on is team spirit. If I had played this game a few hundred years earlier, there would have been no way that I would get eliminated by those bunch of humans. “Brother-in-law~ Help me up, I’m about to die! I’m about to die! I’m about to die!” Qing Yutong violently shook onto her brother-in-law. This match’s result is the best one we had, we are already in top 20, the chicken is right in front of my eyes!

Translator: Wigglegui



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