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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 58 – I am definitely going to leave this place today! 1/2 Qing Yutong had become proficient in using the word ‘survive’, and Ye Hua himself was dragged along by his sister-in-law to follow along with her to ‘survive’. Upon seeing a player, they would immediately crawl down onto the floor, which caused Ye Hua to almost bleed internally due to anger. However, if they want to win, they have to use their brain. Ye Hua felt that his marksmanship was still lacking in a lot of ways, however, as long as you give me a few days to properly train my marksmanship, I will guarantee that those small fries would not dare to be so arrogant in front of me anymore! After throwing a few smoke grenades and covering up the field of view, Ye Hua ran over towards his sister-in-law to save her. If any of the Seven Sins saw this, they would definitely question, “Is this still His Honor? To actually know how to save people?” The opposite two players seemed to be experienced players and did not rush head-on into the smoke. Meanwhile, Ye Hua was thinking to himself, “What do I need to do to be able to escape this crisis? Depending on my marksmanship won’t do.” “Brother-in-law, how about I act cute and beg them to give us a chance and let us go.” Qing Yutong who was picked up by Ye Hua immediately started talking and decided to sell out her sex appeal. As the Supreme Overlord’s sister-in-law, is there even a need for you to have to act cute in front of others! “No need!” “Brother-in-law, now is not the time to let your emotions affect your decision, we finally survived up to top 20 with great difficulty! We have already been dying continuously for an entire day~ Brother-in-law~ I want to at least eat chicken once~” At this moment, the smoke scattered. Bang! Qing Yutong’s character collapsed once again. “Don’t you know how to hide behind a tree!” Ye Hua was having a headache. “How would I know that the smoke would scatter. Quickly pick me up, quickly pick me up, I want to eat chicken, I want to chicken, I don’t want to die~” Qing Yutong pouted her small mouth. Bang! Seems like the opposite side were intending to completely eliminate her and were not intending to give Qing Yutong the chance of being picked up. Upon seeing that, Qing Yutong was angered to the point that she kept on rubbing onto her hair. After Qing Yutong died completely, since Ye Hua’s position was revealed, he was currently being sandwiched by the two opponents. It was only a matter of time before Ye Hua’s character die too. Right now, Ye Hua’s only option was to break out the siege. However, the marksmanship of the two opponents was very accurate and it was very hard for Ye Hua to break out of the siege. Looking towards the motorcycle that has a sidecar attached to it, Ye Hua decided to take a gamble! Taking out the hand grenade, he threw it towards the direction of the two, then ran towards the motorcycle. As expected, during the time where the grenade explodes, I am safe, because they have to evade for a bit! However, after the explosion is over, it is time to show my skills! Bang, bang, bang!!! “Wow, brother-in-law, you are so cool, sidestep running!” Ye Hua remained silent and silently took a puff of a cigarette. I am no longer a beginner that had only just started playing. Although I used sidestep running, but I still got shot a few times, and my health has become low. Luckily I have already gotten to the motorcycle and can safely run away now! “Yay! Brother-in-la is formida…” Before Qing Yutong even finish speaking, the motorcycle knocked into a tree, and Ye Hua’s screen became dark. Ye Hua was defeated by his driving skills… And the two opponents who were chasing after Ye Hua were also stupefied as they laughed to the point that their stomach hurts. I originally thought that this person was at least a crown rank player, but who would have thought that he is a bronze rank player. Qing Yutong held onto her forehead. Towards her brother-in-law’s driving skills, she had nothing to say. Ye Hua felt that his skills were still not good enough and that he have to diligently practice his marksmanship. Marksmanship is the way to win, without marksmanship, it is impossible to win in this game!

Translator: Wigglegui



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