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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 58 – I am definitely going to leave this place today! 2/2 “I’m back.” Qing Ya reminded faintly. “En.” Ye Hua responded, then continued on duo queueing with his sister-in-law. The corner of Qing Ya’s mouth twitched slightly. For the sake of coming back earlier, I did not even take any rest at all, and yet when I came back home, you are only responding with this kind of attitude! “Humph!” Qing Ya snorted, then went back to the bedroom. Meanwhile, the two who were duo queueing were very indifferent. Nothing was able to obstruct their passion for trying to eat chicken. Another game started, and both of them landed onto the military base. However, after they landed, Qing Yutong was in despair, “Why is there not even a single gun in the entire military base!!!” After taking a shower, Qing Ya was preparing to choose which evening dress to wear. Looking at myself through the mirror, I’m simply dead beautiful, Ye Hua is really lucky to be able to have me~ However, being so beautiful is also very worrisome, I hope that I won’t snatch the limelight of others when I’m at the banquet, it is better for me to be low-profile. Looking at the star clean fan that was on the table, Qing Ya picked up it, opened it, then lightly fanned it onto herself. It is truly comfortable, even much comfortable than the air conditioner. Not sure just where Ye Hua got this fan from, isn’t this fan just too mystical already? I can try to pick an outfit to match with the fan. Hmmm, how about I choose a white cheongsam and dress up in a historical fashion style. This way, I won’t be able to snatch others’ limelight. Qing Ya chose a white cheongsam that did not have any pictures on it, then rolled up her hair, revealing out her spotlessly white goose neck. “I’m still too beautiful.” Qing Ya said depressingly. And this is under the situation where I did not even put any make-up on. Seems like I totally don’t have to put on any make-up anymore in the future. Matching the star clean fan with the ‘diamond ring’ within my finger, I seem to look too flashy. I will go and let Ye Hua have a look, not sure if he will be satisfied with my outfit or not. “Ye Hua, how do my outfit look?” Pushing open the door, Qing Ya asked tenderly. “En.” Without even turning his head, Ye Hua responded lightly. “Big sister, no matter what you wear, you will still look good.” Qing Yutong revealed out her special technique, fawning, which made Qing Ya felt slightly comfortable. This scoundrel, to be able to be so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and yet he does not know how to cherish me! “Ye Hua, quickly go and prepare, we have to leave in 2 hours.” Qing Ya looked at the clock, it was 6 pm now. Ye Hua took a puff of the cigarette and said faintly, “When did I say that I was going? Also, you are not allowed to go!” “You!!!” Qing Ya was really angry now. This scoundrel, only knows how to play games and watch cartoons and doesn’t care about anything else! The furious Qing Ya straightforwardly pulled out the power cord, then returned back to the bedroom and heavily slammed the door shut. “Brother-in-law, you better go and take a look at big sister.” Qing Yutong shook onto Ye Hua and advised. Big sister is angry to the point that she even pulled out the power cord… Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette bud, then coldly walked towards the bedroom. Just when I was going to properly give those arrogant humans a lesson, this Qing Ya pulled out the power cord. And I thought that she had become obedient! But who would have thought, she is still the same as before! Opening the bedroom door, Ye Hua immediately saw that Qing Ya was packing her clothes, totally having the stance of intending to leave this place. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and shouted, “What are you doing!” “I’m leaving! I had enough of you!” Qing Ya shouted out coldly. Ye Hua walked forward and threw the suitcase to one side. “Bang!” The sound of the suitcase slamming onto the floor rang out. Outside the bedroom, Qing Yutong was hiding outside the door and secretly eavesdropping them. When she heard the sound of the suitcase slamming onto the floor, her heart sunk. Are they really going to fight for real this time? “You say it again!” Ye Hua’s gaze was cold, and his tone suddenly became cold too as he looked towards the woman that was in front of him. Towards others, Qing Ya could be a woman that they weren’t able to reach, but to Ye Hua, she was just an unqualified wife! Qing Ya was one that was not good to provoke too, “Do you think I don’t dare? Ye Hua, let me tell you, I am definitely going to leave this place today!”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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