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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 59 – Loud thunder and small raindrops 1/2 “Why!” Ye Hua asked coldly. “You are actually asking me why? Have you even done the things that a husband should do! I only wanted you to take a look at my outfit and see if my outfit looked nice or not, and yet you didn’t even bother to turn your head around to take a look at me! And when I asked you to accompany me to attend the banquet, you are not willing! Do you not know that other people are going to bully your wife at the banquet! Is there even a husband like you! I was really blind to actually fall for you!” While scolding, Qing Ya continuously pushed onto Ye Hua too. Her aura right now was imposing, and she was practically invincible now. Until she pushed Ye Hua all the way onto the wall, then did she stopped, “I coordinated with you, hoping to become the kind of woman that you want, but what about you! Only considering yourself! How can you be so selfish! Can’t you just treat me a bit better!” What Qing Ya scolded was indeed correct, Ye Hua was indeed selfish. “Have you scolded enough!” Ye Hua asked in a deep voice. “Not enough!” “How about we order some food delivery?” Qing Ya froze, her pretty face was currently completely red. With a pfft, Qing Ya laughed, and this laugh of her brought along her tears, and gradually, she began to cry out loudly. Why is my life so bitter, I was obviously scolding you, trying to make a scene, to want to break up, want to divorce, and yet you are actually thinking about ordering food delivery. I really cannot live on anymore. Ye Hua hugged Qing Ya into his embrace, and no matter how hard she struggled, he didn’t let go of her. “I can accompany you to attend the banquet, but you have to promise me one thing.” Ye Hua said faintly. Just from that imposing aura that Qing Ya had just now when she continuously pushed onto me, she has the potential to be the Supreme Overlord’s madam. “What…” “You have to be obedient in the future.” “Ye Hua! You better make it clear now, when did I ever not obediently listen to you! When you ask me to peel crayfishes for you, I peeled it, when you asked me to go and buy breakfast for you, I also went to buy breakfast for you! From when I was young, all the way till now, I have never been so obedient towards a man before!” Qing Ya shouted out indignantly. “What I mean is that, do not go and think about leaving from this place at the drop of a hat.” Ye Hua’s tone became much more relaxed. I hope this scene is not seen by anyone else, if not, where would the face of I, the Supreme Overlord be at! To actually get threatened by a woman, and furthermore, the woman even succeeded. Qing Ya went into a daze for a while. The both of them became silent. “This cheongsam of yours, it looks very good on you, you look very beautiful.” After a while, Ye Hua said faintly. “Don’t think that I will forgive you just because you said something nice to me!” Grumble… Qing Ya’s stomach disappointed her and grumbled. So awkward, why did my stomach grumbled when we were competing with each other's aura. With this grumble, I basically lost half the battle. Letting go of Qing Ya, Ye Hua said with a slight smile, “I will order food delivery.” And Qing Ya held onto her face and ran into the washroom. So embarrassing… Qing Yutong, who was outside the door, let out a sigh. Quarrel for 10 minutes and patch up within 20 seconds. In the future, if they were to quarrel, I will buy some melon seeds and spicy sticks, then bring over a small stool to sit on and quietly watch them quarrel. “Ye Hua, wear this western suit, this western suit of yours that you are wearing is full of cigarette smell.” The temper came fast and left fast. Right now, the two seemed as if nothing happened just a while ago. Ye Hua took off the western suit that he was wearing and wore the one that Qing Ya handed over to him, “Help me bring it to dry clean.” “En.” Qing Ya folded the western suit and placed it on one side. Looking at Qing Ya, Ye Hua felt that Qing Ya there were some changes in her. Seems like my educating is useful.

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