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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 59 – Loud thunder and small raindrops 2/2 Without long, the crayfishes arrived and the three began to enjoy eating the crayfishes. Right now, don’t need Ye Hua to speak, Qing Ya would take the initiative to peel the crayfishes for Ye Hua. After peeling one for herself and eat it, she would peel one for Ye Hua, and the pattern continues. Even the sister-in-law also helped to share her big sister’s load. Ye Hua was like a big boss, enjoying delicious food without having to do any work himself. Having a woman indeed makes one life more comfortable. “Yutong, I purchased a live streaming platform, and all the procedures should be done within a few days. At that time, you will help with publicizing the platform.” Qing Ya peeled a piece of crayfish meat and placed it in Ye Hua’s bowl, and said faintly. “Alright.” “Yutong, the bar’s business is not so good recently, when you are free, help to publicize the bar too.” Ye Hua picked up the crayfish meat and eat it. Compared to eating dragon meat, eating food like this is much more interesting and enjoyable. The chopsticks that were in Qing Yutong’s hand immediately fell onto the table, “You two… The two of you… To actually treat me as a money-making machine, both of you don’t have any conscience!” Qing Ya said faintly, “Before your fame dies down, you are still at least able to earn money.” “After your fame dies down, it would be hard to say if you would even be able to earn money anymore.” Ye Hua added. “The fallen lion is bullied by the big sister! Also, brother-in-law, I am going to go and sue both of you for child labor!” Qing Ya laughed, “Yutong, you are not small anymore, when do you intend to get married and start a family?” “I like brother-in-law.” Qing Yutong began to retort. The moment you bring up this matter, I will bring out brother-in-law to use as a shield. “Don’t joke around, be serious a bit.” Qing Ya said. Qing Yutong pouted her mouth and drank a mouth of cocktail, “I’m not joking around, I like brother-in-law~” “Forget it, you can do whatever you want!” Qing Ya felt that she can’t manage this sister of hers. She can do whatever she wants and perish by herself. When the time comes and she is not able to get married, she can prepare to cry. Actually, with Qing Yutong’s current appearance, if she wanted to get married, it would be very easy for her to do so. Ye Hua stretched out his hand and pat onto Qing Yutong’s head, “Yutong, it is okay for you to like brother-in-law, however, you have to improve yourself, that way, brother-in-law would fancy you.” Qing Yutong didn’t expect that her brother-in-law would be so coordinating and said shyly, “Since brother-in-law has said it, sister-in-law will definitely improve herself and not let brother-in-law be disappointed.” Qing Ya chose to ignore the two of them. These two are determined to make me angry. Seeing that Qing Ya remained silent, Ye Hua was very satisfied. This is the kind of magnanimous that my wife should have. Seeing that her big sister remained silent, Qing Yutong became happy in her heart. So big sister herself actually silently approved of it already, she’s so perverted~ “I’m full, you two can go and have your date, as for me, I’m going back to my room to continue playing game. Brother-in-law, remember to come back earlier, we will duo queue later on and destroy everyone!” Qing Yutong wiped her mouth and said with a smile. “Alright.” Ye Hua said faintly. However, Ye Hua’s response was met with Qing Ya rolling her eyes at him as Qing Ya said petulantly, “Ye Hua, you are about to be a father, and yet you are still playing game together with Yutong.” “Bored.” “If you are bored, you can go and find a job.” “Even more bored.” Qing Ya gave up. This lazy fellow has already reached a critical point. Coming to the bedroom, Qing Ya changed into her white cheongsam, while Ye Hua leaned on one side and watched. No matter which angle I look at her from, my woman still looks so perfect, not bad! “Ye Hua, come over and help me pull the zipper.” Qing Ya called out lightly. Ye Hua walked to Qing Ya’s back, and pulled the zipper upwards, then stretched out both of his hands and held onto Qing Ya’s slender waist. The both of them looked towards their reflection within the mirror. It must be said that their attractiveness level was simply matching, and even their expression seemed similar, a match made in heaven could be said to be both of them. Meeting with Ye Hua’s gaze, Qing Ya was a bit shy as she slightly shifted her face to the side, “What are you looking at?” “Looking to see if there is any dirt in your eyes.” “……” The romantic atmosphere immediately disappeared completely, and what remained was Qing Ya’s anger! “Leave! I don’t want to talk to you!” Looking at Qing Ya’s beautiful back, Ye Hua laughed out lightly, then followed after her and walked out of the bedroom. Coming downstairs, Ye Hua’s heart immediately turned cold. Wei Chang and the other workers are standing around the bar and have nothing to do, this is the sign that the bar is going to go bankrupt soon, seems like I have to let the sister-in-law publicize the bar for a bit. Qing Ya did not mess around this time. It was not that she did not want to, but it was that there was no customer in the bar at all for her to even have the need to mess around.

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