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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 61 – Banquet (2) 1/2 Qing Ya unhurriedly drove the car into the clubhouse, while Ye Hua held onto his chin and seemed very bored. I shouldn’t have shown up to a banquet like this. I should have showed up here with the way I always did in the past. I remember that I have showed up in this kind of place a lot of times, and every time I did, I would begin killing without saying anything. During the killing, my seven subordinates would take pleasure in the killing, and although I didn’t participate in the killing, it was enjoyable for me to watch them kill the humans. The weak and feeble screams of those humans and the insignificant curses that they curse at us before dying was just like the music that is being played in the car right now. Just that, I have not experienced those happy times for a total of 5 years already. I really want to find a chance to do it again. Not sure who would be the lucky fellow that would be able to have the honor. “What are you smiling about again?” Qing Ya parked the car, then stretched out his tender hand and gave Ye Hua a punch. Of course, it was the kind of punch where it was punched onto the arm. Although it seems like it was grumble, in actuality, it was more of like acting coquettishly. Ye Hua regained back his consciousness, “Nothing.” “Humph, forget it if you don’t want to talk about it.” Qing Ya said petulantly. The two of them got off the car. This small car park was enough to open a motor show. Qing Ya’s car was counted as a lower grade car compared to the other cars that were in the car park. Within the car park, all of the cars were first-rate business cars. Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Audi, all of them could be seen in the car park. But all those cars were nothing. When Qing Ya walked out of the car, she was destined to become today’s main lead. No matter how much she tried to dress up simple, that white cheongsam of hers vividly and thoroughly revealed out her body curve, and that tender skin of hers was like that of a baby, making others to not be able to help but have the urge to give it a bite. A face that was so beautiful that it could ruin and overturn a country, how could there be such a perfect face in this world, seemingly as if Nüwa had open the back door for her. And the white feather fan that she was holding helped add a woman-like charm to her, seemingly like she was saying out that she already has a man. And the ring that was on her finger was even more eye-dazzling and eye-catching. However, most of the people who saw the ring would only think that the diamond was an artificially made colored diamond, or perhaps, not even a diamond, because, how would a diamond be able to have that many colors, even a rare colored diamond also wouldn’t be able to possess so many colors. Of course, they do not know the origin of this diamond ring. This ring was a genuine infinity ring. If the theory within the movie was real, if Qing Ya was to snap her finger when the real was unsealed, half of the population would die. If Qing Ya knew that the ring she was wearing had an ability like this, who knows what she would think of it. Of course, other than snapping the finger, the ring also has other abilities. Unfortunately, those abilities were all sealed up by Ye Hua, and right now, the diamond ring was just an ordinary diamond ring. Ye Hua’s attire was still the same as usual, a black western suit and nothing special. If one really had to add something special to Ye Hua, it would be that there was the extremely beautiful Qing Ya by his side. The two of them formed a clear-cut contrast of black and white. First-rate clubhouse’s hall was very distinguishing, within the middle of the hall, there was a huge golden eagle statue placed there, with its wings opened, and its claw grabbing onto a snake. But if one were to attentively look at the snake, they would realize that it was not a snake, and was more of like a dragon. The intersecting style gold color staircase was very interesting, it was very suitable for big shots to walk down from it as it would be able to make them appear very imposing, and of course, it was very good for acting cool. This was why a lot of big shots would choose this place to hold their banquet, so that they can enjoy that moment of acting cool.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

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