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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 62 – Banquet (3) 1/2 “That person belongs to Zijin City’s Tang Family, he is called Tang Wushuang. I heard that he was frivolous in the past and was sent to serve in the army. While he was in the army, a huge change happened in Tang Family, and his family was harmed, and he himself disappeared for 5 years when he was in the army. When he came back, he abrupt raised to power and took back Tang Corporation from his uncle. His relationship with Xiao Yi is very solid.” Qing Ya explained. Actually, she was quite curious about the big families that were in Zijin City, each person has their own story. After hearing what Qing Ya said, Ye Hua did not have any thoughts about that as he continued on and asked, “Who are the two women that are with him?” “Quan Anrong and Mu Jieya. I heard that both of them are his woman.” Qing Ya said in disdain. Even this kind of mind also has two women and yet I, the Supreme Overlord only have one. Luckily, mine is much superior in quality. “Qing Ya, you should be glad.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Tsk, if you have the capability, you can go ahead and find another woman. Besides me who is foolish enough to be bluffed by you, who would be able to endure this temper of yours.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. In this world, besides me who is able to slightly tolerate his shortcomings, other women would most likely break down if they were to get together with him. Ye Hua tightly held onto Qing Ya’s willow waist and asked faintly, “How can I even be counted as bluffing you? Don’t forget that it was you who voluntarily delivered yourself to my doorstep.” “If it is possible, I would definitely not step into your bar!” Qing Ya said coldly. This fellow is bringing up old matters again, scoundrel! Upon hearing that, Ye Hua’s heart sunk and asked, “Do you truly think like this?” Qing Ya turned her head around and remained silent. And Ye Hua also let go of Qing Ya’s waist as he sat at one side and drank his sprite. I didn’t even get angry, so what are you even getting angry for. The flustered and exasperated Qing Ya opened up the fan that was in her hand, and the gentle noise of the opening of the fan immediately rippled through the hall. Tang Wushuang who was currently greeting other people turned his head around and took a look. A man and a woman could be seen sitting on the sofa, and that woman is beautiful, truly beautiful! The fan that she is holding is even more beautiful. If I didn’t guess wrong, that fan is not ordinary, I can guess just base on that sound that it emitted out when it opened. Who is that woman? Why have I never heard of her before. “Anrong, who is she?” Tang Wushuang asked with a smile. Quan Anrong’s business talent was pretty good, and she was also a school belle. She had followed Tang Wushuang since she was attending school and didn't leave him even when he went missing for a few years. Right now, she was Tang Wushuang’s left and right arm and Tang Corporation was currently being managed by her. “Qing International’s Qing Ya.” A trace of envy appeared in Quan Anrong’s gaze. How is this Qing Ya able to look so beautiful. Tang Wushuang went into a daze, “Qing Family?” “That’s right.” Mu Jieya who was at the side smiled. “Dang, Qing Family has a beauty like this, and I actually never heard of her before, I have truly failed the heavens. Who is that man?” Tang Wushuang looked towards Ye Hua and asked. Quan Anrong shook her head, “Don’t know.” “I heard that she has a fiancé, that person could be her fiancé I guess.” “What a pity, a woman that has a fiancé already.” Tang Wushuang was very heart pained. Mu Jieya petulantly pinched onto Tang Wushuang and said coquettishly, “There are already 10+ people in your harem and you still want to add more!” “That’s right!” “My two beautiful wives, you two are being too exaggerated, how would I even dare to do that, I was merely just joking around.” Tang Wushuang hurriedly coax his wives. The harem cannot go into disorder, if it goes into disorder, I won’t be able to choose which card to flip at night. (Choose which card to flip at night is referring to choosing which woman to pick at night) Ye Hua and Qing Ya still have not speak to each other, seemingly just like two little children who got into a squabble with each other. At this moment, the light suddenly turned dim, and two white lights shined onto the staircase. Xiao Yi and Nangong Xinyi could be seen each appearing at both ends. Nangong Xinyi was just like a princess, with a white crown worn on her head and a fitting white color gown that has small diamonds embedded onto it. The white gown was more or less the same as the black gown that Qing Ya wore when she came to the bar for the first time. On the other hand, Xiao Yi was just like a prince of the night. The two of them walked down from the staircase and when they met with each other at the end, they held hands and faced towards the guests. “Brother Xiao is still as romantic as ever.” Tang Wushuang lamented. “I have never seen you being this romantic before.” Quan Anrong pinched onto Tang Wushuang, causing Tang Wushuang to feel very helpless. Actually, Qing Ya was also very envious. I’m okay with not having a spectacle like this, but it would be good if Ye Hua is able to even dote on his wife half as much as this Xiao Yi dotes on his wife. If Ye Hua was to know of what Qing Ya was thinking about, he would definitely say, “This is nothing, if you really want it, I can give you an even bigger spectacle!” And Qing Ya would definitely think that Ye Hua was bragging when she hears Ye Hua say that.

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