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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 63 – Banquet (4) 1/2 It is all because of Yutong, leaving behind her best actress and insisting on wanting to work as a game streamer. And now, she even harmed my husband. Look at Ye Hua right now, he is totally addicted to the computer game. These two people are really continuously giving me headaches. “Boss, lady boss.” Jiu Ye wished to the stars and the moon and hope that he wouldn’t meet these two here today. In the end, great, the moment I walked in, I immediately saw the two of them. Tell me, would it better for me to walk up to them and greet them, or would it be better for me to act as if I did not saw them. It is really hard to choose between the two. However, upon thinking of Wu Ye’s word of advice right before he died, I still chose to walk up to them and greet them. Even up till today, I still remember what Wu Ye said to me. “Jiu Ye, no matter who you provoke, you must never go and provoke Leisure Bar’s boss. Remember this at all times! Remember this at all times!” The advice kept on replaying in his mind and Jiu Ye let out a sigh. It is better to believe my big brother’s advice. I cannot feign that I did not saw this big thigh, and even more, I have to tightly hold onto this thigh and not let go! “Oh, it’s you.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Although Qing Ya did not know about the relationship between the two, she felt that her husband was being very uncourteous and couldn’t help but pinch onto Ye Hua and said with a tender smile to Jiu Ye, “Hello.” “I have not read many books in this life of mine and I really cannot find the words to describe lady boss’s beauty. Lady boss, you are much beautiful compared to the last time I met you!” Jiu Ye gasped in surprise. I finally understand now, those women that I found for the boss were truly just a bunch of cosmetics. Compared to the lady boss here… No! They are not even comparable at all! Towards other’s praise, Qing Ya would always smile sweetly. However, this smile caused Jiu Ye to go into a daze. “What are you looking at!” Ye Hua shouted lightly to express that he was not happy about it. To actually reveal such an infatuated look in front of me. “Ye Hua!” Qing Ya shouted tenderly. Other people are just looking at your wife for a bit only and it’s not like they are going to do anything, what are you even having a bad temper for. However, towards Ye Hua’s pettiness, Qing Ya still felt somewhat happy in her heart. This shows that Ye Hua cares about me. Could it be that this fellow was someone that has a blade mouth and tofu heart? Ye Hua was indeed someone that has a blade mouth, however, his heart was even sharper than his mouth, just that he still hasn’t revealed it out only. After all, he was still currently cultivating humanity. Jiu Ye laughed out somewhat awkwardly. It is mainly because that the lady boss is too beautiful already. In this entire place, I can’t even find another woman that is at the lady boss’s level. “Jiu Ye!” At this time, while bringing along his two wives, Tang Wushuang walked over and greeted with a smile. “Young Master Tang, long time no see.” Jiu Ye cupped his hands and responded, showing off a behavior that was neither servile nor overbearing. This made Qing Ya felt a bit confused, just who is this Jiu Ye? Even Zijin City’s Tang Family’s family head also has to call out ‘Jiu Ye’ to him, and yet he is trembling with fear when he is in front of Ye Hua. During the last time, it was Xiao Family, and this time, it was Tang Family. This Jiu Ye is truly a riddle. To speak the truth, even Ye Hua himself also does not really know how formidable Jiu Ye is, Ye Hua only remember back then when he met with that Wu Ye and asked that Wu Ye to help him set up his identification. However, this was but a small matter, no matter how deep or big others’ background were, in Ye Hua’s point of view, they were but a bunch of salted fish. No matter how hard they try to raise up, they were still but an advanced salted fish. Even my own woman would be able to easily destroy them. Of course, the precondition is that I unseal the seal on the ring.

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