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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 63 – Banquet (4) 2/2 “Jiu Ye look as elegant as ever. It was fortunate that I have Jiu Ye’s help back then, if not, I wouldn’t have been able to get over the crisis that easily.” “Young Master Tang, it is but a small matter, you don’t have to mention it.” Jiu Ye acted very modest. Although Tang Wushuang was down and out back then, the Tang Wushuang right now has raised to power. Although other people were being courteous to you, you cannot view the courteous as if that was how they should have acted. Jiu Ye was a very smart fellow. “Jiu Ye, let’s have a few rounds of mahjong tonight?” Tang Wushuang sent out his invitation, causing the surrounding people to feel incessantly envious of Jiu Ye. Jiu Ye is indeed Jiu Ye, to even be able to have Tang Wushuang be so courteous towards him. Jiu Ye of course did not reject, “It would be my honor.” At this time, Tang Wushuang looked towards Qing Ya and revealed out a smile that he felt was very handsome, “CEO Qing, together?” Qing Ya of course wouldn’t give up on such a good opportunity like this. However, before she even spoke, Ye Hua said indifferently, “She is not free.” Qing Ya tightened her grip onto Ye Hua’s arm. Don’t be so rude and not give any face at all! “This is?” Tang Wushuang asked curiously. Actually, from the beginning, he had neglected Ye Hua’s existence, and right now when he asked that question, he was acting as if he had just discovered Ye Hua and was mocking him with that question. Qing Ya originally thought that this Tang Wushuang was refined and courteous, however, the moment when he asked that question, Qing Ya’s impression of him changed. My man doesn’t need to be point at by other people! “He is my husband.” Qing Ya said coldly, and she herself also didn’t give any face. Jiu Ye who was at the side was having a headache. If they were to become unhappy with each other, it would be basically forcing me to choose a side to stand on. One side is two big families of Zijin City, and the other side is the advice that my big brother gave to me before he died. It is really hard to judge just whose side I should stand on. Tang Wushuang’s wives also gradually kept their smiles. These two people really do not know what’s good for them, for us to invite you, is it giving you face! The gunpowder smell was ample, pretty much looking like they were going to fight the moment they come to a disagreement. Qing Ya held onto Ye Hua’s arm. Want to bully my husband? You will have to ask me first if I allow it or not! Ye Hua laughed. This foolish woman, there is no need to be so nervous, you can play them however you want, it is fine even if you want to give them a slap to their face. It must be said that the humanity that Ye Hua had cultivated up to now was pretty good. If it was placed in the past, this lowly human that was in front of him would have long become a corpse, simple and rough. However, after learning for those past few years, I discovered that being simple and rough is too straightforward, and there are many interesting things that I would miss out when I do things through the simple and rough way. In actuality, Ye Hua felt nothing towards killing and fighting right now, and what he was paying much more attention to right now was the process that goes by before killing them, chasing after a kind of artistic feeling. There are a hundred ways to kill the man in front of me, but I won’t feel anything from it, just like killing an ant, it won’t trigger even a slight bit of billow in my heart. “So you all are here, I searched for you guys for quite a while.” Nangong Xinyi and Xiaoyi walked over unhurriedly. Tang Wushuang revealed out a smile, “Sister-in-law is becoming more and more beautiful as the days goes by.” “You are being too nice, these two wives of yours are the one that are outstandingly beautiful.” Nangong Xinyi smiled and said tenderly. Quan Anrong and Mu Jieya was a bit embarrassed, and Mu Jieya said shyly, “Sister-in-law is the one who is outstandingly beautiful, we wouldn’t dare to take on that praise.” “That’s right, this gown that you are wearing makes you look just like a princess, Brother Xiao is truly fortunate to be able to have you.” Quan Anrong praised. Not sure why, Jiu Ye had the urge to want to laugh and he was trying very hard to hold back this urge of his. In this place, people who have a discerning eye would be able to see just who is the most beautiful here, but these three women are praising one another simply because they want to neglect the lady boss. However, they do not know that, no matter how much an ugly duckling boast, they would still be an ugly duckling. The thing is that, even if you want to boast, you also shouldn’t boast in front of a white swan, do you know that it makes you look very foolish when you do that? Comparing outfits, Qing Ya’s outfit was indeed paling compared to these three women, however, Qing Ya purposely dressed up like this. Furthermore, even if Qing Ya's outfit was paling compared tot these three women, it doesn’t mean that Qing Ya doesn’t look beautiful, and on the contrary, she was more beautiful compared to all the women in the banquet. “The three madams are indeed incomparably beautiful.” Qing Ya smiled lightly, immediately looking incomparably beautiful. This was a smile that radiates confidence, and although the three women were beautiful, they were lacking in confidence right now. What to do when they didn’t have confidence in themselves, and to even need to boast about each other to boost their morale? Ye Hua laughed lightly, this wife of mine, her way with words is indeed formidable, she is really mischievous. Jiu Ye couldn’t bear it anymore and laughed out, and his saliva even sprayed out and landed onto Quan Anrong’s gown. “I’m sorry, I recalled of a very funny matter just now.” Jiu Ye hurriedly spoke nonsense to cover up himself, and Quan Anrong had a face full of anger, her calmness that she had a while ago had completely vanished.

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