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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 64 – Banquet (5) 2/2 “This stone is not bad.” Xiao Yi said lightly. It is the first time that I have seen a thing like this, diamonds are not like this, at the most, this thing can be counted as a strange stone. Tang Wushuang followed along and said, “CEO Qing, where did you buy this stone from? I also want to buy a few stones like this and play with it.” The typical case of saying that grapes were soul when they weren’t able to eat the grapes. The three women couldn’t help but stretched out their hand and compared their ring to Qing Ya’s ring. Besides the diamond being big and the price of the ring being expensive, my ring is totally not the same level compared to her ring! However, luckily the diamond of my ring is big, and the price of my diamond ring is expensive, if not, asides from attractiveness level, even my ring would lose when compared to her ring. Just when the three women were feeling gratified, something inconceivable happened. Crack! The sound was very clear, just like the sound of a glass shattering. All three of the women looked towards their big diamond ring at the same time, and they saw a crack appeared on their diamond ring! This phenomenon made even both Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang to become stupefied. What is the situation! Why did the diamond crack by itself! Mere stars also dares to fight for glory with the sun and moon? The infinity ring also has its own temper. Although I am currently sealed, to actually dare to use those kinds of garbage to compare with me, this is simply throwing my face! Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang’s expression was grave. Immediately, they tried sensing the fluctuation in their surroundings. However, they didn’t sense anything abnormal. So, why did the diamond crack! If it was just a crack, it would have been too simple. It could be seen that the crack on the diamond of the three rings was gradually widening. The sound of shattering rang out and the diamond of the three rings shattered into pieces and fell onto the floor. And meanwhile, Qing Ya’s ring was safe and sound, and under the light’s shine, it was radiating out a dazzling radiance, seemingly like it was giving out a warning to the people in the banquet, don’t f**king use those kinds of garbage to lower my status! Actually, Qing Ya was just like the other three women, being in a complete daze. The diamond of their ring shattered into pieces, and yet mine is safe and sound. And furthermore, my ring currently seemed just like a child who stirred up trouble and was showing off its accomplishment. The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang did not know what to say. I had only just spoke about how many carats the diamond was, and how much I spend to buy the ring, and yet, in the blink of an eye, the diamond shattered into pieces… Isn’t this basically me slapping onto my own face! “Xiao jiu, did the glass slag ring that you give to your wife shattered?” Ye Hua asked indifferently. Jiu Ye who was in a daze did not think much and answered straightforwardly, “Of course not.” Just that, right after he said that, he immediately thought to himself, “Not good, aren’t I basically saying that their diamond ring is inferior compared to a glass slag ring? Boss, this hole that you dug for me sure is deep… And the important point is that I actually jumped into the hole myself.” Jiu Ye had no choice but to suffer in silence. Qing Ya felt very good and couldn’t help but opened her fan and lightly fanned the fan onto herself. Upon fanning onto herself, she immediately felt carefree and relaxed. This demeanor of hers, when saw by others, they felt that she was just like a haughty white swan and winning against those ugly ducklings was but a very matter for her. However, towards the matter just now, I have to apologize to Ye Hua, I shouldn’t have had that kind of thinking, I shouldn’t have blame Ye Hua for not buying a good and expensive ring for me. To express my apology, I will allow him to play his computer game tonight, however, he must stop before 10 pm! “Young Master Xiao, Young Master Tang, you two have to pay a bit more attention in the future and be careful of actually buying counterfeit goods again. Money is a small matter, hurting your wives’ feelings is a big matter.” Qing Ya consoled while fanning the fan onto herself. Originally, she came to the banquet with the intention of hugging on a thigh, but in the end, her tempo was brought into disorder by Ye Hua, and it turned it her coming to the banquet to act cool. Tang Wushuang was rather smart, immediately, he said indignantly, “That damned swindler! Both of you, don’t be angry, your husband will go and settle that swindler tomorrow for both of you!” Xiao Yi pat onto her wife’s shoulder. Although he did not say anything, his gaze was ice-cold, seemingly having the intention to go and find the unscrupulous businessman who sold him the ring. To actually make both me and my wife lose face like this, I definitely cannot tolerate this! However, carefully thinking about this for a bit, I feel that this matter is not that simple, there is definitely someone playing tricks on us in the dark. But who is it that actually dares to play dirty tricks in front me, and furthermore, I didn’t even sense it when he did it! This person’s capability is definitely not ordinary! To actually be able to hide from these eyes of mine!

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