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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 65 – Banquet (6) 1/2 Could it be this man in front of me who is messing with me? However, I don’t feel any energy fluctuation coming from him, so just who is it who is messing with me! Ye Hua have to properly praise Qing Ya for a bit, what Qing Ya said just now, not only gave them a way out of the embarrassing situation, but at the same time, was obscuring mocking them. However, they had no other choice but to follow up with Qing Ya words, unless they were intending to shed all pretense of cordiality. However, if they do that, it would be my turn to take the field. But honestly, dealing with humans like them would basically dirty my hands. As my wife, her intelligent can be counted as a pass. Of course, her beauty, and that wildcat-like aura of hers were also a pass. To actually dare to push me, her guts is rather big. The only shortcoming of hers is that she is not obedient enough. If she is obedient, she would be the strongest woman in the entire universe, and no other woman would be able to compete against her. “Aiyo, what a big spectacle! Young Master Xiao, Young Master Tang, why didn’t you two invite me over for a get together when you two came to the south.” A young man who wore a leisure western suit and a pair of sunglasses could be seen walking over in large strides with an arrogant expression and manner. Behind the young man, a woman and two men could be seen following behind him. Looking at the three’s outfit, they should be the young man’s bodyguards. Just that, that woman’s looks were very good looking, being at the same level of Nangong Xinyi, and yet, she was only just a bodyguard. “Aiyo, CEO Qing, you are here too! All of you are not nice, none of you actually invited me for a get together when you all came to the south, it makes me feels very sad.” Wang Dabao took off his sunglasses and revealed out an astonished look on his face. Why does the Qing Ya seemed like she has become even more beautiful? She's gotten even more beautiful to the point that my heart is beating much faster when I saw her. Nangong Xinyi took in a deep breath, “So it is Young Master Wang, excuse me for not going out to welcome you.” “Xinyi, you are not nice, no matter what, we were at least classmates in the past.” Wang Dabao was very carefree and casual, seemingly just like a newly rich. Xiao YI’s expression sunk. This man actually dared to tease my woman, he really f**king doesn’t want to live anymore! “CEO Xiao, you sure are fortunate, back in the past, I even chased after Xinyi for a very long time. Sigh~” Wang Dabao spread out his hands. He was evidently here to make a scene at Xiao Yi’s banquet. Ye Hua on the other hand felt a bit interested in this Young Master Wang and asked towards Qing Ya who was at his side, “Who is this person?” Qing Ya laughed bitterly, “He is called Wang Dabao, High Ocean City’s famous prodigal. However, what is different is that, no matter how he prodigally spends and investment, he would still be able to earn a profit in the end. For example, if he bought a piece of land that was not worth anything, in the next few days, the price of the piece of land would suddenly increase in price. In any case, no matter what he buy, he would be able to profit from it in the end.” “Oh, this is a bit rather interesting.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Ye Hua, let’s go back home now, it is better for us to not get mix into their affairs.” Qing Ya didn’t really want to get dragged into that social circle, after all, that social circle was too complicated. Ye Hua on the other hand had a change of mind now, “Let’s stay and play for a bit more.” “Weren’t you complaining about wanting to go back home to play your computer game just now?” Qing Ya wished she could drag Ye Hua back home right now. Just that, Ye Hua wasn’t willing to go back home now. These three people can be counted as the much more formidable ones within the humans, I’m not sure if there are any humans who are at an even higher level compared to them. Perhaps those humans who are at an even higher level compared to them would be able to trigger a slight billow in my heart. But to want me to personally deal with them, they would still not be qualified yet. Ye Hua lightly stroke onto Qing Ya’s willow waist, “Didn’t you want to look for collaboration and earn money? It is still too early to go back home now.” This scoundrel, touching my waist in front of so many people. And furthermore, what collaboration can I even look for now when I actually acted cool in front of them just now? I would be glad if they didn’t come looking for trouble with me in the future. “It is all your fault~” Qing Ya immediately threw the blame to Ye Hua. The previous time, I was also affected by Ye Hua, and this time, I was also affected by Ye Hua too. If this continues on, sooner or later, I would offend everyone, and at that time, I would be not far away from going bankrupt.

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