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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 65 – Banquet (6) 2/2 Xiao Yi could be heard faintly saying, “Let’s all go into the side room to chat instead, it is too noisy here.” “Young Master Xiao, don’t tell me that you are intending to kill me in the side room? If you are intending to do that, I will have to prepare to call the police.” Wang Dabao laughed with a face full of ‘fear’. Nangong Xinyi laughed lightly, “Young Master Wang sure is funny.” Tang Wushuang said faintly, “If we want to kill you, wouldn’t it be a very simple thing for us to do?” “You dare!” The female bodyguard that was behind Wang Dabao shouted out lightly, then took a step forward, and immediately cracking the granite floor with that step of hers. This caused Qing Ya to have a shock. Ye Hua lightly held onto his lovely wife, “Their relationships don’t seem to be good.” Leaning on her husband’s side, Qing Ya felt that she was safe and said tenderly, “There are a lot of big families in Zijin City and Xiao Family and Tang Family are two of the big families. Each of the big families has its own competitors. Take this Wang Dabao for example. Although his headquarters was at High Ocean City, his wife on the other hand belonged to Zijin City’s Bai Family, and it just so happens that Bai Family was the arch-enemy of both Xiao and Tang Family. This is pretty much why their relationships aren’t so good.” “Oh, so that is how it is. What about you then?” Ye Hua asked curiously. “Thanks to you, after today, I won’t even have the qualification to rank last.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at her husband. This fellow who always bring my tempo into disorder. “Do you want to step on top of them?” Qing Ya’s heart sunk as she said hurriedly, “Ye Hua, don’t act recklessly, I just want to live a peaceful life right now.” In the past, Qing Ya really wanted to stand at the peak to look at just how the scenery looks like from the peak. However, ever since she has gotten pregnant with the child, her mindset changed, and everything became insignificant to her, and only the child in her stomach was the most important to her. Looking at Qing Ya caressing her stomach, Ye Hua seemed to somewhat understand just what she was thinking. What a foolish woman. The few people walked into the side room. In actuality, the side room just was like a living room, and was mainly for the guests to use for discussing business-related matters, or brag about stuff. “In the next moment, about what I am going to talk about next, all of you have to keep it confidential, if not, be careful of the consequences.” Xiao Yi said calmly. In actuality, he was saying it for Ye Hua, Jiu Ye and Qing Ya to hear, because, in his view, all three of them were ordinary people. Wang Daobao laughed in disdain, “Keep it confidential? Do you think that Jiu Ye doesn’t know about what you are going to talk about next? And also this Qing Ya sister~ And of course, this handsome brother here too.” Xiao Yi sneered, “Wang Dabao, coming to the south this time was not my intention.” “It would be fine if all you northern people just be well-behaved and stay at the north. Whatever matters that happen in the south, it is not all to you all to care about it.” Everyone who were here were all smart people, and they all understood each other’s strength. Therefore, fighting was out of the question, so why not make the other look bad or feel disgusted instead? Tang Wushuang sneered, “This is the above’s order. Long’an City has been unstable, with lots of special-power users appearing here. Those special-power users need to be supervised.” Wang Dabao did not approve of what Tang Wushuang said, “So what? Aren’t the place that you guys are from the same?” After pausing a moment, Wang Dabao continued, “It’s not like you all don’t know, our world is situated at the space disorder point. Xiao Yi, back then when you died, how did you come back to life? I don’t think you need me to explain it to you right? Also, Tang Wushuang, back then when you went to serve in the army, you disappeared for 5 years, where did you go to in those 5 years?” Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang appeared to be very calm. This kind of thing, as long as one went to investigate it, they would definitely be able to get an answer. However, the answer that they would get is but just an assumption, an assumption without any evidence to back it up. It was the first time that Ye Hua had heard of a theory like this. This place is actually the space disorder point. If this theory is correct, it also explains why I appeared here. Quan Anrong said mockingly, “Young Master Wang, 5 years ago, you were still a prodigal who only knows how to squander money recklessly. The reason as to why you were able to suddenly earn profit when you prodigally squander money, you should know it yourself right.”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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