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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 66 – Banquet (7) 2/2 However, after two of them betted on their team, an indifferent voice rang out, “This is truly so boring…” Everyone looked towards Ye Hua, and Wang Dabao laughed, “Handsome brother, you can join in the bet too.” Towards soccer betting, Ye Hua was not really interested. However, since other people asked, as the Supreme Overlord, if I were to cower, it would be very faceless for me! “The stakes are too small.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Wang Daobao precisely like this kind of people, “No worries, we can higher the stakes!” Tang Wushuang felt as if he had already saw the outcome of this man losing till he had nothing left. Never have a bet against this Wang Dabao, this Wang Dabao would always win indescribably. Small amount is still fine, but as for big amount, it is better for you to take it easy a bit. “Let’s bet our family property then.” Ye Hua felt that only by betting family property, then could it be counted as a bet. Thinking back to the past, which time have I not been betting either my house or my life. Qing Ya almost fell to the floor. What family property do you even have? This scoundrel, making a decision without even discussing with me first! Both Wang Dabao and Xiaoyi became startled, and their gaze revealed out hesitation. Ye Hua’s sentence of ‘betting family property’ startled the two of them. What is this guy up to! “Qing Ya, how much money do we have?” Ye Hua asked calmly. Qing Ya really wanted to cry, she felt that she didn’t have to wait for the future to become bankrupt, as she could go bankrupt tonight. “I…” “Including the company and the immovable property.” Ye Hua added. Qing Ya was a bit dizzy. Why did I met with a husband like this, who likes to watch cartoons, likes to play games, and right now, he even likes to bet! My life is in complete darkness. However, I cannot throw my husband’s face away in public. Worse come to worst, our family will just become bankrupt. In any case, my life is already dark, and perhaps, tomorrow could be even more despairing, “Qing International’s market value is around 50 billion right now.” “En, we will bet 50 billion then, what do the two of you think about it?” Ye Hua asked indifferently. I will ask if you two dares to bet or not, 50 billion, on a soccer match! Xiao Family was indeed a big family, however, 50 billion was not a small amount, and it would hurt his family’s fundamental if he were to lose the bet. And Wang Dabao was also considering about it. I am actually questioning my luck for the first time. If I were to lose the bet, it would mean that half of my family property will be given away to the winner! “Xiao Jiu, are you interested in betting?” Ye Hua asked. Jiu Ye shook his head like a rattle-drum. The boss truly doesn’t take the usual paths. Either he doesn’t speak, or not, the moment he speak, he would be able to startle a person to death. However, the lady boss sure is willing to part with her property, to actually be willing to let her husband use her property to bet on a soccer match. These two are definitely a perfect match. “Boss, I will sit out on this, I still have to leave some money to buy diamond rings for my wife.” Ye Hua looked towards the television. Just nice, the first half of the match had ended, and Portugal was still in the lead by one score, “Since both of you bet on win and lose, I will bet on them drawing.” Ye Hua wants to shout out 6666 right now, and Qing Ya felt that her legs went soft. If not for holding onto Ye Hua, she would have fallen onto the floor. All my hard work up till now has now all been betted out by Ye Hua… Wang Dabao had never bet such a big amount before. Steeling his heart, he said, “Alright! I will continue on with betting on Spain winning! 50 billion on Spain winning!” Jiu Ye couldn’t help but exclaim at Wang Dabao’s courage. Spain was currently falling behind in score and yet this Wang Dabao still insisted on betting on Spain. Formidable! The gaze of the few others landed onto Xiao Yi, seemingly like they were asking, do you dare to bet or not, If you don’t dare, you can go back home and play with your women, don’t bother with participating in the men’s entertainment activity. “Brother Xiao, I support you!” Tang Wushuang spoke, being willing to fund 25 billion. Portugal is currently in the lead, the odds of them winning is very big! Xiao Yi had never betted such a big amount too. He felt that it would be a bit too rush of him if he were to follow on with the bet, however, he had no choice but to bet now! Face is worth much more than money! “Alright, I will bet 50 billion on Portugal winning!” Xiao Yi said in a deep voice. A total bet amount of 150 billion, and there will only be a winner and two losers. However, whoever the two losers were going to be, they wouldn’t be able to bear such a loss like this, especially Qing Ya. If Qing Ya were to lose, she would have to prepare to go bankrupt.

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